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Friday, December 29, 2006

Official Fete List

After the revelation that the inital fete list that was circulated via the internet was incorrect, I took the liberty of copying Peter Ray Blood's "offical" fete list which was published in the Guardian on Christmas Day. The following is an encapsulation of the fetes included on that list:

*Annual Yorke inc Start De Carnival Bak-a-yard Dutch Party - Ann Avenue Diego Martin

Saturday January 6th, 2007
* St. Francois All inclusive - St. John's Ambulance Hall
* Trini Limers all-inclusive - Sevilla Sports Club, Couva
* NACC Top 20 Calypsoes of 2006 Awards- Cascadia Hotel St. Ann's

Sunday January 7th, 2007
* Trinity College's Soka In Moka - Trinity College (Maraval)

Friday January 12th, 2007
* Citibank All-inclusive - Citibank Queen's Park East, Port of Spain

Saturday January 13th, 2007
* Hugh Wooding Law School All-inclusive
* QRC Outta de Blue VII All-Inclusive - QRC Grounds (St. Clair)
*Tribe presents BLISS All-inclusive Moka, Maraval
*Annual Fire Fete
*2007 Chutney Soca Monarch Preliminary - Samar Entertainment Centre, Penal

Sunday January 14th, 2007
* UWI 17th Annual All-Inclusive Carnival Fete - UWI Grounds (St Augustine)
*Island People Amnesia - Pier 1

Friday January 19th, 2007
BpTT Calypso Competition - Queen's Park Oval, Woodbrook
Holy Name Convent Vinatge Fuh So - 2 Queen's Park East, Port of Spain

Saturday January 20th, 2007
* Bishop Anstey All-Inclusive - Bishop Anstey Grounds (POS)
* Wicked In White
*Licencing Fete - Licencing Compound, Port of Spain
*Chuntey Soca Monarch Semi Final - Reinzi Complex,Couva

Sunday January 21st, 2007
*T&T Assocation of Retired Persons (TTARP) C2K& Soiree- Mas Camp Pub
*WITCO ONE Fete - Queen's Park Oval

Friday January 26th, 2007
* Ladies Night Out - Jean Pierre Complex
*FCB Fete

Saturday January 27th, 2007
*RBTT Kaiso Royale
* D'Pholis All-Inclusive
* St Mary's All-Inclusive Fete - St. Mary's College (Pembroke St, POS)
* Republic Bank Sports Club All-inclusive - Pier 1 (Chaguaramas)
* Martin's All Inclusive Fete
* Pearl Gardens Fete - Pearl Gardens
*Red Ants in Blue Range All-inclusive
*Chutney Glow '07
*Sting fete - Sting La Romain

Sunday January 28th, 2007
* Soca Monarch Semi Final
* Nikki Crosby Hosts Nikkiland
* Hilton Extreme - Hilton Trinidad
* Randy Glasgow Hosts The Annual Children fest Arima Velodrome
* Yorke All-Inclusive - YWCA St. Clair
* Neal and Massy Trinidad All Stars fete

Wednesday January 31st, 2007
* Diva's '07 - Jean Pierre Complex

Friday February 2nd, 2007
* Barbarossa Cooler Fete - Pier 1
*Randy Glasgow Ladies Night Out - Jean Pierre Complex

Saturday February 3rd, 2007
* Xhateau Promotions Colouragous Party -The Garden Sanctuary Centre of Excellence
* Belmont Boy's Intermediate All-Inclusive
* Socarama - Hasley Crawford Stadium
*Republic Bank Sports Club Fete - Sports Club Barataria

Sunday February 4th, 2007
* National Panorama semi finals
* Annual Blood Bank Fete - Country Club (Maraval)
*Mc Leod All-inclusive - Pier 1

Monday February 5th, 2007
* Young Kings Calypso Monarch Finals - Pier 1

Tuesday February 6th, 2007
*Traditional Mas competition St. James Amphitheatre

Wednesday February 7th, 2007
*Pan Gone Mad II - Under the Trees,Normandie.

Thursday 8th, 2007
*PSA Calypso Competition - PSA Hdq, Abercromby Street.
*King and Queen of Carnival prelimanaries
*House Party - Under the Trees, Normandie

Friday February 9th, 2007
* Army Fete
* Rudder Night Under the Trees - Normandie

Saturday February 10th, 2007
*Red Cross Kiddies - Jean Pierre Complex
*Kaiso Fiesta - Skinner Park
*Brass Festival
*Chutney Brass - Guaracara Park Pointe a Pierre
*Fatima College All-inclusive
*Machel's Alternative Concept - Queens Park Savannah
*The Fete - Mendez Drive Petit Valley

