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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Harts update....

So I made my journey to Harts this afternoon and one section is sold out already. The lovely turquoise and orange costume, Aztlan is SOLD OUT. The cost of that one is $2265.00, for those still interested.

There is an alll female section in a myriad of colours called Imagine, it reminds me of another all female section from Harts a few years ago. That section is going for a $3050.00 and is the most expensive.

The brown feathered costume that I like is called Benin and comes in two versions, the small headpiece pictured here for $1875.00 and a larger headpiece for $1895.00. The more expensive version is slightly different in that has more beads instead of feathers and the headpiece is the "showgirl" design with the molded head and feathers shooting out the middle (like Atlantis' headpiece).

From my observation the cheapest female costume is White Mountain, pricing at $1615.00 for the small headpiece and $1880.00 for the larger headpiece.

The only other costume that I found to be outstanding is a blue and silver number called Atlantis, it's a pretty shade of blue with large silver sequins on the bra and belt.That costume is $2140.00

As to be expected there were many people at the mas camp and more showing up as we were leaving. The prices seem reasonable, but the band is not all-inclusive so you are paying for costume ONLY.

*all photos are from

Tribe registration 2006

Those photos are ones I took last year on the day that Tribe opened for registration. Now, I had no plans on going to the mas camp that day since I had made many trips prior to the opening of the mas camp for registration to view costumes. Tribe's claim that online registration would make the process quicker and easier had me confident that I could register at my computer without leaving the office.

Imagine my frustration when at the time the website was up for registration it crashed! I guess they did not anticipate that the site would take so many hits in such a short space of time, and as I started at my computer willing the page to load faster I realised I had to get to the mas camp as soon as possible or I could forget registering in my first choice section.

Well, when we got to the mas camp (my husband and best friend in tow) we were greeted with the scene pictured above. A mass of people, some waiting for hours, were lined up patiently waiting for the gates to open. Some were sitting on the pavement with laptops on their knees, most likely hoping that the site would spring to life before the gates opened.

Being the resourceful person that I am, I made my way to the front of the crowd (yeah, I skipped the line!) and positioned myself for when the gates opened, all the time chatting with the guard who was used to seeing my face as I had been to the mas camp all week. The end result was that as the gates open I was able to slip in and went about registering my friend and myself, ignoring the comments from all the angry people who were most likely in disbelief that I was so boldface.

So, with the introduction of the TLC card I am very curious to see how registration plays out this year. With the TLC card, we were also assigned a password which we have to use with the number on the TLC card to login to the website for registration. The thing is, when I enquired if we can register at the mas camp I was informed that you will be registering via computer at the mas camp as well. I guess they have even more confidence that the website will not crash this year, maybe that's why they are doing registration in phases.

Since I will be in the first phase of registration be sure I will report on how the process went. I find it very disheartening though that to get the costume you like, all this thought, time and effort has to go into registering. Gone are the days when you could take your time to deliberate over a costume, or wait until you get paid to register or even wait to see what the other bands have to offer. I can only foresee that it will get worse, with Poison gone space in one of the more popular Carnival bands will be at a premium and open the doors for some sort of corruption. Don't be surprised if TLC cards go up for sale!

First Look at HARTS has the first photos from Harts Band Launching along with TWO galleries from TRIBE.

As I sit here checking out the Harts photos, it reconfirmed the decision that I made to leave the band a few years ago.

Don't get me wrong, the costumes are beautiful as always, appears to be well made as always but I can't help but get a sense of deja vu when I look at the costumes. I would think that they would move with the times and at least do live models at the launch, but I guess they have made a baby step up from the days when they only showed drawings at the launch, today I see they have actual costumes displayed, in addition to photographs.

The studio photographs with the black background makes the costumes look like the same as last year's though, in fact alot of the costumes fit within the Harts mold/brand/stamp from when I played with them years ago.That cape, though a Harts standard, should be retired by now. Nothing makes the costumes look more like a Las Vegas show girl than that cape!

Maybe if they were photographed differently the costumes would look a little fresher, as I do see some nice designs such as brown/copper feathered costume that reminds me of Tribe's Amazonia. Oh, and for those of you who were wondering if the Indian Mas made a return for 2007, yes, I see two versions of Harts' signature Indian costumes for males.

All in all from what I have seen it's typical Harts; the costumes don't fit any theme that I can readily and easily distinguish , they have the lavish feathered headpiece, heavily beaded costume and some of the same shades of blue, pink, and green that have made up Harts' colour palette throughout the years.

I think, if they are open for vieiwing, I will pop into the mas camp today just to have a look at the costumes in person.I will say though that Harts has it's niche in the Carnival market and that's what makes them a success after all these years. For alot of their masqueraders there is no alternative, Harts is the only band that they would consider playing with. I guess that's why they have not changed their forumula since I was an avid masquerader "if it ain't broke why fix it?"
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