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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Trini Revellers Photos are up! has come through with launch photos from both TriniRevellers and Legacy, FINALLY!!

The costumes from Trini Revellers are surely representative of the French Revolution, complete with wigs, pantaloons and corsettes and so much so that the few costumes that are "bikini and beads" (to the critics) look out of place. At first look the costumes look very elaborate and overdone, but my girl friend and I took a good look at them and we both agreed that most of them are nice and will attract a strong following from people who want costumes that depict a theme and tell a story more than being sexy and glamourous. The male costumes are really fabulous in my opinion, I can see the older gents really rocking those berets!

These are some of my favourites from the band lauch photos:

What a read .............

Ironically I did a nice write up on Royal Court, a "clothed" section in Trini Revellers, today and that section is being produced by a brother and sister team who are under 30, which I consider to be young. So, when I read this article (from bagogyul's blog no less) it amused me somewhat since the author is berating the "young" mas makers for slaving to the bikini and beads phenomna and here we have Royal Court which is the opposite. Cordelle darling, take a look at Trini Revllers, they have the cure for your malise.

Here is the article taken from today's Trinidad Guardian:

Carnival costumes need a new look


I have been patient with mas in T&T as few people have, but after waiting out approximately five band launches in a handful of weeks there is nothing left to do but sigh.

Having given up on masquerading quite some years ago, and I fully confess this mainly as a disclaimer for the ranting which will come, how impressionable and hopeful I remain still shocks this cynical heart.

I also find it necessary, unlike most women, to willingly put a figure to my age (but with a dash of reserve) only to emphasis the point that I am not a doddering masquerader unable to keep pace with the younguns.

With my twenty-something eyes and apparently aged spirit I perused the pre-offerings of Carnival 2007 and ask—Mas where have you gone?

For many beads and bikinis as most costumes are nowadays referred are the height of mockery for a festival that began itself as a mocking rebellion to our colonial rulers.

Yet, I have always given ear to the argument laid by staunch defenders of new bandleaders that they are giving the masses what they want.

Young women who fanatically diet and cram exercise bouts around district savannahs and exercise gyms into the two-month race to Carnival, do not plan on burying their sexy bodies under yards of cloth and pantaloons.

Fine, but what does that have to do with creativity?

And here comes the rant. What many young bandleaders today have not practised, and older bandleaders of yesteryear clearly have failed to pass on, is the absolute notion that Carnival is the pinnacle of creativity.

And all who have become legion to the festival must be worshippers at its altar.

Knock me if you like but it’s a criticism that I extend to all sectors that culminate at Carnival—so Pan Trinbago; Trinbago Unified Calypso Organisation (Tuco); National Soca Monarch competitors; National Carnival Bands Association (NCBA); National Carnival Development Fund (NCDF); and, National Carnival Commission (NCC), please take your share of the licks.

But, as I begin with mas I will stick with mas and forward the argument that the most devastating virtue we have imported from Brazil is not the skimpy bras, lowering brocade lines on bottom pieces or the staple thong costume that proves a constant problem for full-figured women.

We have taken to heart the redundancy of a festival meant to showcase Latin dancers and their dance schools and introduced it into a festival borne out of the blood, sweat and tears of freed slaves and the utter disdain of nonconformists.

What has mas become? Where are the portrayals? Where is the tongue in cheek mimicry of our hypocritical society? Where is the ingenuous play on fantasy worlds, fallen empires and such?

Where are the mas-queraders?

Now I’m not picking on the Tribes, the Island Peoples, the Pulse8s, Dream Teams, the Legacies and their ilk, fortunately for them I’ll not make a dent in their registrations as the masses continue to flock, fight and cry to get into their bands.

But, other long time mas men aren’t, doing much better by avoiding the beads and bikinis, just to fall into the trap of recycling past and often outdated ideas.

Neither am I being paid by traditionalists to tout the purity of ole time mas.

All I am crying for is a ceasing of the bastardisation of mas with portrayals of bikini-clad pierrot grenades, aimless but sexy wild Indians, token head pieces of feathers and shimmering cloth supposedly to represent Bedouin tribes in the Sahara and cocktail girls to serve who exactly?

