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Friday, September 29, 2006

Rockin and Rollin!!

Yes allyuh I survived the earthqauke! Firstly I want you guys to know I am petrified of only two things; earthquake and lightning, hell for me will be an earthquake in a thunderstorm because whenever earthquake hits I am usually the first person out the buildings, so I can't imagine anything worse than running out the builiding into lightning!

So I was on my way to the office, stopped for gas at the station at Barataria and as I came around the roundabout by Maritime Plaza I rush a lady to get in the lane of traffic, all of a sudden I feel the car shake, I say "ay ay the bitch bounce meh!". Only to realise the shaking not stopping! The asphalt started moving like maracas waves, and me there feeling like I am in the bocas! I sent down my window, asked the guy in the car next to me if he was feeling that and he replied that it was coming over the radio...earthquake!!

Well I started praying that a lightpole would not fall on my car and after what seemed like forever it was over. All the power was gone, none of the traffic lights were working so it was even more traffic backed up. As I came over the Lady Young I saw small boulders strewn on the side of the road and when I got to work the building was in darkness. Thankfully I was not at work when it started because I would be hyperventilating all now, three walls on the top floor are cracked straight down! Someone was standing NEXT to one of the walls when they saw the crack appeared!

The electricity returned when I was in office, then we lost power again and now it is back so I am now online . Thanks for all the enquiries as to my safety, I am ok!

The Saga of Le Soleil Brule

So my girlfriend went to register with Sonia Mack yesterday, having never played with her before she and another friend who was not present had to be placed on a waiting list. Two other friends of hers, past masqueraders of Sonia, also went to register and they were able to choose a costume from what is left as all the front lines and option C is sold out.

I was told that one of the friends who registered wrote down her bra size and was challenged by an employee of Mrs. Mack's as to the "truth" in the size she claimed to be wearing. The girl was then told by said employee that she HAD to try on a bra of that size and that the employee HAD to see her with it on, because everyone had to try the bra! Now, I don't know what is regular practice with other bands but when I heard that I was shocked, since when did you have to prove to an employee of the mas camp if your bra fits or not, suppose you have body issues and don't want a stranger ogling your breasts?

Besides, if you choose your costume smaller than what your size right then, possibly with the anticipation of loosing future weight, that is your business since the only one suffering when it does not fit is YOU! Apparently, the girl was told that Mrs. Mack wants all her masqueraders looking their best on the road and a proper fitting bra is a MUST. Now I can see where she is coming from with that argument, but again, if the woman wants cleavage popping out of the bra and she finds that is looking good who cares? I remember when I played with Sonia Mack she told both me and my girlfriend that we should take an extra large bikini when we have always worn medium! She and her daughter said THEY wore medium so it was impossible that WE wore medium (I guess because was HAVE an ass). Would you believe when we collected the costume the underwear was massive? We had to hightail it to Chaos and buy a MEDIUM panty!

My friend said to add insult to injury, the girls who registered before did not try on a bra, I guess they all looked like their correct size and were not challenged. In the end the friend left quite upset and refused to try on the bra in front of the employee (but still made registered with a down payment) and was told she had to try on the bra at sometime in the future for Mrs Mack to see (she is currently out of the country). My girlfriend says her friend has no intention of trying the bra for anyone and she is waiting to see if she does not if they will kick her out of the section and refund her money.

Oh, and ontop of that after they left my friend who was put on the waiting list and wears a B cup was called and told that she could return to the mas camp and register anytime yesterday (her spot was not guaranteed to be there today) as they had B cup bras but the other girl who is a D cup will have to wait as they are not too sure if they have any D cups available. Now forgive me if I am wrong, but I thought the procedure for ordering your costume was that they ordered it to your specifications and not that your measurements had to fit what they had in stock? So then are the bras already pre-ordered and when all the D cups are gone tough luck?That is the weirdest thing I am yet to hear! From my experience you write on the registration card what ever is your size and they make the bra to fit you! Well you know if I was there I would have asked that question, in fact if I were there I would have convinced them to leave that madness one time!

My girlfriend is yet to register since she as well got fed up of the drama and did not return to the mas camp. She explained to me that her friend put a B cup as her size because she is going to have breast reduction surgery soon (plastic surgery is becoming quite popular in Trinidad) and the girl did not feel she had to explain to anyone nor return after the surgery to try her bra and prove anything to them especially since she is a paying customer (you know the customer is always right!). So my friend is still without a section and at this stage she is ready to give up.

I am trying to convince her not to, but the idea of waiting until Carnival Sunday to get a cheap costume is getting more appealing to her as the days go by. All in all I get the feeling she might end up where her "crew" is and I will be seeing her in burnt orange and copper. Stay tuned for the finale of this saga.

Trevor Wallace

I have uploaded professional pics of Trevor Wallace's presentation for 2007, "On the Cat Walk" to photobucket . Here are the original sketches/designs of the costumes (click on images to make them larger)

As you can see those drawings are fabulous! It's a pity that what is represented there failed to be reproduced in the actual costume.

Sources have said that the band is labour of love, surviving without practically any sponsorship, while trying to offer their masqueraders affordable costumes and an all-inclusive experience. It is a pity that the big sponsors can literally pour money into the coffers of the larger, popular bands who have basically little need for that money with the price of their costumes (sponsorship is the icing on the cake) yet the smaller bands that really need help are left wanting. I wonder if Digicel or TSTT were sponsors of Trevor Wallace would we have seen those designs on paper "come to life" in reality?


Well at least online:

from TRIBE's website:
Our ONLINE Inventory is sold out and Online Registration has been closed off. We do apologise for any inconvenience. Sections are still available inhouse (see below for availability). Persons wishing to register can visit the Mas Camp between the hours of 11am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Overseas masqueraders wishing to register can email us at for payment options.

Just for the record these sections are not yet showing sold out so I guess costumes are still available at the mas camp:

Jab Molassie
Pierrot Grenade
Cow Mas
Midnight Robber
Pierrot Grenade
Jean and Dinah
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