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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Branded Movie Scene Canceled

As per the email by TRIBE and subsequent post looking for extras to be in Carnival scene for the Movie "Branded", it is with great disappointment to those looking forward to reliving Carnival once again, that I inform you the scene has been canceled.

Machel in Madison Square Garden on Synergy

Just a heads up for all those who are in Trinidad that Synergy T.V. will be showing their coverage of Machel H.D. in Madison Square Garden on Thursday April 5th 2007. So I guess we in Trinidad do not have to wait on the BET Special (which will be great I am sure) to share in the excitement of the concert.

Make sure and tune in to the show, Pete's Picks at 9:00PM on Thursday April 5th!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Only in my dreams....

You know you have the Carnival tabanca bad when you are dreaming of Carnival! Two nights ago I dreamt that TRIBE's band launching was in July and I was hurrying to buy tickets, well would you believe I was chatting with a friend and she told me she "heard" that the launch was going to be the week before Crop Over! As far as I have been informed the date has yet to be set as yet, so I was quite surprised to get that news.

Now don't go flooding TRIBE's inbox with emails or tying up the lines with phone calls, that bit of information is only a rumour as far as I know. But since I am dying for any Carnival news I just thought I would share that with you! Until you get something offical from the mas camp don't go buying your plane ticket to Trinidad just yet!

Long weekend ...................

Today in Trinidad and Tobago we celebrate Spiritual Baptists Liberation Day, yes another holiday! Actually apart from New Year’s Day, this is the second official Holiday of the year. Carnival Monday and Tuesday are not official holidays but you would never know seeing as many people do not go to work on those days! Imagine Trinidad and Tobago has fourteen official Holidays per year, plus Carnival which gives us a two day lagniappe, three if you count the hundreds of employees (me included) who never show up to work on Ash Wednesday.

As I enjoy this long weekend, it is followed by two consecutive four day work weeks. We celebrate Good Friday next week, with Easter Monday immediately following. What that means is an extra long weekend NEXT week as well. Isn’t life grand here in Trinidad and Tobago? Some may say we just have too many holidays, think about it, we practically get a day off every month with a couple extra days to spare. Business men and foreign investors may frown upon all this time we get to spend at our leisure and ask for holidays to be removed from the calendar, but we all know that is not happening. Just look at Republic Day, one year it is gone, the next year it is back again. Trinidadian’s were even calling for the Chinese Bicentennial Holiday we got last year to be a staple on the Calendar, but those ever thrifty Chinese said no, all they wanted was ONE day.

If I had to lobby for a holiday I would gladly give up a few days out of the fourteen that we now enjoy to make Carnival an official week long celebration. When Carnival is over I am always left thinking it was too short! My dream would be to play mas with one band on Monday and Tuesday, short “rest” on Wednesday and play again with a different band on Thursday and Friday! Maybe they could then stagger the Carnival, having two different routes for the two different periods. So Monday and Tuesday you jump up in Port of Spain and Thursday and Friday you jump up in say Woodbrook making your way down the Foreshore and to the Stadium for last lap jump up. Honestly after that marathon parade route this year (it was never ending don’t you think?) I could easily take that in two separate doses, on two separate days. Hey it is nice to dream, even if it never comes to fruition.

So to all those in Trinidad enjoy your holiday today and those who are toiling away in “foreign” I will enjoy the beach and a bake and shark for you !!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Raiders Rewind and Remix!!!

For those who are interested in Virgina Caribfest which takes place July 14th to July 15th , costumes are now up on the official website for viewing. One section from the troupe "Fantasy of Culture" is already sold out!

While checking out the costumes I noticed this costume called "Lieutenant" from the troupe "Pure Passion":

Which, to me, looks very much like Island People's "Raiders of the Desert"

And the best part is the price, it costs ONLY $100.00US which includes food and drinks on Caribfest, a goody bag and party discounts. That price is exactly what I personally thought Raiders of the Desert was worth seeing as it is an "outfit" and not a costume (Jean and Dinah also falls in that category as well if you think I am only bashing Island People!!). So for those who played in Raiders you can rewind and remix your costume for Caribfest, hey for the price it cost you might as well use it twice!

Check out the rest of the costumes here.

Jamaica Carnival Events...

Bottle Party

* Ladies free b4 11

Music by:
DJ Kentucky,Pieces,Introtek,Bloodline

$500 JA- Men
$400 JA- Ladies
*Free Shots


James Bond Beach

Super Drink Inclusive
* Ladies free

Ultimate Beach Party @ REGGAE BEACH

Sunday April 8th

Ultra Inclusive @ RIVERSIDE OASIS
$1,500JA - pre
$2,000JA - gate
* The Official Launch Party for
Appleton Treasure

Music by:
Jazzy T
Richie D
*4pm - midnight


Lime Cay


1 c Oxford Road Kingston

For more information:

Do you want to be Branded?

