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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Just back from Island People's Mas Camp...

My friend who was in New York on vacation is back home and since she did not organise her business when I told her to she missed out on Sacred Sand. So we were off to the mas camp this afternoon so she could inspect what's left and hopefully make a decision.

Firstly no more sections are sold out, Sacred Sand, Goddess & Defenders, Oasis, Jewel of the Nile and Arabian Dancer A &B are still the only ones gone. Now the first visit I had to the mas camp was pure madness and I did not get to inspect the costumes as I wanted to. So, this afternoon I took my time as there was no crowd (there were still a lot of people viewing and registering) and examined the costumes giving my friend my honest opinions on her possible selections.

Sacred Sand is my number one choice, it's a very detailed costume and the handiwork shows. The bra is worked with pearls and beads, you can see it took time to create. The belt is not just a strip of sequins and applique but looks as if sand dollars, pearls and beads are hand stitched to what looks like a silk fabric. Oddly enough the smaller headpiece looked much better to me with the costume as I find it compliments it more than the large headpiece with the pheasant feathers.

My second choice would be the Arabian dancer with the tall headpiece, I so LOVE that bodice/top with the beads coming to the front. The bathing suit is made similar in design to what is used for the Cow Mas section in TRIBE, except this one meets to the middle and hooks to bottom piece with an O ring. Then they worked the bra with rows of gold beads which gives the effect of beaded gold fringe, I love everything about that costume.

As you can see the favourites are what is sold out, my friend was very disappointed that Sacred Sand was gone and of what remained she had a criticism of each one:

Mirage's colours were too pastel, she did not like the headpiece for Sahara Sunset, Taureg looked "cheap" (her words not mine), Raiders looked like a Catwalk outfit, she was not feeling Le Soleil (though I love that costume), she did not like the green of Cacti, Arabian Princess looked under decorated and she hated Sirrocco Winds (especially the "gaudy" backpack).

The costumes that are possibilities are Nubians (and for those who wanted to know the entire bra is beaded with fine, red beads), Harem Girls and Sahara Jumbie which is a VERY pretty costume! The only caveat is that Jumbie might be too dark for one of the other girls who my friend is playing with and Harem Girls are colours they played in this year.

Two costumes that did not wow me in person were Oasis and Jewels of the Nile. We both found Jewel of the Nile to be too busy, almost coskel with all those different colours and although I still like Oasis the costume is too blue! Hard to explain but the colour overpowers the design, and I don't like the odd shade of light blue used on the shoulder pieces of the front line, it does not match the rest of the costume. The biggest let down for my friend was Goddess and Defenders, she hated that costume in person and that was also one of her original choices. I have to admit the star bra looks very tacky and the feathers are not as white as I remembered, maybe it was the lighting but they looked off white. And the "beads" they used on the belt and regular bra looked flimsy and dare I say cheap!

After spending a lot of time going over the costumes my friend left still undecided and disappointed in the choices she had left. Tomorrow she will be back to make a down payment with the rest of the girls who are playing with her and hopefully they can come to a decision on a costume.

Oh, I noticed a nice trial area for bras which is a great addition to the mas camp as you can be properly sized and one of the young ladies said online registration will begin TODAY. I found that to be odd because I checked the website when I got home and you still cannot register online! Maybe she means later this evening I don't want to speculate and have all the people waiting for online registration falling asleep at the computers tonight!

Beware of Island People Scams!!

I just saw this on, someone posted the following email that they received from Island People Mas:

Dear Island People Mas Family,

We have recently learned that people are unofficially and illegally collecting money on behalf of Island People Mas. Please do not give your money to or register with anyone who is not listed on our website as an official person handling registration.

The only person you should wire money to is Melanie Williams of Island People Mas. Anyone else who is collecting money is NOT affiliated with Island People Mas. There is no person handling registration outside of Trinidad. The two ways to register are 1. Online (accompanied by a wire transfer to Melanie Williams of Island People Mas) and 2. at the Mas Camp in Trinidad.

All official emails should come from

Thank you,

Island People Mas

PS: thanks for your immediate and overwhelming interest and support in The Sahara for Carnival 2007!!!!

But look who.......GENESIS!!!!!!!

Well yes, I have to be out of the loop Genesis launched on Saturday and it serves them right for dropping a "suprise" launch on us because I heard the crowd was "sparse" as well as Island Events have photos of their presentation for 2007, "Troy" check out the costumes!

On the Catwalk....Bob Mackie

Last evening my husband and I made our way to the media launch of Trevor Wallace and associates Carnival presentation for 2007 "On the Catwalk...Bob Mackie". The all-inclusive medium sized band is designed by legendary Wayne Berkeley and comprises of 10 sections.

The gathering of media personalities, friends and invited guests for the viewing made for a relaxed atmosphere when we arrived. Complimentary drinks and eats were served while we mingled, chatting with several friends that both of us met there. Not too long after we arrived the show began with an Indian Dance, followed by a 10 minute interlude and then the costumes were displayed.

A small stage was set up around a pool, which somewhat hampered the viewing of the costumes as the entire viewing area was significantly decreased by said same pool. The models had to show the costume in pairs, and with some very elaborate headpieces it took some maneuvering to get around each other as they passed on the "catwalk".

To be honest with you I don't get the connection with the names of the sections and Bob Mackie, especially since some of them are named after drinks such as creme de menthe!However they certainly channeled Bob Mackie in the "dramatic" headpieces and costuming. I was quite surprised of how many sections included black, especially for the men and to me the costumes could have done with more sequins and glitter since they are using Bob Mackie as an inspiration. It was nice to see that the models wore both whole pieces and bikini displaying the options available for each section and I am liking the skirt idea, no beaded waist belt for this band!

At the end of the presentation I had selected a few favorites among the costumes while others I had to wonder "what were they thinking?" I like "Creme de Menthe Frappe", "Soir de Paris" and "Vino Demi Sec". Upon leaving we were presented with a media kit and in it were drawings of the costumes and those drawings had the Wayne Berkeley stamp all over them, they were in one word FABULOUS!!!!! I guess the translation of those drawings into actual costumes was somewhat lost since what I saw on paper was not accurately represented in reality. All in all the costumes were nice, but I had greater expectations seeing as they were supposed to represent the magnificence that is both Bob Mackie and Wayne Berkeley.

Here are some photos from the launch (I will be adding more to my album on Photobucket).
click on the photos to make them larger:

Parfait D'Amor

C'est Si Bon

Purple Passion

Lemon Lime Sorbet

Creme de Menthe Frappe

Vino Demi Sec

Chanson D'Amor

Soir de Paris

Serpent Sting


On the Catwalk
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