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Sunday, September 17, 2006

DreamTeam Launch Review

Yesterday was not all about TRIBE and Island People's registration, I also had to attend Dream Team's Launch of their 2007 presentation "Rhythm Nation" at country club. After such a long day I was really tired but decided to go anyway since they did state that costume viewing would begin at 11pm, so I am thinking I can go half an hour before it started and leave soon after the show was over. Well I don't know what made me so optimistic, but we (the hubby and I) got to Country Club with 10 minutes to spare and I was there thinking we were late only to be "surprised" that the show had not begun as yet.

After walking around and checking out the venue I realised they were setting up the stage for a band to play, not a good sign seeing as 11pm was advertised as the magic hour, needless to say the costume viewing was delayed (no word by the organizers) and a band took that time slot. I had no idea if the reason we were not being treated to costumes at that time was because patrons were now beginning to arrive or the fact that half dressed models were still being airbrushed, in full view of everyone, even as the band played.

The only saving grace was that we were allowed to take photos of the models backstage, my first impression upon seeing the costumes up close was that they were very nice. However the actual presentation did nothing to enhance some of the costumes and I think they lost the appeal that I first saw backstage.

At around 12:30 the band was done playing and we began seeing movements that the presentation was soon to begin, but again the dis-organization showed, everything was being done in full view of all the patrons, while I believe it could have been done more discreetly. Bringing a ladder on stage to adjust curtains while everyone was crowded around the ramp waiting for the show to begin caught me off guard. And I think that a small announcement on change of plans and what time the presentation would begin would have allowed people to move away from the stage area so that they could continue preparations for the show.

I also had an issue with the ramp and stage, I guess country club is not the perfect venue for a band launching using live models. The stage was too short in length and height, the girls were almost eye level with me as they walked down the ramp, and the people to the back could not get a good view of the costumes. Also, where the stage was located was HOT and with the lights from the stage and all the bodies gathered close together the heat at times became unbearable, I saw photographers bathed with sweat!

When the presentation eventually began, an hour and 45 minutes late, the crowd came alive. There were some mishaps like a model loosing her headpiece and one's belt fell off, but they provided much entertainment to the patrons. The things that irked me was the gap between costumes, when we were left staring at an empty stage too long, and the entrance by the models from the opposite end of the stage. The latter did not work because the models had to make their way through the crowd which made it a longer wait to see the costumes and when they did ascend the stage a huge spotlight was in your eye basically ruining a good photo opportunity.

Another thing I noticed was that they used a different crop of models, not one familiar face from all the band launchings I have been to so far, which had it's pluses and minuses. Some of the girls looked like amateurs; they raced on and off the stage, did not stop and pose, made no eye contact with the crowd and seemed somewhat embarrassed to be THAT close to the crowd (again I blame the stage) in nothing more than dental floss. I think a stage that gave them some distance from the crowd might have helped the ones who were somewhat shy. The plus was that my husband enjoyed seeing more "realistic" models, not just the super skinny ones that we have seen in the past. I also have to add that those who remembered to do their dance routine put down some wicked moves, much to the crowds enjoyment.

As for the costumes I am going to be brutally honest, some were nice and I could possibly see myself in, but I noticed influences on costume design from other costumes that have been already portrayed for 2007 and some remixes of costumes from the past. One photographer even remarked that the costumes reminded him of Island People's. From last night my favourites are Exotic Rhythms (did anyone notice the Brazil style bra), Luna Rhythm (yes in spite of it being black), Bossa Nova and Heatwave (this is the first attempt at costume design for the lady who designed that costume and I think it is very good for a first attempt so points for that one). I also have to add that being a very, very, very keen observer I noticed that some of the costumes were not "finished" properly, like one bra was different from the other two, the waistband did not fit properly but I attribute that to probably rushing to complete costumes for the launch. I certainly hope that the costumes will all be uniformed and well constructed for their masqueraders come Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

All in all I could be nit picky and list several things that I thought they could have improved on, but it is this band's first year and all bands have teething problems. The launch was cool, the costumes looked nice and I think that with proper organization and a little attention to detail (like having the models air brushed away from the public eye) the overall presentation could have rated higher in my book.

I wish the Dream Team lots of luck in the future and I hope they can prove themselves to be another option for those looking to enjoy Carnival 2007.

Dream Team Pics

Each launch I have been to so far has had it's challenges, this time I battled the heat at Country Club while some sections whizzed past so fast I barely got a pic and one model suffered a wardrobe malfunction. Nevertheless inspite of the fact that I was dead tired, I did manage to get a few decent pics and more can be found in my Dream Team Album on photobucket including some backstage shots. As always, click on the photos to make them bigger.

Chutney Bacchanal


Samba Fever

Heat Wave

Bossa Nova

Hips Don't Lie

Coral Sensation

Tribal Rhythm


Tropical Rhythm

Eco Rhythms

Exotic Rhythms

Posiedon Party

Luna Rhythm

Soca Rhythm

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