I remember after Carnival in 2006 getting a similar email from TRIBE like this one I got yesterday:

"Branded" - The Movie is looking for extras to do carnival all over again!

If you have your Carnival Costume and will be in Trinidad

Sunday 1st April, 2007 then we need you!

Come and play Carnival again on Sunday 1st April!

Please call Kristen @ 772-4289 for more info!

I did happen to see the movie that was made in Trinidad last year called "Backlash", only because one of my mom's co-workers had a small speaking part ( he was the driver of the truck who was unceremoniously thrown out of his vehicle on the Lady Young Road) and he gave her copy of the movie. Although it can be considered a C- movie (the acting was so lame) it was not too shabby as it was shot entirely in Trinidad, and the island looked beautiful! The best part of the movie, to me, was the scene shot at Mystic Hemp where the two female lead characters were fighting oblivious to the owner of Mystic Hemp who was jamming to some music he was listening to on ear phones!

For the life of me I never understood why almost every scene was punctuated by a shot of masqueraders in costume, I guess that symbolises "Trinidad". Oh, and I have never had a cocktail served to me by a waitress on Maracas beach, but that does happen in the beginning of the movie Backlash!

So, if you are in Trinidad this Sunday and your costume is in tact call Kristen, you might actually get a snippet in the movie and forever be branded on celluloid!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

International Reggae and World Music Awards

The 26th Annual International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA), will be held at Harlem's World Famous Apollo Theatre, in New York City on Saturday, May 5th, 2007. The nominees of over one hundred and fifty entertainers and music industry professionals, include Sean Paul,Buju Banton,Baby Cham,Gyptian, Tanya Stephens and Tony Matterhorn.

Oprah Winfrey and Bono of the band U2 will be presented with the Marcus Garvey Humanitarian Award and Boris Gardner and B.B. Seaton & the Gaylads will be inducted to the IRAWMA Hall of Fame.

The list of other nominees include:
Damian Marley
Beenie Man
Beres Hammond
Freddy McGregor
Richie Spice,
Dean Fraser
Chuck Fenda,
Marcia Griffiths
Jah Cure
Bounty Killa
Sly and Robbie
Vybz Kartel
Wyclef Jean
Macka Diamond
Machel Mantano
Daddy Yankee
Youssou N'Dour,
Toots and the Maytels
Third World
Burning Spear
Tarrus Riley
Malachi Smith
Dean Fraser

For more information please visit the website:

D krewe, new band for 2008

It is confirmed that D Krewe, a former section of Trini Revellers which produced the section Royalty for Carnival 2007, will be parting ways with Trini Revellers and debuting a new band of their own for Carnival 2008. Many rumours had already hinted of this move by D Krewe and my sources have informed me that preparations have begun for the new band. Thus far the sections have already been named and designs are in the process.

No name has been given as yet as to what the new band will be called or what is the theme of their presentation; more information is to follow as it becomes available. Here is a bit of history of the persons behind the crew:

D'Krewe, has been a collaboration, headed by Richard & Madeline Abraham, producing sections of brilliant carnival costumes in Trinidad Carnival Bands for the last eight years. In 2003 we produced "Play Yourself" in Barbarossa's Carnival Band "Comme Ce Comme Sa" and in 2004, our section was "Phoenicians" in Barbarossa's "Mythtropolis".

In 2005, D'Krewe joined with Roland St. George, who has been producing King Costumes for 30 years. This amalgamation produced the enhanced section, Arenales, in Trini Revellers "Conquest of the Indies", which won the 2005 Large Band of the Year Award.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Best week ever... NOT!

Coming off the high of Machel’s concert where he did us proud in New York, Trinidad and Tobago is once again making headlines in the media globally but this time for our apparent ignorance concerning alternative lifestyles. You have to be living under a rock not to know that the Tobago Jazz festival takes place next month in Plymouth, and a huge controversy is already brewing which threatens to mar the Island’s reputation as an idyllic vacation spot and open, welcoming Caribbean island. Several religious groups in Tobago are protesting Elton John’s headlining performance at the Jazz festival because he will “turn the people gay”.

