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Monday, September 11, 2006

I have seen the new Frontlines!

Yes!!!! Let me tell you, it will be a hard decision come Saturday when it comes to registering for a section, I think my deciding factor will be price because I am itching to play a frontline!

So, thanks to a tip from amprincess I made my way to TRIBE's mas camp this morning to "macco" the new frontlines (I heard the headpieces were there). When I arrived I was greeted by Solange, who I swear knows every single masquerader who plays with TRIBE so she now knows who I am and there goes my anonyminity, anyways, she was quite helpful and even modeled the headpieces for me so I could take a few pics . So, I will be posting a few photos but none with Solange since I am positive she does not want her face plastered all over the net. If you really want to see the rest of the pics you will have to email me and ask nicely, but I digress. Solange told me they will be doing a photoshoot and the photos of the new costumes, and Jab Molassie frontline, will be posted to the website this week, but from what I saw I was very impressed!

Dragon's base costume will be the same, same bra and same belt but the headpiece is fantastic. It reminds me of the chinese dragon costumes with a large gold dragon head edged with rhinestones, rhinestones for eyes and a huge mane of orange and purple coque feathers, pheasant feathers in a sunburst pattern reaching towards the sky and orange and purple fabric trailing down your back. There is also a backpiece which attaches to the waist/belt made out of purple and orange fabric, for those who are worried about Dragon's skmpiness that should cover your ass.

Jab Jab was the costume both my friends who went with me prefered over dragon, from what I saw both the bra and belt is different from the backline though I did not get to inspect them closely. The headpiece is a much, much larger version to the backline's headpiece and it is shaped differently, more fan shaped and is decorated with big rhinestones. The predominant colour for the costume looks like pink, though there is some orange and yellow in the headpiece as well. What Solange likes and was excited to show me, were the feathered coiled wrist pieces, again with rhinestones decorating it, that wraps around your wrist and comes up your forearm. To complete the costume is a much larger version of the collar on the backline.

Now that I have gotten a sneak peak I am even more confused and excited, I want to see the whole package together, not just pieces like what I saw, so I guess I will be clicking on the website for any new pics all week. Did I mention that I am now even more confused? And to tease me even more, the backpack for Fireman was at the macamp and it is looking good a well!

Ok, so here are FEW pics click on them to make them bigger.

Front of Dragon (courtesy one of my blog readers who made her way to the mas camp after reading what I wrote above and got a better pic than me, thanks babes!)

Back of Dragon

Jab Jab Headpiece:

If you want to see the rest you know what to do and NO I did not get any other pics but of the headpieces.Wait for the rest to be released on the website like nice people.

The saga that is Island People Registration

Getting a date or possible date for when Island People's registration begins is like trying to find out when the cultural center will start may answers circulating, none the right one!

So, last week I heard registration will begin today or tomorrow though this information was not confirmed. Island People had a nice voice recording saying to call on Saturday 9th to get further information on registration and costume viewing, since then I have been calling and at first I kept getting the same voice recording, now I am getting "mail box is full". No one has yet to answer the phone at the mas camp, though when I passed there at lunchtime I saw several people in the yard, including one of the section leaders, so I know that people are there.

On my way back to the office I get a call saying registration is TODAY..w.t.f! So knowing that has to be impossible I tried to get more information and was told registration is this coming weekend (same time as TRIBE) which leaves me even more confused because this morning I heard it was next Monday!

I am appealing to Island People, please, put out something FORMAL addressing all these rumours of when the registration will begin. Send a little email to your masquerders or even put up an announcement on your website at least. I am so glad my friend is returning from New York on Wednesday since both she and I were expecting that registration would have started while she was out of the country and she left me in charge of getting it done for her and her friends. I believe that since I am not even playing with Island People it is about time I pass over this stress to the people who are. Let me mumble and grumble about the delay with TRIBE at least there is communication coming from their mas camp ever so often!

On the Topic of Prices................

Well, well, well TRIBE has posted the price for Bat Backline......and it is $3185.00 (the frontline is 3395.00). I don't know about you guys but I absolutely detest the headpiece on the backline costume and see nothing on it to justify the price, add this one to the "I eh see why that costume costing so blasted much/digging out yuh eye" list along with Jab Molassie, Jean and Dinah, Imp and Majorette:

Apart from the frontline having one skimy bottom piece it is clearly the nicer of the two costumes and for $210.00 more I can see a rush for the frontline, leaving the backline for those masqueraders signing up on September 23rd. But seriously, for those without a T.L.C. card if the only sections left behind were Jean and Dinah, Majorette , Imp and Bat Backline (I think Jab Molassie will be a hot seller inspite of it's price) will you still register with TRIBE and if so which one of those sections would you choose above the other? Leave me a comment.
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