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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Loose lips got it wrong!

Being a Trini I admit I do like to check out the gossip, so there I was reading Loose Lips on when I read the following:

I'm hearing that there is some trouble in the Tribe. Some committee members are all for opening up the band to welcome the masses especially those poor homeless Poison folks who are still without a band of their own. But some of the honchos are adamant that the band continues to cater solely to people of their own clan. Adding to the woes is the slow registration that followed what many said was a lack-lustre launch. Boy, Carnival is truly bacchanal and bacchanal makes for a wonderful Carnival.

Whoo hoo "Laura" registration has not even STARTED as yet so how can you say that TRIBE is suffering from "slow registration"? I know Trinis do like to run their mouths but at least get it right! People are ready and waiting for Tribe registration to begin, armed with TLC cards, and for those without the golden ticket, they are praying that the section they like does not sell out after the 2006 and 2005 masqueraders get their pick.

I just thought it was quite funny that these so called gossipt coloumnist don't even bother to verify the information before it is printed.At least she got one thing right, Carnival is bacchanal!

Tribe Prices are up!!!

And as I expected Fireman is $2935.00 with the backpack and $2825.00 without,. That price is no big surprise for me at all because for that costume I was looking at the higher end of the $2600.00 - $3000.00 price range that I was quoted. So if you are going for Fireman take the backpack,I think for only $110.00 more the backpack makes a bigger impact with the costume than without. Male Fireman is $2285.00 by the way.

Downpayment is $900.00, but if you read my blog earlier, I said that before so no surprise there either.

I am cool now, that's an increase of around $200.00 more than the most expensive section, Angelfish, this year and $250.00 more than I paid for my costume for 2006. And since my budget is $3000.00 I still have $65.00 left over for stockings and gold spray paint for my sneakers (I don't need boots with that costume) .Everything else better had come in that goody bag (like ear-rings, makeup, glitter and a digicel cell phone) AND I must get something to wear on Monday because I am not spending another cent towards my costume.

Fancy Indians has three prices :

Small headpiece Navajo(2695.00)
Medium Headpiece Cheyenne(2850.00)
Large Headpiece Mojave(3220.00)

Guys have it cheaper at :
2140.00 for the small headpiece
2740.00 for the large headpiece

Warrior Spirit:

Small headpiece Navajo(2750.00)
Medium Headpiece Cheyenne(2875.00)
Large Headpiece Mojave(3250.00)

2150.00 for the small headpiece
2750.00 for the large headpiece

Fancy Sailor is $2850.00 for female, $2195.00 for male.

Dragon is $2895.00 female, $2195.00 male

Jab Jab female is $2790.00, $2880.00 with standard, the male is $2175.00

Cow Mas is $2685.00 female, $2185.00 male

Jab Molassie female is $2995.00, male $2295.00..I go to be honest, I don't see why this costume is so expensive, all it has is a tail and horns!

Midnight Robber:
Female $2765.00, $2850.00 with standard

Male $2185.00




Pierrot Grenadae
Female $2595.00

Male $2175.00

Jean and Dinah:

Jean - Short Skirt 2,800.
Jean - Long Skirt 2,995.
Jean - Beaded Bra 3,295.
Dinah 2,800.

Yankee Sailor(male) $2050.00

All the prices are not up as yet keep checking the website!

By the way compared to Harts who charge for costume only I find the prices for some of the costumes are fair. For example the Male Fancy Indian costume with Harts is $2015.00 and the Female costumes with large headpieces cost around $2265.00 on average, so the additional $600.00 - $725.00 you are paying with TRIBE takes into consideration your all inclusive package for two days.

But I must add, now that the prices are out I do NOT think that Jab Molassie & Jean and Dinah are worth that high price at all.I know Jean and Dinah is Peter's section so maybe he is using the pricing at his store to account for all the accesories, hat and skirt...but that still does not price out at so much money for something I can throw together from my closet.Jab Molassie has nothing to that costume but the tail and the horns, I can't see anything on it worth the price of $2995.00 unless it is an outside section and they have to pay band fees (the band fees pushes up the price because you know the outside sections still have to make a profit after they pay TRIBE for the spot in their band,the all-inclusive package and to house,market and distribute the costumes.)

To me Pierrot Grenade, Fireman,Fancy Indian with the medium or large headpiece,Warrior Spirit medium or large headpiece, Midnight Robber and Jammette are reasonable for what you are getting (at least those costumes have more "substance" than others) Pierrot Grenade being a real deal because the costume is quite pretty.

