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Saturday, September 23, 2006

At the close of registration today, here is the damage..

Dragon - SOLD OUT
Fancy Indian - SOLD OUT
Dame Lorraine Option A- SOLD OUT
Jab Jab Orange - SOLD OUT
Jab Jab Fuschia - SOLD OUT
Fireman (no backpack) - SOLD OUT
Warrior Spirit - SOLD OUT
Jamette Corsette - SOLD OUT
Jab Molassie Frontline - SOLD OUT

Oh, and if you are thinking of registering online you still have access to that part of the website, so buublenut I hope you and your crew registered tonight!


buublenut said...

we are on that right now ... we love u saucy :)

will update you soon

trinigya| said...

Good luck buublenut..and Saucy, check how I was wondering how come Fancy Indian wasn't sold out yet nah?! Methinks I forgot is TRIBE we talkin' bout, oui?!=)

Anonymous said...

Saucy (and other bloggers in the know ;)), I have an inquiry.

If you registered during the TLC period, should a credit have shown up under "Current Payments" already for your downpayment? And what is supposed to show up under costumes, in terms of cost, paid to date, and outstanding balance?

I paid through Senvia, and I use the tracking # to keep myself posted on payment collection, but it seems as if nothing has gone through just yet...but I wanna get an idea on what shows on other people's online registration card when they log in... now that they are registered through the TLC process...responses are MOST welcome, thaaanks!

F.G.I Lady said...

Oh what de mudda country....I aint even get into fancy indian. I sayin I gine do it tomorrow :( oh wellz

saucydiva said...

when I log in I see this:
a costume ID #, the name of the section,the date of the transaction, the cost, how much paid to date and balance outstanding. It shows the $900.00 that I paid down and the $2035.00 balance outstanding.

under current payments is my transatcion ID #,costume ID, date and the $900.00 I paid under "payment amount status"

Maybe you should contact Tribe using the form on their website.Give them your ID# and all the details, ask why your payment is not showing as yet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Saucy! One more thing: what shows up under, "Payment Status"?

buublenut said...

Saucy what is lynx as a payment option?? I am assuming registration is closed today...

buublenut said...

sorry saucy one more question. When you pick up your costume do they have a final fitting with it and take it in if need be etc.... I am flying in the tuesday before carnival, will I have a problem picking up my costume on lets say Thursday??

waspwidfirecracker said...

hi everyone. to those inquiring about the payment, what i did is that i emailed Tribe and they assured me that although i don't see online that my downapyment was received, they will contact if there is aproblem.

i checked senvia today and emailed them the transaction detail. so i guess my advice is to try and contact either via phone or in my case email cause i live int eh states. they are very good about getting back to you.

bubblenut as for costume collection tribe will post on their website what day and where you will need to pickup your costume. as for costume adjustments i am sorry i don't know what they will do. maybe saucy might have info on that.

Anonymous said...

bubblenut - if you flying in Tuesday - ur on wasp said, they publish the days for picking up ur costume - which is all during that week. When you go to pick up - they does show u all the fandangles that u getting (piece by piece). U can try it on then and there - and if u have any problems, they have a customer service area that deals with that. Or just find one a dem gyurls in the TRIBE shirts and tell dem u got a problem...dey will direct u

warrior like me said...

also, they usually have a designated day for int'l folks which is like Carnival Saturday or something. So bubblenut yuh good.

amprincess said...

yes bubblenut - different sections are distributed on specific days during the week leading up to carnival. If you are flying in on Tues & say your section is being distributed on Wed then u are in luck. Haul yuh backside there on the date specified for your section (Tribe will email everyone regarding costume distribution dates) IF u cannot be there for your specified date - then u have to brave the crowds on carnival friday & saturday which are the designated dates for all Tribe OVERSEAS masqueraders to pick up their costumes. There will be long lines on both of those days though so IF u will be in town for the specific date for your section then I suggest u get there that day.

buublenut said...

thanks everyone - I hope I make the section day - I like mingling (I mean I love) with the locals :)They are such happy people :)

what about the actual day of Carnival - I am playing J'Overt so I am going to have to go home shower and get my costume before I hit the road, would I then just go to the mas camp and they will shuttle me out to my section or something.

I can't wait, what am I going to do with myself until Feb. :)

saucydiva said...

buublenut the band usually leaves around 12 on Monday so you will have enough time to go home and change after J'ourvert. So I guess you are offically in Cow Mas?

Between now and Feb:

work out

eat healthy

practice make up

look for accessories

break in shoes

buublenut said...

Yes Saucy, I am registered, just have to deal with the payment....I emailed them so hopefully I will hear back from them soon. Can I ask what kind of things are in the goddy bags they give out with the costume and what kind of food do they usually have on the road that is included

amprincess said...

bubblenut - Tribe usually has very decent food on the road. Mon is lunch (Creole or bbq) and a snack later in the afternoon. Tues is breakfast (doubles,aloo pie, granola bars, fresh fruit, I know I'm missing something) lunch (again either Creole, bbq or Arabic food this year I think) Marios pizza as a late afternoon snack, plus ice cream for dessert!
The goodie bags for the ladies are the signature TRIBE backpack filled w/ glitter, nail polish, compact mirror, makeup case, bandanna, plastic mug, various coupons, tribe notepad, pharmacy items like vitamins, pain relief tablets - I forget what else??

Karabana said...

goody bag sounds good... do they colour coordinate the polish w your section??
no, seriously.....?

Bagogyul said...

i was in angel fish and i got matching glitter and nailpolish

ampy you forgot...deodorant, sanitary napkins, disposable camera, and tribe booklet that tells you where to meet band, line ups of sections and trucks and everthing else you can think where to park....
i conveniently didn't read that section and got my car "wrecked" on carnival Tuesday....what a

all part of the experience...thank god my uncle is a cop....

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