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Monday, September 25, 2006

TRIBE section updates..edited Tuesday 26th September

Dragon - SOLD OUT
Fancy Indian - SOLD OUT
Dame Lorraine Option A- SOLD OUT
Jab Jab Orange - SOLD OUT
Jab Jab Fuschia - SOLD OUT
Jab Jab Yellow - SOLD OUT
Warrior Spirit - SOLD OUT
Jamette - SOLD OUT
Jab Molassie Frontline - SOLD OUT
Fancy Sailor- SOLD OUT
Fireman - SOLD OUT

Sections Still open:
Cow Mas
Pierrot Grenade
Midnight Robber
Jab Molassie
Dame Lorraine B

Pre and Post Carnival Beauty Issues

I received an SOS email of sorts asking for advice on a pre and post Carnival beauty regimen, Now I had not thought of all these points before so I am thankful for the author of that email for providing me with some new ideas. I know I can answer a few of these questions, but others (like the tanning issue) I am in no position to answer, so therefore I am looking for advice from the "experts" .

Skin firmness:
Women are naturally plauged by cellulite, regardless of if you are skinny those annoying bumps show up on your legs or butt and excercise does not always help. I know there are several creams, lotions and potions out there that claim to firm, tighten and lift areas prone to cellulite. Mas stockings helps to give your legs a smooth look, but has anyone had experience with anything that works ? Recommendations for firming products are wanted.
p.s.I was sent this link for reviews on cellulite creams: LINK

If you are of the lighter pigmentation coming out of winter to hit Trinidad with pale, pasty skin is not cute! I vacation alot and I am always browsing my vacation forums and I have read about self tanners, bronzers, mystic tan and tanning beds being utilized BEFORE going on vacation. Some of the posters swear having a tan gives you added protection from the sun so you won't burn. To me the tan just looks healthy and makes your skin look great. From my reading I know tanning beds are not recommended because of skin damage, but the spray on tans and self tanners are. I also want to know if anyone has used the airbrushed makeup for legs that promised to hide all the "flaws".

Seeing as I am already a caramel complexion and do not need self tanners, it would be nice if others who do use it give a review of products they use.

Now my hair is short at this time and I am thinking of leaving it that way for Carnival, since I am wearing a hat or extending it with a pony tail extension so I can wear it to the side seeing as I have a backpack and wearing hair down my back is out of the question. One year I had visions of long hair, so your girl went and got extensions put in, all 16 inches of human hair that my friend brought for me from Detroit. Well, from the moment I reached downtown and that heat started I felt SO hot! All that "extra" hair was killing me so I had to find a rubber band and up in a ponytail that hair went! Braids seem like a good option but you have to be careful that it is not done too tight, apart from getting a massive headache you can also damage your hairline if the braids are so taut you look Chinese. So can we have your hair tips/horror stories or advice?

Here is a hair tip from that email:
The decorations on the (any) backpacks and the position of them may cause some snags and breakage. My sister and I usually wear our hair pinned in either a stylish chignon, or a simple, elegant plaît ( just faancy ways of saying that we does tie up we hair, but still make sure that cuteness is ever-present).

Also, hair prep is key. Not everyone has the fortune of hats like e.g. the Firemen, Cow Mas-ers and Jeans and Dinahs (doh mind that some of the hats still have de top of yuh head all exposed—any coverage is still coverage). Most of the costumes' headpieces have some sort of headband as its foundation, which means that your hair is going to be subject to the same constant sun that your skin is—perhaps even more, since you're in a crowd, and assuming you don't tower over everyone else, your body would be shaded at least a portion of the time, whereas your exposed area of hair stays exposed, unless you're sure to constantly stand in the shade (provided by your personal valets (I know of an H.O. last year who asked her security personnel to serve such a purpose)). One must make sure your hair is as protected as your skin.

I can't endorse any particular product, but I use lots and lots of anti-frizz (silicone based). It works wonders against all the moisture in the air (sweat, cool zones, wildness of people just flinging water in the air in sheer excitement and drunkedness …) and my hair still stays soft and "movey." Anti-frizz may not provide sufficient hold or control for all, but a good rule of thumb is to make sure your products are alcohol-free. You're probably putting enough alcohol into your system on the road; you might as well not have your hair dehydrated before you even leave your house. Can you imagine the brittle mess you'd have to deal with come Ash Wednesday morning?

