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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Costume Critique

I just realised I did not give my review on Pulse 8's costumes. Overall I think the costumes will appeal to Poison fans, since to me they look like all the designers of the better sections of Poison came together and gave the costumes an upgrade though they certainly infused ideas from old Poison costume designs. I will break it down section by section.

Wicked Waitress
I really like the shade of purple, usually I do not like purple costumes but this one appeals to me. It is quite skimpy, I guess that's the wicked part, however that boa-backpack needs to be retired since it has been making an appearance at Carnival, every year for a good few years.

Summer Passion
I am not feeling the hat on the backline costume, I prefer the regular headpiece though it's the same headband with feathers to the side that the other sections also carry. The shade of blue is pretty, the beads used are nice, I like the necklace but the headpiece on the frontline could be more lavish and again, I don't really like the backpiece of the frontline.

Mai Tai
Reminds me of Sonia Mack's costume from this year, but is still cute.

I am not liking this costume for some reason, maybe it's the gold lame cape or the headpiece or the beads on the bra, but I just don't like it.

Margarita Madness
I like the colours of the costumes, I just think more could have been done with the headpiece and get rid of the boas.Margarita Madness and Mai Tai all use the large sequins so they both have a similar look to me.

Melon Fever
Get rid of the fabric or put some to the back, I don't like that the back is bare. Also, this costume has the same beads that they used on TRIBE's Jean and Dinah belt, and you know what my friend said about those beads, they look cheap.

Sapphire Ice
I really this costume, if I had to choose a section to play with the frontline would be one of two that appealed to me. I like the colour, the beads on the belt and, the small backpack that's easy to jump up with. The Aquamena beads hanging on the belt look sparse, and the backline suffers from that headband headpiece that also infected other sections.

Rum Rum Sweet Rum
Hmm, I don't like this costume too much, again I don't like the's too shiny or the shade does not blend withthe beads..I don't know can't put my finger on it. And the frontline's backpiece is very "koskel" with all that gold tinsel. Thebelt is the tiniest belt I have seen yet on a costume.

Blue Lagoon
Don't like it.Like Melon fever why is the bottom bare when the front is covered, this is not Angelfish. And I like a headpiece so that headband is a no no, with a name like "Blue Lagoon" this costume had so much potential.

This is the other section that I like alot, the brown/green combo works for me and I love the frontline's backpiece that looks like it is made from "cocoyea flex."I like that it is different from anything else in the band.Peter did a good job with this one even though the fabric reminds me of Mermaid and Warriors.

Can I be honest here, the belt and bra looks like it came direct from Neckelmann's reminds me of Aprhodite frontline which also looked like it came from Neckelmann's ! Anyways, the overall costume is nice, I like the backpack and I think it will be a hot seller.

Sex on the Beach
It's nice, the backline backpiece was done in Poison AND TRIBE for 2006 so I was a bit surprised to see it back again and in the same colour as the Poison 2k6 Poison section too booth.

Depth Charge
It's ok.Not too sure I am liking the beading or the headpiece.....I need to look at it a few times again.

Claudia Peagus Section
ahm.................I was expecting alot from Trinidad's self acclaimed haute couture designer, but I was SO not epxecting that this section would be the Imp and Cacti of Pulse 8.

Love Potion #9
Has Poison written all over it...I like it even though it is pushing the sparkly envelope.

Getting down to business

I am feeling rather proud of myself today, I have officially started my "diet". I use the term diet but what I am really trying to do is eat healthier, so since I don't drink soft drinks I have decided to cut out my unhealthy snacks, limit my carbs, refined flour, sugar and alcohol.. Also I am trying to eat breakfast which is the one meal I skip and also try to have dinner before 6:00 p.m. everyday. I have taken the advice of someone who left a comment earlier and Sunday is going to be the ONE day I reward myself with a treat, but even then I don't want to overdo it so I will snack wisely, for instance I can have frozen yougurt instead of ice cream.

So on today's menu is:

Breakfast - raisin bran cereal and low fat milk

Snack - baby carrots and unsalted pistachio nuts.

Lunch - tuna salad (no mayo) stuffed in pita bread (2 halves)

Dinner- Caesar Salad

and LOTS of water.

Temptation came to me this morning though, a friend brought me birthday cake which I promptly gave to another co-worker.I didn't think it would be a good sign if I broke my diet on the first day!

I am also going to keep my promise and will sign up at the gym a soon as I register for my costume, I would do it now but I have to psyche myself up to hitting that gym on a regular basis so having a deadline makes it somewhat easier. I guess that gym will be seeing me next week.

So for all those mas newbies out there who think choosing a costume is the hardest part,trust me it does not end there, it has only begun. If you want to do that fabulous costume justice you have to work at it, at least make an effort to get in shape if only to have stamina on the road because is real pace come Carnival Monday and Tuesday !


The rest of TRIBE's prices are now posted on their website:

Female 3,125
Imp Frontline 4,225
Male 2,125

3,295 Female, 2,095 Male

Pierrot Grenade
Frontline Option A (without backpack) 2,990
Frontline Option B (with backpack) 3,475 579

Frontline 3,395
Male 2,095

Why is Imp SO expensive, I don't even like that costume and if that's the section that is rumored to be sold out all I have to say is less people to fight up with for MY section.And jeezan ages, Majorette is expensive as do we end up with three of the less popular sections (Imp, Jean&Dinah and Majorette) being so blasted expensive?

Oh, and FINALLY has photos from Island People's launch,they are always late with the photos but have lots of pics.

I finally heard the recording when I called Island People's mas camp,it says that costume vieiwing and registration information will be released on Saturday 9th of September.
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