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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Ronnie and Caroline Mc Intosh have a special section in the band Legacy called Chutney, which incidentally is the costume that I happen to like alot.

The website is now updated with photos of both the male and female costumes and prices of $1995.00 female and $1795.00 male. The section is all-inclusive and includes Monday wear!

Contact information for both Trinidad and New York can be found on the website.

Red Ants in Blue Range this weekend

Trinigyal I am not really into fete promotion, but I looked on the other websites that are into that genre and did not see this advertised so I am posting this flyer JUST for you:

Click on it to make it bigger:

Flying High

Ok, I was NOT going to say anything but I am pretty pleased about having my first article published in a regional magazine thus I will gloat a little!

For those of you who do not know I have dabbled in writing in the past; I have written articles that were published in both the Vox (Trinidad express) and the Trinidad Guardian's Magazine and I also pursued English as my major, with written communication being one of my favourite forms of expression, as you can tell by my dedication to this blog.

Still, it did come as a surprise when I was approached to write an article about Trinidad Carnival for the in flight magazine of Caribbean Star Airlines "Altitude". I must also thank for supplying me with the photographs that will accompany the article as well as Alison and Michele for believing I could deliver what they wanted.

Look out for my article which will be published in the December issue of Altitude Magazine.

Bliss in January

It is official my first Carnival fete for 2007 will be Bliss, TRIBE's 2nd annual all-inclusive event which will be held on January 13th 2007.

For 2006 my first Carnival fete was Island People's Amnesia, a fete which I have enjoyed immensely in the past but failed to meet my expectations this year, so I am giving Bliss a try for a new experience.

This year Bliss was held at Jamboree Park in Valsayn (I hope they keep it there again so I can literally walk out my door and be there feteing in 10 minutes tops!) and I heard from friends who went that there was a variety of food to choose from, with a wide array of delicacies from Arabian, Italian and Caribbean Cuisine to a Soup station and even a chocolate fountain which I sampled at Amnesia the following week and it was awesome! wrote the following review of Bliss:

Yet again fast on the heels of a fabulous event we had the privilege of attending TRIBE’s first All Inclusive BLISS. Well if heaven wasn’t jealous, we certainly were. Check out our review below

VENUE: Jamboree Park, Valsayn

PARKING: Valsayn North,

TRANSPORT: Within walking distance none required.

Our Carnivalscene crew arrived at 3:45pm just before the start of the party. Jamboree park was transformed into a very ethereal venue, well in keeping with the theme of BLISS. Greeted by ‘Moko Jumbies’, patrons (who were there promptly at 4pm) were ushered down a walkway (after using the ecard, first time in a carnival fete in T&T) enclosed by white cloth and filled with a white mist, to be greeted by the lovely Digicel female angels who presented them with a Digicel ‘rag’ as a memento.

Upon entering to our left, we were pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of food provided by the BLISS committee, all very professionally and meticulously laid out. One booth for special mention would be the fruit booth, with its wide assortment of delectable fruity delites; strawberry, watermelons, grapes, pineapple, portugal and many more, great idea for masqueraders watching their weight. All in all though, it has to be said that the variety and amount of food provided was positively heavenly or sinful depending on whether you were already able to fit into your costume or not.

Again we saw the Fresh Zone booths at the entrance to the restroom area. A great hit with the patrons (this reviewer especially enjoyed the hand massager, marvelous..!!). As in previous fetes, the restroom area was kept meticulously clean, this seems to be a trend in the All Inclusives this year, keep up the good work.

I have definitely kept the best for last. Very nice job by the couple playing the harp and the violin over that loud music (and yes they were playing not faking it..!!). An Ice Sculptor made a very exquisite ice glass for the cans of Red Bull to reside in (on speaking with the Red Bull representative, patrons were supposed to be served some concoction from the glass, but it had a hole L). When I thought there would be nothing else I saw the Ice Sculptor on a platform carving an ice angel surrounded by what can only be described as angels (too bad TRIBE isn’t playing ‘Heaven’ cause that costume was very nice). These lovely ‘angels’ were circulating in the party, generally mingling with us lesser mortals J and having a good time.

DJ playhouse started the fete nice and easy, bringing up the pace according to the amount of people in the fete and the amount of alcohol consumed by the patrons. When, the sun set, enter HI Fidelity and Less Than Zero, pressure !! Their specific purpose was to whip the crowd into a frenzy (mission accomplished). Rest, drink, eat…..while Xtatik setup on the stage, Finally, the Prince of Soca, Machel Montano entered the stage and as usual, delivered a very energetic performance, teasing the crowd to ‘heavenly’ heights. During his performance, he actually got assistance from a crowd member willing to demonstrate his latin salsa moves, while Machel sang a tune (completely in Spanish, well done Maestro), great performance from them both. Very soulfully, Machel sang acapella style, ‘We not giving up’, dedicating it to the TRIBE committee for a job well done. After that rendition, Machel proceeded to raise the energy level of the crowd, making them ecstatic with ‘heavenly joy’. Exit Machel, back on with the DJ who mellowed the ‘vibes’ of the fete giving patrons a chance to relax, eat some more food, drink more beverages. All playing while Atlantik setup for Destra. Onto the stage she came, with helium filled ballons being let off into the air (don’t think many people noticed and not very environmentally friendly L). As usual, Destra performed with great style and panache, letting the masqueraders know that she was in fine form for Carnival 2K6. Little hiccup, Destra introduced Maximus, who regrettable was nowhere to be seen. Not skipping a beat, she continued to perform carrying the crowd until 11:30pm.

Only negative for this fete was, nowhere to sit and eat, venue was a bit too small for that, maybe the TRIBE crew will revisit the use of Jamborree Park next year.

For a first time, this fete gets a ‘heavenly’ 8.0 out of a possible 10 stars

And you can find photos of the event at and

I have to add that for those considering Amnesia it was a good fete. The space at Pier 1 was maximised to full advantage but in the early evening it seemed that everything was a bit too spread out as people tended to converge in pockets around the venue and you lost that "party" atmosphere. When the performances started however all the action was upfront and the crowds filled the area of Pier 1 where the stage was located. My other criticism would have to be that the food, choices were too limited and for the price I paid, which was $450.00 I expected more to be honest. Other people also had that complaint so I expect for 2007 that issue would be addressed. There was lots to drink, however, including cocktails, Johnny Walker Green (which got me sick) and champagne. I missed out on a massage since I had no idea that patrons were being pampered like this, which goes to show you need to pay attention to all that is being offered at these swanky all-inclusives.

Check out the photos of Amnesia on!
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