Also, I must have my ends trimmed after my Carnival adventure. Apart from it being logical, it's almost always necessary. Before Mon and Tues, I usually go to the beach and/or pool, so that sun/salt/chlorine combination just strips my hair of most moisture, so in addition to the post Carnival deep conditioning,I just get rid of my abused ends (kinda like pruning a tree of the yellowed leaves—it makes the nutrients be better distributed to the more "deserving" parts). And, it goes without saying that my pre-Carnival hair is always well-tended and the picture of health, because there is NO WAY that I'm investing that much in the rest of the package and forgetting the tresses. So, I have my hair trimmed a few weeks before my trip, too.

For the road, and since I pin up my hair, I usually slip a few hair pins in the back of my ponytail so as to have spares for friends or loved ones who've come loose, etc. Those come in as handy as the stash of safety pins in my bikini belt (à la Kevian). I don't like carrying stuff, so I try to have my emergency supplies hidden away somewhere on my person.
Post Carnival Skin care:
After the two days of subjecting your skin to the fierce Caribbean sun what do you do to pamper your skin ? I will share my secret, even though I slather on sunscreen I alwys manage to get a "tan" and my body feels as if it is radiating heat. To cool down I use a aloe vera gel by Banana Boat that soothes the skin. To help my skin get back it's original colour I use Vicco Tumeric. Now don't laugh, I know it sounds like some "cheap" litttle lotion you buy at Pennywise but it really works to fade the tan quickly. I first used it after Carnival a few years ago since my mom is always buying new stuff to try and she had a tube of Vicco around. I also exfoliate with a body scrub (not recommended if you have a sunburn!). I would love to hear how others get their skin back in condition after the brutal exposure to sun on those two days.

In my earlier post I listed a tip that says to soak your feet in warm water and epsom salts after pounding the streets all day, soaking your feet helps ALOT after Carnival. If you have a foot spa use some aromatheraphy oils like cucumber or mint in the water to soothe the feet. Also, again, I stress that you keep your pedicure simple, no toe nail extensions or long toe nails. Your toes will be getting constant pressure against the sneakers/boots and you don't want to loose a toe nail after Carnival!

I thought I would throw this one in here because so many women, and men, want to get photographed or make their way onto television or some other form of media. If this is your goal, and even if it is not, the easiest way to look "young and fresh" when you are smiling from ear to ear is with nice white teeth! You can get your teeth professionally whitened but there are many products that you can use in the comfort of your own home such as whitening toothpastes, Crest Strips and the Natural White 5 minute tooth whitening system. I can't vouch for the strips or toothpaste (maybe someone else can give a review) but I know someone who uses Natural White and it works.

Here is looking forward to your product reviews/tips in any of these areas! You know we all have to help each other out so that we can put our best face and body forward come Carnival (yes is serious business here !)


I am in the mood for looking at inspirational makeup pics, these all have the drama that is needed for Carnival.


Jab Jab/Sahara Sunset


Le Soleil Brule

Sapphire Ice/Summer Passion


Mirage/Dame Lorraine

A makeup tutorial for the above look and more can be found at

24/7 online registration with TRIBE

Today is a public holiday in Trinidad so in-house registration is closed, however you can register with TRIBE online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In-House Registration is available at the Mas Camp (NOT Cascadia) Mondays to Fridays 11 am - 6pm.

Check the website for more details!

About those face jewels.......

Seems like the Trinidad Guardian's beauty section is in the spirit of Carnival, imagine my surprise when I saw yesterday's article by Kirk Thomas on dramatic makeup using gems!

"There are ways to create this look on your own. Following is a step-by-step guide that will bring out your own peacock-enhanced beauty.

You will need:

Turquoise blue eyeshadow

Dark green eyeshadow

Pink lipstick or glittered lip gloss

Crystal eyeshadow or glitter

Gems — all shades and sizes of blue and pink

Spirit gum


  • Apply your foundation and powder and allow it to set before the application of the gems.
  • Using spirit gum, lightly dot the areas that you want your gems to be placed, allow them at least 15 minutes to dry before sharp movements.
  • Use your turquoise eye shadow over the entire eye socket area. Apply a few coats to intensify the colour.
  • Use the dark green shadow in the creases and corners. It doesn’t have to be neat or precise for this application to look great."

©2003-2004 Trinidad Publishing Company Limited

The entire article can be found online at Trinidad Guardian Womanwise Magazine.


I found a website called The Henna Page that shows how to apply the gems, they are into henna but one page is dedicated to the application of gems and I thought it would be useful. Also, if anyone knows someone who can do gilded henna like on that site let me know. I think the desgins are amazing and I could rock that on my lower back or belly instead of doing the usual stick on body jewels !

You can also get the Swarovski crystals at (they have some gorgeous designs as well)
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