Cow Mas and Sailor could have been cheaper since there are no feathers anywhere on those costumes, they both have just a hat.And since Jab Jab is a remix of Anemone it should cost the same or a tad bit more, the extra spokes in the headpiece and collar is not worth $400.00 more,hey I am being honest here.

I will wait for the rest of the prices to make any further comments,so now you guys can decide if it is worth it to you or not.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

No prices today....ah vex

If you are waiting for TRIBE's prices to be released today think have to wait until FRIDAY. But what the jail, I have to wait another 37 and 1/2 more hours to find out the cost of my costume! That is 37 and 1/2 more hours to change my mind a million times between the sections I like ......steups..ah vex!

Which one allyuh like?

If the Price is Right... I will be on FIRE!!!

Today is August 30th, no it does not mean that tomorrow is a holiday in Trinidad or that many people are going feteing tonight, it means that today is the day TRIBE's prices are supposed to be posted on their website if I am to go by the email the sent and what is posted on the website right now:

Official website will launch on Monday 28th August and costume prices and down payment amounts will be posted by Wednesday 30th August 2006.
Now the website is not fully up and running since I am still seeing the layout for "What lies beneath" and I am yet to get any information on dates and times for TLC card holders’ registration process. However I am hoping that all will be rectified today and before the clock strikes 12:01 tonight I will see prices posted!

I thought I had settled on a section but changed my mind last night and added another contender to my choices so price will definitely be a deciding factor. Sorry, I am not one of those going chupidee over Island People's costumes, don't get me wrong I really like Oasis, Nubians and Sacred Sand but I am not liking them well enough to switch. I figure that type of costume will still be around in 2008 but this might be my only chance to play Fireman or Warrior Spirit next year.

Remember these gems from TRIBE's presentation in 2004? I know TRIBE can design the same type of costumes that other bands are doing now because I can clearly see some similarities in these Tribe costumes and some popular costumes in other bands. I appreciate that TRIBE is trying to do something different for 2007, they were criticized heavily in the past for naked mas and "bikini and beads", where are those critics now when Goddess and Defenders has a costume that leaves nothing to the imagination?

Also I am quietly waiting for Island People's prices, those costumes are quite elaborate and there is no way I am seeing them being cheap, if they are then people will probably be getting a scaled down version of the prototype. One thing that I have to admit turns me off Island People is the fact that EVERYONE wants to play with them, it's sort of like a cult following! I never was into the whole running down the hottest band/trend/style since I march to the beat of my own drum and I really don't care if all the local celebs are going to be playing with Island People (or foreign celebs either) . What that means is all the stormers will be following THAT band and not getting in my way after I pay for my costume and the privilege to enjoy my mas without rubbing up on people who ent pay a cent but still want to cramp my style.

The amount of people I know wanting to get into the same 4 or 5 sections in Island People I wish them all luck, because that type of madness I can surely do without, more power to them all!

Just hurry up and post the prices for TRIBE already, I am ready to register!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More Island People Pics

Both Islandevents and have galleries of Sahara pics posted.

Islandmix also has a gallery up, but you have to register first to be able to view it.

I can't wait for Pulse 8 !

Pulse 8 has me impressed so far and I am not talking about their costumes! Firstly their launch is this weekend at Zen, can I say thank you for being the first band to give patrons the comfort of a nice, airconditioned venue with protection from the elements, now I can dress nicely and not worry about my hair getting soaking wet again!

Secondly their website is on the mark, it is informative, regularly updated AND they are the first mas camp with a scheduled opening date (well apart from Harts) for just three days after the launch, I hope their full website goes up just as speedily.

Thirdly the tickets for the launch are affordable.....less than a $100.00 for regular tickets and the V.I.P is less than what I paid for Island People's launch. Check out the invite on I wonder if this will translate to their costume prices as well?

Now that the two big guns TRIBE and Island People have launched I can honestly say I really want to see what Pulse 8 has to offer as a new band.I am looking forward to see how their organisation thus far translates into costume design and overall production at the launch.

Sahara...Aftermath of the Launch

If Island People's launch is any indication of what to expect from them when it comes to organistation, delivery and service they need to get their act together as soon as possible. Now I know that the rain delayed everything as when we got to the venue the skies opened and poured rain on the desert, but it did not last too long and we had great weather for the rest of the night.

After sampling some drinks, having some corn soup and making a trek to the ladies toilets to check on my hair (there were NO Mirrors at the ladies toilets!And they needed much more than the handful of toilets provided) the crowd was summoned stage side for the presentation of Sahara.

