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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Island People Earlybirds get a Discount!

Hey, seems like the people who registered online first with Island People are getting a discount! Someone at their camp is SO not a math wizard. They calculated the costume prices using the wrong exchange rate! Check out their "News" page to see it yourself.

I just asked someone I know how much they paid for their costume and was informed that it cost $524.00, well that costume is now $550.00!!!! That is a difference of $26.00 that she got off her costume. I have no clue what figure they used to calculate the intial USD prices, but the new rate is calculated using $6.00TT to $1.00US. The follwing is from the website:


The initial costume USD prices that were posted on our website were incorrect as they were calculated using the wrong USD exchange rate. If you have made your payment before 16th October 2006 your registration will be completed using the initial USD prices posted.

Any payments made after 16th October 2006 must be in the amount of the currently posted USD prices. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

I guess this is one time that payment in full actually benefits some people since those who registered up until yesterday got their costume cheaper than it is today, and Island People has no choice but to let it slide!

Legacy's website is up!

As promised , Legacy's website is up and running with professional photos of all the costumes. No prices or online registration is available as yet but you can take a good look at the costumes.

I will be back with my thoughts later.

Another section...gone

I am very surprised that Midnight Robber in TRIBE has sold out before Bat and Cow Mas or even Pierrot but it is gone now. That's nine sections sold out with TRIBE so far! I am making a predicition that by the end of October both TRIBE and Island People will be sold out.

Sources also told me that sections in Pulse 8 are also doing well. Sex on the Beach, Blue Lagoon and Sapphire Ice are sections that are supposedly almost sold out.

And finally, the section Atlantis (one of my favourites) in Harts is also sold out. That is a really nice costume when you see it in person, so no surprise there that it is gone so early.

Despite the band launches that are still taking place, seems like the early birds who launched first are still doing well when it comes to registration. Makes you wonder if launching so early does have it's benefits.

Guys, it is your turn!

The ladies have already gotten tips on Carnival grooming, but the guys so far have been left out of the loop. It may seem that all men have to do is don a costume come Carnival Monday and Tuesday wihout stressing over stockings, hair or makeup. But, the reality is that most guys on the road do need a little "advice" on some good grooming etiquette, especially when it comes to body hair.

I am in favour of the metrosexual male who practices good grooming, personally I cannot stand hairy armpits! Even if you don't shave it all off guys, a good trim can do wonders. Fortunately when it comes to my husband I don't have to worry about back hair, he is only hairy from the waist down! So that means a nice smooth back and chest. However, there are many guys who do suffer from an overabundence of back and chest hair. One such guy, a friend of mine has his back hair waxed for Carnival (or when he is going on vacation as well). The first time he had it done he did it in stages, over the course of a few days, and also did his chest and arms!

The results of waxing is a smooth, clean looking chest and back, and if you spend alot of time at the gym, the muscle defnition shows up much better. Besides, it gives us women something to to drool over since men can be objectified as well. I mean, these guys smooth looks should be inspiration alone:

Note the CLEAN armpits:

So for men plaugued by hairy backs, or other areas, consider waxing. I found this really great article on the subject of hair removal from Ask Men:

What is it? Waxing involves spreading hot wax onto the area where you want to eliminate hair, and then applying a strip of cloth or muslin onto the desired area, rubbing it, and ripping off the strip in one fell swoop -- wax, hair, root, and all. Sugaring is similar to waxing, only it uses sugar paste (which usually consists of a mixture of sugar, lemon, water, and even citric acid and gum arabic) instead of wax and is a method of hair removal that goes as far back as ancient Egypt.

According to a recent article in USA Today, men are not only waxing their backs, but also their bikini lines. The goal? Increased sex appeal and a "cleaner" feeling. Would you believe me if I told you some men are even waxing shapes into their pubic regions?

Since some men might be embarrassed about getting waxed at a salon, there are at-home estheticians who can do the job. There are even do-it-yourself waxing kits, but unless you're a glutton for punishment, it's pretty hard to put yourself through such torture and it can get very messy.

If you opt for waxing, I highly recommend going to a professional. If you choose to get your genital area waxed, keep in mind that most spas and estheticians simply wax the areas surrounding your crown jewels -- so only the regions around and above the base of the penis get the royal treatment.

Men are also booking appointments at salons or spas for eyebrow waxes, a trend that is surely riding the "metrosexual" wave. With famous men like David Beckham boasting nicely-shaped brows, it seems men aren't settling for less. According to the spa director at Esthetique, in Hamden, Connecticut, 86% of the male clientele get their eyebrows waxed. I don't suggest that guys aim for a perfectly-arched eyebrow, but waxing is a good way to get rid of eyebrows that are out of control and keep that unibrow out of sight.

Ideal parts to wax: Eyebrows (unibrow), back of neck, back, chest, genital area, legs, toes, knuckles

Pain factor: 8/10

Bottom line: With repeated use, hair gradually becomes thinner because the roots are weakened. But hair will grow back, albeit at longer intervals. So if you want to lessen the hair that grows on your legs or chest without permanently abolishing it, this would be the ideal way to go.
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