Or we can continue with the “tiefing of meh costume from last year.”

Let’s start with a fresh idea in an ageless festival in the spirit of rebellion and I’m sure even beads and bikinis can be fashioned into an expression of creativity.

Is that just too much to ask? Somehow I believe it is.

Seen at Miami Carnival

Being a Trini I am quite biased in thinking that our Carnival is THE best in the world, though I have been to and enjoyed Crop Over immensely for a couple years and I also had a good time at St. Lucia's Carnival. Next year my girl friend wants to go to Miami Carnival, but I am thinking of going on a cruise then so it might be out of the question for me unless I combine the two and do the cruise in October. Anyway, I digress, has been making an appearance at several international Carnivals, with galleries from Caribana, Labour Day and recently Miami Carnival.

Having never been to Miami Carnival I personally find that some of the costumes are lacking in materials, design and overall appearance, however the women have some beautiful bodies (yes I am not afraid to say it even though I am a woman) that do the costumes justice. The "Goddess" bra was quite popular in Miami I see.Here are some body beautiful photos as seen on

Costumes for a PROFIT.

So it has been two months since TRIBE launched and about a month since registration started and one costume has popped up on for sale, Jab Jab orange. But hear the greatest, the person wants $1200.00 when they boldface enough to say ONLY the downpament of $900.00 was made! They looking to make $300.00 profit and it is not even a good month since registration started!

Now I know Jab Jab is sold out, but when my friend sold her costume this year it did not occur to her to charge more than what the costume costs. Enlighten me, is it the norm for costumes to be resold for more than the original price? If so I am in the wrong job! Next year I could make back the money I spend on my costume by investing in the costume resale market! If you see people looking for costumes at Carnival Junction as well, someone wants 7 Island People costumes another person wants 4. All now I could have been $3000.00 richer by reselling costumes at a $300.00 profit to those TWO people that are desperatley seeking Jewel of the Nile and Sacred Sand.

Drop me a comment if you have sold or bought a costume for more than it's original price. I am quite curious as to how many people are willing to pay up to get into the section of their choice.

The Royal Court de Versailles

Today being Thursday I would have expected to see some photos from Trini Revellers launch on Sunday by now, however apart from one of two photos in the local newspaper I can find nothing online. Seeing as Trini Revellers is third in my Poll (after Island People and TRIBE) on which band people are playing with for 2007 I think more publicity could have been generated over the launch of the reigning Band of the Year!

Makes me wish I was able to go to the launch because I would have satisfied the curiosity of potential masqueraders and Trini revellers fans alike with photos hot off the press!The mas camp is not open for viewing as yet either, hopefully they will be up and running by early next week. There is a mini review of the launch from a fellow Trini blogger on her blog Everything Carnival.

I was able to get in contact with one of the section leaders for Royal Court de Versailles ( the section which was featured in Sunday's Trinidad Guardian ) Kyle Matas and he provided me with some more information on the section. Even though this will be their first time producing a section for a large band, he seems quite excited and plans on surprising masqueraders with unparalleled service and novel extras. Not wanting to go into too much details, I will just say that if all plan are executed, masqueraders in the section Royal Court can look forward to being treated like Kings and Queens.

According to Kyle, the section aims on providing; "a beautiful costume along with a fabulous all-inclusive package of food and premium drinks for our two day sojourn through the streets of Port-of-Spain. An alternative casual ensemble is to be provided for Carnival Monday as well as a complimentary gift bag stocked with Carnival essentials."

The website will be launched by months end and I will post the link as soon as it becomes operational. Costumes from this section are to be displayed at Trini Revellers mas camp as well as their private mas camp which will be located downstairs the Synergy building on Tragarete Road. An expected opening date for the private mas camp is early November.

Kyle was able to supply me with a larger photo of the one used on the Guardian which features only two of the five costume options (there will be a version with shorter trains as well).
Click on the photograph for a larger view of the costumes.

The section leaders can be contacted via telephone:
Keisha (868) 731-8921 or Kyle (868)682 7157
or e-mail-
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