Well that turned into a two hour wait as we stood in one spot staring at the curtains on stage that someone kept fiddling with the entire time. Music was playing of course, so at first we were all enjoying the vibe, I was chatting with the press photographers who were also upfront and we were expecting the presentation to begin soon.

Soon enough the crowd started to get frustrated I mean how long can you stare at the stage, watching the "Sahara" crew fiddle with the curtains, pass around drinks to their friends on stage and basically ignore the crowd while they limed and danced behind the curtains (yeah they were sheer so we were seeing them!)One of the photographers was annoyed and contrasted the long wait to TRIBE's launch, saying they had everything organised with a media launch first, then the band performed and the models came out last in costumes, though a long presentation there was no waiting like what we had with Sahara.

Eventually the show started after approximately two hours of waiting and we still had to endure another fifteen minutes of a short story/production to introduce the presentation. The story went something like there was a king looking for relief from his boredom, had several performers trying to entertain him (including a ballet dancer) and eventually led to him looking to the Sahara for adventure......sorry, they lost me to the end!

So the Arabian music started, girls arose out of huge wicker baskets on the stage in recycled Sonia Mack costumes, which looked good by the way, but what was with the one dancing girl in a TRIBE Anemone costume?

And, after a LONG wait they finally started showing costumes. That part of the show was excellent. We had running commentary from a group of male divas who were shouting "Show TRIBE how to make costumes" of course they were saying awful things about the costumes they did not like, but it was all in good fun. After all the models came back on stage for the finale my husband kept saying Rihanna was going to come out now since they were making a path on stage and waiting for something...or someone. There was no Rihanna (why was the launch pushed back from the scheduled date of the 17th of August again?)but Machel came out riding some sort of ATV and was great as usual.

At the end of it all I could see where Island People tried, I mean they gave a good effort but the attention to the details were left lacking in my opinion. For an outfit that has had legendary parties and events in the past they did not come up to scratch. Waiting for the show to start it seemed to me that they were not organised at all ,inspite of the rain there should not have been a two hour delay in the presentation if plans were put in place properly from beforehand. The crew members on Sahara seem to be there for a lime, it was not professional to see them drinking and dancing on stage while we all waited without any explanation as to why we were left waiting for SO long (a little PR would have done well at that time). And there were lots of bars all over the venue (which was announced way too many times)but not enough toilets were provided for the ladies.

Compared to TRIBE they did nothing "extra" for the patron who shelled out $175.00 to go to the launch. At least at TRIBE we got a complimentary drink, their sponsors were at the launch giving away products, the ladies toilets had full length mirrors and doubles was on sale for $1.00 each(the doubles were $2.50 at Sahara, $12.00 for a corn soup!). Also, TRIBE was giving away the costume booklet before the presentation and you could have as many as you wanted, Island People were pretty stingy with their calenders, we only got one each upon leaving the venue.

These may seem like minor issues but to me it left a bigger impression in that it takes more than a pretty costume to make a band. What is the sense in having gorgeous costumes when the everything else is disorganised and you can't put out a little extra for your potential customers? The follow through is extremely important to me when I am paying through the nose for a costume, it becomes MORE than just the costume it is the whole experience. And it costs nothing as I see it to treat the customer as someone very important since at the end of the day, the masquerader is the one contributing to the millions that these band leaders take home at the end of Carnival.

Monday, August 28, 2006


Carnivalscene is quick on the draw today with a new gallery of Sahara pics!enjoy.

Harts website is FINALLY up, thanks anonymous for tipping me off.Harts seems to be moving with the times, they have a 360 degree gallery!

Well I must hand it to TRIBE, even though the website is not 100% up and running, you can access photos of the costumes so they met their deadline to have the website up by today.After a sensory overload of Island People's costumes I found myself enjoying looking at the comparativiely simpler, but still quite effective, costumes of TRIBE.

I called Island People's mas camp to find out about registration and they told me to call back on Friday for more information on that and when the website will be up.On another note I called Sonia Mack as well and was told that registration for her section should begin early next week, I was told to call back on Monday for more details pricing.

And with permission from I have two video clips from Island People's Launch that I am so generously allowed to share with everyone who visits my blog;

Machel at Sahara

Sahara Costume Finale

My Take on the Costumes

There is no doubt in my mind that Island People has gorgeous costumes for Carnival 2007 though I think that some of the frontline sections have an obvious Brazilian influence in the feathered backpacks. That being said here is my honest opinion on the costumes;

Love the myriad of colours on this costume,I also love the feathered headpiece as I really only feel like I am playing real mas with a gorgeous headpiece, maybe it's a throw back to my Harts days when I was spoiled with the lavish headpieces.The backline costume is equally as pretty as the frontline,sometimes the backline looks like a watered down version of the frontline, but not with Jewel, they did not skimp on the decorations for the backline at all.