Sunday February 11th, 2007
*St. James Kiddies Carnival
* Jamboree Park All inclusive - Jamboree Park Valsayn
* CAREC All-Inclusive - Federation Park (St. Clair)
* UNC All-Inclusive Fete
* Lions Club of St. Augustine All-Inclusive
* Hearts on Fire All inclusive - Under the Trees Normandie
* St.George's All-Inclusive - St. George's College
*T&TEC All inclusive - Garden Sanctuary Centre of Excellence
*Kari People All inclusive - Stanmore Ave. Queens Park West
*Riddem Rama - St. John's Abmulance Hall
*Rotary Club All inclusive - UTT Campus
*Soka Shocka All Inclusive - St. John Complex Wrightson Road
*Viey La Cou - Queen's Hall
*Annual Friends to the Mas All inclusive - Chaguaramas Golf Course

Monday February 12th, 2007
*National Junior Calypso Monarch Final
*Veterans Calypso Monarch Final - St. James Amphitheatre
*A Reason to Smile again, round de Savannah Port of Spain
* PNM All inclusive Fete - Balisier House
*Nauti Crew Party, Queen's Park Oval
*Ice Picks annual Carnival fete - Harvard Ckub, St. James
*Battle of the Sexes - Jean Pierre Complex

Tuesday February 13th, 2007
* Eyes Wide Shut CARNIVALE - Queens Park Oval
*Anyhowers annual Carnival fete
* Island Style Glow '07 - Mobs 2 - Chaguaramas
* King of Carnival semi final - Jean Pierre Complex

Wednesday February 14th, 2007
*The Ranch All inclusive fete
* Customs Boys Fete - Hasely Crawford Stadium (Port of Spain)
*Island Style Mad Hatters Ball

Thursday February 15th, 2007
* Michael Headley's All Inclusive Fete - Salybia
* Beach House Carnival - Ortinola Estate (Maracas)
* Machcel in Concert - Under the Trees Normandie
* TRIBE Carnival Thursday - Queen's Park Oval
* Beach House All-Inclusive
* UWI Splash - Chaguaramas

Friday February 16th, 2007
* IslandPeople Girl Power - Queen's Hall (Port of Spain)
* Blue Range Cooler Fete - Diego Martin
*International Soca Monarch
*Queen of Carnival semi finals

Saturday February 17th, 2007
*Sunshine Snacks Kiddies Carnival
* Island Style Insomnia Fete - Mobs 2 (Chaguaramas)
* Dawn - Sunrise In The City - Jenny's Car Park
* Trini Posse All-Inclusive Fete
* Diamond Vale Breakfast Party
* The Cotton Tree Foundation Saturnalia All Inclusive Fete
*Bunji Garlin in Concert
*Tri Star Short Pants Party San Fernando

Sunday February 18th, 2007 (Carnival Sunday)
* South Junior Parade of the Bands
* MANIA - Country Club All-Inclusive
* Hilton Poolside - Hilton Hotel (Lady Young Rd, Port of Spain)
* Moka All-Inclusive Fete - Maraval
* Brian Lara All-Inclusive Fete - Chancellor Hill
* Sanctuary All-Inclusive - Valsayn
*Dimanche Gras

Monday February 19th, 2007
* Parade of the Bands

Tuesday February 20th, 2007
* Parade of the Bands

Wednesday February 21st, 2007
* Beach Lime - Maracas Bay, Las Cuevas, Blanchisseuse Bay
* Wild Meat Cool Down - Balandra Bay

Thursday February 22nd, 2007
* Premiere of Talk Tent - Queen's Hall, Port of Spain

Friday February 23rd, 2007
* Talk Tent 2007 - Queen's Hall, Port of Spain

Saturday February 24th, 2007
* Talk Tent 2007 - Queen's Hall, Port of Spain

Please note that an events calender is also available at

All-inclusive Fete …Saturday vs. Sunday

I am pretty sure I will be going to Bliss on January 13th, once I am alive and healthy that is. The alternative would be Amnesia the following day, but seeing as I am not going to pay close to $1000.00 to attend each all-inclusive over the weekend it is an either/ or situation. The decision was made long ago to give Bliss a try if only to experience something new as I found Amnesia was left wanting in the dining options this year, plus Bliss is cheaper than Amnesia. It may not seem like such a big difference looking at $399.00 to $450.00 however that $51.00 I will save going to Bliss can go towards stockings for my costume.

From reviews this year Bliss seemed to be great, with a wide variety of food, good performances as well as a nice vibe. I am nonplussed by the change of venue, thinking the organizers needed more space since the one criticism was lack of seating for dining. The only issue I have with Bliss is going to an all-inclusive on a Saturday night as opposed to Sunday night.

At first I was all for Saturday night, the positive being that there is no work on Sunday so I can sleep in late; Sunday fetes leave me either lacking for sleep getting at maximum only five hours before heading to work, or I end up taking Monday as a sick day. The other benefit of a Saturday night, from my experience, is that people tend NOT to go all out in their attire compared to a Sunday fete, especially an all-inclusive. Reason being Sunday fetes start earlier, usually from 5:00PM to midnight, and most people tend to arrive early to maximize feteing and drinking time seeing that the fete shuts down promptly as the clock strikes 12.

