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Friday, September 01, 2006

The pics have moved .....

If you are looking for all the Island People pics I posted earlier you can find them at my new album at Photobucket. I just left a few on this site so the page should load faster now, as even I was having problems with the page taking long to load on dial up.

Because the photos were sucking up bandwith I had to upload to blogger direct and they are now smaller so just click on them to see the full size. For those who were having problems viewing the photos at work I hope having access to the album helps.

I will add TRIBE's photos to that album sometime in the very near future, but for now enjoy the pics!

NEWS from Tribe


As we continue to be inundated with emails, faxes, and telephone calls for the TLC, we wish to thank all our masqueraders for their eager interest in our band. Our preparation for registration is almost complete as our staff and technical personnel continue to work assiduously to ensure that the registration process runs as smoothly as possible.

Trying to accommodate late requests …TLC Distribution almost complete!

The distribution of TLC to both local and overseas masqueraders began on August 4th and concluded on August 24th (3 weeks).

In the interest of accommodating as many of our masqueraders as possible (both 2006 and 2005 players, and even those requests received after the cut-off date), we have decided to push back the start date for registration. We anticipate that this process should be complete within a few days. Registration will start shortly thereafter.

Unfortunately any TLC requests received after Tuesday 29th August cannot be processed before the start of registration.

NOTE: Once the processing of the TLC is complete, you will be advised of the registration schedule via an InfoBlast at least one day prior to the start of registration. This schedule will also be posted on the website.

-New Masqueraders
Please keep posted to the website for information regarding your registration process.

Showroom at Cascadia still open

The costumes continue to be on display at the Sky View Lounge at the Cascadia Hotel in St. Anns between the hours of 5pm and 8pm – Mon. to Fri. and from 12noon to 6pm on Saturdays up to the end of the Registration period.
Thank goodness the showroom is till open at Cascadia, once again I am looking at ANOTHER costume that was not even in the running! You see how waiting can make you change your mind over and over again..geez an ages! Now I am loving Jamette..they have the photo up on the website of the regular bra option and when I saw it on the model I went bonkers, allyuh doh find it looking fabulous? I already made up my mind I want to play in red so it is either Fireman or Jamette.......decisions!

That headpiece driving me crazy!! I LOVE a big headpiece...I think I have a headache, I visited TRIBE's website way too many times so I am going up to Casacadia again this afternoon and have a closer look at Jamette. If anyone has questions regarding a particular costume and need to know what the back/front/bra/bottom/headpiece looks like from a scrutinized perspective leave me a comment or drop me an email, I will see how best I can help you out because I know I am not the only one going back and forth between costumes!

Rain in the Desert

As usual Peter Ray Blood gives his review on local events , today's Pulse has his take on Sahara's launch:

Raining on Sahara parade

I found it to be quite ironic that on the day a Carnival band named Sahara is launched turns out to be the rainiest Sunday of the year thus far. Hosted by Island People Mas (IPM) at Hasely Crawford Stadium, Sahara attracted some of the most beautiful women seen at one of these events, a most pleasing exercise in eye food for single men like myself. But, I attended with my eldest daughter so “daddy” had to be at his best behaviour.

All told, led off by Sonia and Natania Mack’s premier, all-inclusive Le Soleil Brule (Burning Sun) section, IPM showcased 14 sections of what seems to be a most elaborate C2K7 presentation, a worthy sequel to last year’s impressive debut of Enchanted Forest.

In addition to designs by the Macks, Sahara is also created by designers Trisha Neilson, Marlon Grant, Crystal Aming-Marcus and Sandra Hordatt. Some of the sections are exotically named Sirocco Winds, Jewel of the Nile, Sahara Sunset and Arabian Nights.

There was no shortage of entertainment on stage on Sunday night, from an opening skit featuring popular actor Clifford Learmond, as King Omar, to a scintillating ‘Sahara-dus’-in-dey-face’, one-hour performance by Machel Montano & Xtatik.

If the actual street presentation of Sahara will be as exciting as its launch, masqueraders can look forward to the time of their lives come Carnival 2K7.

The C2K7 band launchings are coming fast and furious, and on Sunday evening, Pulse8, emerging out of the now defunct Poison, will launch Cocktails—You Shake, We Stir!

With music by Imij & Co, this unveiling is scheduled for Club Zen, Keate Street, Port-of-Spain.

While defending Band of the Year (Large) champion Trini Revellers has pushed back its launch to October 15, some of its premium all-inclusive sections will premiere their C2K7 mas long before.

Tomorrow afternoon, Trini Revellers’ Rugeri Promotions will launch its Paris Burning section, at 12 Anderson Terrace, (the same road with Media Sales), Maraval.

The other Trini Revellers section event this month takes place on Saturday 30 when Roland St George’s D’Krewe launches its Royalty section. The venue is The NCC Club House Grounds, Queen’s Park Savannah.
I found it interesting that Trini Revellers launch has been pushed backed to October 15th, Legacy also launches in October. My husband and I were speaking about the different bands and how even though they attract different masqueraders there is still competiton among bands of a certain genre.

For example, these bands pitted against each other are competiting for the same market or demograhpic of masquerdaer:

Tribe vsIsland People
Peter Minshall vs Brian Mc Farelene
Legacy vs Genesis
Trini Revellers vs Masquerade
Harts vs Skandalus
Pulse 8 vs Dream Team
2 P's n d Pod vs 2 Ha' Quai

I believe if Pulse 8 presents a good product priced affordably they can give Island People some competition. The only thing is that even with Pulse 8, and the Dream Team, there are not enough options to accomodate the masqueraders who were left without a band when Poison dissolved. My sources have told me that in 2008 another new band will emerge on the scene, I guess we will have to wait and see if that is true.
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