Purple is one of my favourite colours I just never liked it in a costume.While Tureg might appeal to some it looked rather stale to me, though the male costume is ok.

This is a very interesting costume, I like the fabric cupping the leg from the waistband, it looks handpainted and the bronze, burnished gold and rust colours are very representative of the desert. The frontline with the fabric backback is pretty, I love the male costume for this section by the way with the same handpainted fabric attached to one pant leg.I love the beaded necklaces and handbands, I just don't like the small headpiece.

The cloth/fabric frontline costume is created a strong impact on stage and it looks light and easy to carry around on the streets, I love it! The backline costumes were lacking in my opinion, they were ok, but compared to that frontline I was expecting something with much more impact.

I am liking the frontline and the colour combination looks good even though it has been done many times over, still , I like it. The backline looses points from me because it has a strapless bra, but it is a nice costume, just rather skimpy.I am so not liking the male costume for this section though, eeew.

I have to be honest with you, this costume reminds me of Nylon Pool from TRIBE 2006. The belt looks like the same material used in Nylon Pool however, this version works for Island People (whereas TRIBE's costume was left lacking apart from the frontline) because this costume looks finished and it does not loook cheap even though it is ridiculously skimpy. The frontline with the metal bra and angel wings channels Victoria's Secrets Fashion show, I am sorry but that's the first thing I thought when I saw it.. Heidi Klum and the million dollar bra. Also, do they really expect a real man to wear a costume with wings? Apart from that I liked this section and so do all the guys in my office.

This frontline has the most original backpack, sort of Peter Minshallish in the disc design, like it but not loving it. I prefer the backline costumes with both the smaller headpiece and the huge headpiece with pheasant feathers.I also like that the costume actually looks like sand in it's colouring andt this is the second best male costume of the lot.

I can so see RADICAL designs in this costume, it looks like something you can buy at their store. With the boots that the models wore this is a wicked costume in that it is different from everything else yet still sexy and cute.The male costume is nice by the way.

Ok, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this costume but I have to say the frontline's backpack reminds me ALOT of Nylon Pool frontline. That being said I only have one other concern, how do they expect you to carry around that fabulous feathered fan all day? The fan makes the costume look spectacular but is it really practical?

This is the costume that I got a glimpse of on Thursday, actually I got a glimpse of the footband. To be fair the costume, without the orange backpiece is quite decent.It's the frontline that is hideous! I hope they rework that frontline costume into something more wearable.

I am totally and madly in love with this costume,especially the frontline.I might take away the fabric, but the use of the cowrie shells is a welcome depature from regular beads and I am bowled over by that magnificent headpiece.

Orange is not one of my favourite colours, maybe that's why I am not wowed by this costume. The male costume is pretty lame I might add.

There are so many different costumes in this section,I guess it represents the harem girls! For the most part I like them all,especially the pink one with the scarf belt and the gold beads attached to the bra, hanging all the way down the belly. I can see a Sonia Mack influence in that headpiece. For the male I think a sheik costume would have been hot, but the male costume is weak..hate it.

I never liked black for a costume after seeing how wearing that colour cooked a friend of mine a few years ago, and when I say "cooked" I mean she was bright red on Ash Wednesday and could not even touch her own skin to take a bath, it was that painful.This costume looks ok, but the colour is an immediate turn off to me and I did not give it a second look. I have to say it looks quite sexy in the photo from calender we got last night. Which brings me to another point.

The photographs of these costumes are very cool, Wyatt did an excellent job to make the photos look like they were taken in a "desert". But I have to see them upclose and in person before I can make a decision on how they compare to other costumes from other bands. I have learned that sometimes the professional photographs create an impression of the costume but when you see them in real it looks totally different.

Be sure I will be first at the mas camp to check them out when they are open for viewing.

Island People Pics

Let me just say, hats off to Island People, the costumes lived up to all the rumours that were circulating before the launch, they are breathtakingly beautiful....even though the launch party itself was another story, and another post, these costumes made waiting two hours worth it.

We took over 300 pics and as per my request with TRIBE's pics, please don't steal my photos or post them up on another website.Direct people to this blog to view the pics, thanks!

Here is a look at Island People's Sahara ( click on pics to make them bigger).

I have much more photos which you can see at my album on Photobucket.

Jewel of the Nile


Sirocco Winds

Le Soleil Brule


Goddess and Defenders

Sacred Sand

Raiders of the Desert




Sahara Sunset

Arabian Nights

Sahara Jumbie

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