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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Carnival Faux Pas

Comments on the Trinidad Express letter to the editor concerning the size issue coupled with a request I received via email has led me to illustrate a few Carnival Faux Pas that women should be careful of.

Now, this is a very sensitive topic since I don't want it to seem as if I am some expert from Glamour magazine who says what is a fashion "don't" or not it's just that some people need gentle suggestions on what suits their body type and what does not! I hope my critique can be taken objectively and constructively.

And to let you guys know, I am not "Ms. Perfect Body " either nor am I one of those slim chicks who can wear any costume they like. Because of the fact that I am well endowed in the chest area I have to choose costumes that suit my body, just as I choose clothing that compliments my assets in everyday life. So I know how difficult it is wanting to wear a certain costume when you don't fit the "mold". Again, I am not doing this post in a negative way,I just hope my suggestions will be taken as they are meant to be, as advice.

With that said, here are a few faux pas seen on the streets of Carnival's past:

Wholepiece or tankini please:
A bikini is the ultimate in sexiness for Carnival, it is the thing to wear so you can show off your flat stomach, toned arms and gorgeous legs. Sometimes though a wholepiece or even a taniki might be a better choice!A situation where a tankini might be a better option is if your stomach looks as though it is straining against the confines of your waistband, which does not appear to be comfortable, or if it shows the effects of a few pregnancies with lots of loose skin. Now I have seen women with stretch marks (not a faux pas by the way) on their stomach looking very nice in their bikini costume, it's the loose skin that is unforgiving:

Case in point , a young lady with stretch marks on her belly, you don't even notice it because her stomach is flat:(this is for anonymous who is worried about playing mas after having a baby).

And a tankini/wholepiece can look cute!

Ouch,that looks like it hurts!
When you have extra large breasts not all bras are suitable. Stay away from halters that offer NO support, look for bras with underwire as well as whole pieces on the sides. I don't know about anyone else, but halters must be very hard on the neck with large breasts since the "support" is basically two straps tied around the neck. See my pic above for a bra that is comfortable for larger breasts, the only caveat is that I used my own bra for that costume because the original bra was not cutting it!

Whiter Shade of Pale:
I see this all the time, beautifully costumed woman wearing the wrong shade of mas stockings! Trust me, even I have fallen prey to this luckily I usually buy two pairs of stockings, one for Monday and one for Tuesday, and was able to wear the one that matched on both days. My mother's remedy for this is to "dye" the stockings with green tea to make them darker. However, the best thing would be to match the shade as close as possible when your purchase the stockings.

All nude is the way to go:
Not all stockings are created equal! Look for the ones sheer to the waist, these stockings could have been great except that they are spoiled by the "bingo bag" effect.

Don't alter the costume....please!!!
And when I say alterations I don't mean adding a little sequin here and there to make your costume special, I mean when you change the costumes from this:


The second "version" of the costume does not look sexy, it looks wrong! If you know that the costume is too skimpy for you please don't try to change the designers vision to fit your body, again, choose a costume that fits your shape and size!

For all those who say larger ladies must leave the frontlines alone, I think once you know what suits your body you can pull of the frontlines with sass and style like these two ladies:

D Krewe...

I made a visit to the mas camp of D Krewe to view their section "Royalty" in person. D Krewe is an all-inclusive section in Trini Revellers which had a private launch last Saturday. The mas camp is somewhat difficult to find if you don't know what you are looking for. Coming from the west and heading east, drive up Mucurapo Road until you meet Fatima College, after Fatima College there is a bridge/large drain and after that bridge is a house. The mas camp is located in the yard of that first house after the bridge. It is a small, red building and you will see the sign "D Krewe".

Though the space is small and they are still setting up camp, two costumes are up on display. In person the costumes look well decorated and just as appealing as the photographs. I have to add that the yellow costume will not be an option for Carnival 2007, for reasons not given they have decided not to produce that costume anymore.

Available are the two red costumes as well as the blue.

The prices for the following costumes are $1995.00 backline, $2995.00 Frontline

The blue costs $2200.00 backline and $2700.00 frontline:

Of the three options I like this version of the red. Now the other costume is lovely, with a nice headpiece and huge back pack for the frontline, but somehow this one fits the theme “Royalty” better. Also, I like the design of the bra, all the accessories and that the belt piece is more than just a waist band with beads.

Attached to the bra is a sheer, beaded fabric that drapes on the shoulder and covers the bra. If you look carefully in the photo you can see it. Additionally you can be as covered or as skimpy as you like. The cape is optional, as well as you have an option for long or short fabric panels attached to the belt OR none at all like in the photo. The headpieces differ slightly, with a larger one for the frontline which also comes with a shoulder back pack that looks like the one used for both Tribe’s Tassel Weeds and Rico Soldato’s section in Poison.

Down payment is $500.00 (when last did you hear that figure!) for backline and $1000.00 for frontline costumes. The website should be up by next week where you will be able to view all the costumes. The url is

In my humble opinion I think this section will do very well, while I was at the mas camp several other potential masqueraders came to view the costumes and their responses were positive. It is quite refreshing to see alternatives to the more popular bands with reasonably priced, attractive costumes and offering all-inclusive for those who still want that option. See, there are MORE choices than just the two big bands TRIBE and Island People.
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