That means everyone sees you when you arrive (if it is still sun up) scrutinizing every piece of what you are wearing. There is no chance of you getting away with wearing anything looking less than “pristine”; those faded black pants you failed to examine before putting on, not noticing the little white balls of lint littering the fabric, just would not cut it! A fete held at night however, allows you to get away with a few fashion “sins” such as wearing dirty jeans, two different shades of black or a recycled outfit.

But then I started counting hours, trying to surmise how much actual feteing time I would have on a Saturday night as opposed to a Sunday evening and I have to say, Sunday seems like the better deal! I am one of those people who shows up “early” to an all-inclusive held on a Sunday. If the fete starts at 5pm I will be there by 6pm for the latest, therefore getting six hours, at least, to enjoy the party since I stay until it ends. Thing is, I never get to a fete on a Saturday night early!

How lame would it be to show up at Bliss at 9 pm! The earliest I can possibly see myself getting to Moka would be 10 o’clock, and the latest I would leave is at 3 am, therefore only getting FIVE hours of partying! I am not leaving Moka later than 3 am; possibilities exist that I would have to drop a friend home as well and leaving later means a longer time for me to get home after the party. And I have to think of my safety getting out opening the gate at my house in the wee hours of the morning.

In addition, the later it is at night the less inclined I am to eat at a party. Reality is I am not going to starve myself all day just to be able to eat something at Bliss, most likely I will have lunch, a small dinner and just have some snacks when I get there if I feel hungry. Most likely I would be enjoying the drinks and music more than the food at that hour. Thing is, with the Sunday all-inclusive fete you tend to eat more, usually the last meal you had was lunch and if you get there by 6 pm, which is dinner time for me, you would be looking for something to eat!

I guess it is good that the Saturday night all-inclusive encourages you to eat less, but the whole reason I was looking forward to Bliss is because I was disappointed with Amnesia’s food selection! I want to try the fruit tent and soup station I heard so much about at Bliss but I am thinking at 10pm or 11pm at night soup might be the last thing I want to be having!

So in the end I am going to end up at Bliss, looking at is as an experiment seeing if I can prove all these pre conceived ideas about a Saturday all-inclusive wrong. Reality is I am just set in the tradition of going to an all-inclusive fete on a Sunday evening, so Saturday night seems kind of weird to me. I have gone to one all-inclusive on a Saturday night, which was Blue Range and I didn’t like it that much. Reason being parking was a bitch, it rained and the live entertainment was poor. That being said I have made up my mind to have a good time no matter what come Saturday the 13th, after all Machel Montano would be performing live and that is all I need to make my fete whether it falls on a Saturday or Sunday!

Strike a Pose!

Okay, now I have to commend Ian Wiltshire of Island Style for coming up with some novel party ideas over the years. He has marketed his fete “Glow” globally from Miami to Germany and I can still remember the first time I was given and invitation to Amnesia outside of Anchorage the year it all began. Amnesia the inaugural year was amazing, and for those who do not know it’s a fete held in collaboration with Island Style and Island People. Ian Wiltshire is also responsible for the Mad Hatter’s Ball and subsequent boat cruises that have been preceding the event recently and he is also the producer of some great songs such as “Trini to the Bone”. However I think we have reached the pinnacle of superficial partying when I see a new fete called “Pose” advertised for February 13th, same night as Glow by the way. The tag line on the flyer states “When Soca & Fashion Collide”.

In my mind I am thinking “great, another party where people literally stand up and pose all night looking pretty!” For those of you who only come to Trinidad for Carnival you may not be aware that there is an epidemic of “poser parties”. Those are the parties or fetes where everyone looks like they stepped out of the pages of Vogue or G.Q. with the women outfitted in the latest trends while the guys are uber meterosexual in their man blouses. During these parties there is little inclination for the posers to actually party and break a sweat dancing; they are only there to be seen, socialize with all the “right” people and have their photo taken for one of the numerous party websites which highlight this trend.

So to see a party actually called “Pose” to me means that someone not only caught on to this trend, but they intend to milk it for Carnival! Trinidad and Tobago has arrived! The Encarta dictionary definition of the word “Pose” is as follows:

1.adopt a posture
transitive and intransitive verb to adopt a particular physical posture for a photograph or painting, or position somebody or something for this purpose

intransitive verb to pretend to be somebody or something else pretentious
intransitive verb to behave, dress, or assume a mental attitude intended to impress others

It would be interesting to see if anymore details are released about the concept behind this fete. Maybe I am being too quick to judge the word “Pose”; maybe the idea is to have a fashion show during the fete, sort of like MTV’s Fashionably Loud. Or, maybe they are going to hire photographers to go throughout the party snapping shots at patrons as they, well, pose. From past Island Style productions I know this one will be a hit for sure since Ian Wiltshire is pretty good at what he does.

And since I am not a “poser” by any definition of the word seeing as I don't go to fetes to have my photo taken, am to busy dancing and having a good time to try and impress anyone and could care less about pretending to be anyone else but Saucy, this fete is not for me. Whatever the conception is behind this fete, I think I will be passing on this one for sure!

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