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Friday, September 08, 2006

Sonia Mack News

For the person who asked here is Sonia's email addres:

Her number is 622-3805

The downpayment for ALL Island People's regular sections is $900.00 (not sure what the cost is for frontline but since they aping TRIBE we can expect $1200.00).

You will be pleased to know that I chatted with Sonia herself and for those interested, Le Soleil Brule has 4 costumes to choose from in addition to the two frontlines:

This costume will be available with a smaller backpack (more road friendly) as well as without a backpack (costume only) and I have to say if I were playing with Island People I would go with this costume and the small backpack! For starters I am a past masquerder of Sonia so I will get in before the masses, she is having registration at her mas camp and thus I will get personal service/attention, she is a lady who allows you to fit properly for your bra and her section is FIRST!!

This one also comes without the Big Sun backpack:

Then there are these two costumes:

Please note that Sonia will be registering her LOYAL masquerders FIRST ,that is those who have played with her before, since her section will not be a very large one.Registration will begin next week.

Island People will be hosting a media launch this afternoon where all costumes will be on display.

1 month and 5 days

That is how long it takes for TRIBE's registration to begin for the public after their launch. My husband is fussing that this long wait only builds demand and will cause a rush for registration, his solution is to open registration right after the launch like Harts and Pulse 8.

While I agree with him, this was done in the past and still, people were not pleased. The main issue is that when registration begins in the mas camp right after the launch overseas masqueraders are left waiting for the website to go up, much like Harts this year, and by the time the website goes up sections are already sold out. Also, we masqueraders have become demanding, wanting time to "view" the costumes and get fitted for bras before registration even begins. But the biggest delay, going with the information from TRIBE, has to be with issuing T.L.C. cards.

Now I was a supporter of the idea of the T.L.C. card, but now that 2005 masqueraders have gotten T.L.C.s and are allowed to register the same time as 2006 masqueraders that just puts us back on the same level and the same madness will occur come Saturday the 16th. I liked the idea of the phased basis, 2006 first, then 2005, that to me will curb the mad rush as people will be registering in batches.

I don't know if initially that was the whole concept and then everyone wanted a T.L.C. but there has to be a point, as a band leader, that you realise you cannot please ALL the people ALL the time. I am quite upset that registration has to be dragged out so long, I mean a whole MONTH of waiting is just not easy, especially since I got my T.L.C. on the first day they were issued.

So now alot of those who jumped ship for another band are keeping back the whole registration process which is not right. And how do we know that those same "emigrants" are not the ones rushing for a T.L.C. card just to sell it or now know that the grass is not always greener on the otherside of the fence? I know that there are people who could not play mas in 2006 because they were ill, pregnant, could not make it back home or were out of the country and while I emphasise with them I also think that they should wait until after the 2006 masqueraders register after all the L in T.L.C. stands for LOYAL.

And finally, to TRIBE I know the band wants to be "fair" and all that, but next time realise getting people registered as soon as possible is very important and stick to the original plan of a phased registration, I am so tired of this waiting.

Registration for Tribe starts Next Saturday

The following is from the website, and it was so tiny I nearly missed it! And I still haven't gotten an email..maybe later today !

For TLC HOLDERS ONLY - Sat. 16th Sept. to Tues. 19th Sept. 2006
Times - Sat. & Sun. 1pm to 7pm, Mon. & Tues. 5:30pm to 8:30pm
Place - Cascadia Hotel, St. Anns
For NEW MASQUERADERS - Registration begins Sat. 23rd Sept. 2006
A whole week again to wait! And look how I real planning for tomorrow .....steups
The only good thing is that with this delay I am hoping they put up Jab Jab and Dragon Frontline on the website soon.

Edited to add, my hubby got the email and I still ent get mine yet!:


Carnival 2007

“Ole time someting…come back again”

September 8th 2006

Dear Masquerader,

In-house and Online Registration begins for TLC Holders ONLY on Saturday 16th September 2006 and continues until Tuesday 19th September 2006.

* Registration Dates & Times (TLC Cardholders) :

Sat 16th & Sun 17th Sept: 1pm - 7pm, Cascadia Hotel

Mon 18th & Tue 19th Sept: 5:30pm – 8:30pm, Cascadia Hotel

TLC holders are assured of a place in the band ONLY if you register during the period September 16th – 19th, 2006. After this time, you are not assured of a place in the band.

Registration for Non-TLC Holders (new masqueraders) will be available from

Saturday 23rd September, 2006.

* Minimum Down Payment :-

Regular - TT$900 or US$150

Frontline – TT$1200 or US$200

* Measurements/sizes required to register :-

Females – waistband (belt) size, bra size, bottom piece (bikini bottom) size.

Males – waist size. (Inner seam for long pants - available in limited sections).

Unfortunately we will be unable to facilitate changes in sections and sizes once your registration is complete. Masqueraders are kindly asked to ensure that their sizes/measurements are accurate.

Look forward to another infoblast prior to registration or keep posted to the website for further updates.

See you next Saturday!!!

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