Listen, I have no problem that Elton John is married to a man, I have no problem with what goes on behind his bedroom doors he is coming to perform and do what he does best, which is to give a stunning performance and not to lecture patrons about his choice of lifestyle. I cannot fathom how his performance can make anyone “gay”, and I am not even going to debate the nature versus nurture argument concerning homosexuality. However I am quite upset about the portrayal of Tobago in the media stemming from this incident. If you are unaware read this Express report which highlights the mockery that is being made of our sister island:

To-bahg-o' gets blows on VH1
Comedians mock island over Elton John
Kristy Ramnarine

Tuesday, March 27th 2007

US cable station VH1's show, Best Week Ever, has made a mockery of Tobago, amid calls by pastors in the sister isle to ban Sir Elton John from performing at the 2007 Plymouth Jazz Festival.

It was only on Sunday that the pop star performed to a sold-out audience of more than 20,000 fans at New York's Madison Square Garden to celebrate his 60th birthday. Former US president Bill Clinton introduced the veteran artiste to a standing ovation.

For half-hour each week, the VH1 television show makes fun of the week's current events and pop culture. The producers use news, music video, television and film clips to provide ample evidence of how silly celebrities, politicians, sport figures, and others caught in the news spotlight can behave at times.

Tobago was in the spotlight last Friday, when the controversy over John's upcoming performance was featured among other clips of international celebrities.

In a clip called "Performance Anxiety", the narrator said the "country" of Tobago was scared to let John perform because he would turn the population into gays. This was accompanied by photos of Caribbean residents having their "Best Village-type" folk wear replaced by stereotypical homosexual outfits.

Then two comedians joked that Tobago had not yet recovered from the time American drag performer Ru Paul had sexual intercourse with the president and that "To-bay-go" or "To-bahg-o's" problem was not "gays" but that no one knew how to pronounce the name of the country.

However, the ridicule does not stop there.

International web loggers and bloggers are also calling for tourists to boycott vacationing in Trinidad and Tobago.

A web log posted by Chuck Yarborough, a Plain Dealer columnist, read: "If you're looking for open-minded vacation spots, you might want to cross Trinidad and Tobago off your list. Word out of England is that there is a movement afoot in T&T to scuttle Sir Elton John's headlining turn at the Plymouth Jazz Festival, which runs Friday-Sunday, April 27-29 in Tobago.

"With that kind of welcoming committee (and with apologies to author Erskine Caldwell) Sir Elton might want to rethink any trip along Tobago road."

Blog websites supporting John had many comments from persons, among them: Snarky Gossip: "So who knew? Going to a concert apparently makes you gay. I have one Elton John record, maybe that's the reason behind why I am tempted to kiss other girls, wear a mullet, and try on many, many sleeveless plaid flannel shirts. OR MAYBE PEOPLE ARE JUST IGNORANT @$$ CLOWNS. I'm going with that second one."

Suite 101: "I'd like to initiate, if no one else has already, an official boycott of Tobago by all performers. Any country whose church leaders try to block an Elton John performance because they fear his mere presence on the island will turn residents automatically and magically gay is too backwards to deserve any cultural visits by artists from around the world."

There are even more far reaching consequences as online groups are now calling for a boycott of the island by vacationers, and as an island that is trying it’s best to develop a tourist industry this is quite a negative blow to Tobago. Judging by the fact that accommodation and V.I.P. tickets to the Jazz festival are already sold out, in addition to the fact that there are no flights to Tobago that weekend; the Jazz festival is being heavily patronized by many people who are apparently not afraid of being turned into homosexuals.

My personal thoughts on the whole issue is that these religious leaders would better serve their time focusing on crime, H.I.V., teenage pregnancy and incest in Tobago rather than a man who will only be on the island for a few days to do what he does best; give a good show!

And the Grammy goes to....

Someone sent me this link to an online petition for a Soca/Calypso category at the Grammy Awards 2009. Now, I have no idea if this is genuine or not but I signed the petition any way since I believe this is a good fight. If they can have a nomination for Polka music at the Grammy Awards why not for Soca/Calypso? Machel’s concert at Madison Square Garden, which was sold out twice on the same night, is a very strong indication that “our” music is gaining in popularity and reaching out to more diverse audiences apart from West Indians. To understand why some genres of music are left out of the Grammy’s Wikipedia has this to say about the Awards:

“The Grammy Awards have been criticized on numerous occasions for being only devoted to mainstream music and for not highlighting alternative groups and artists. This has also lead to the speculation that The Grammy Awards are controlled and manipulated by major record labels.[citation needed] Evidence for this is limited, though the lack of non-mainstream acts being nominated for awards has supported this speculation.”

To be honest with you, I do not look at the Grammy Awards apart from the pre-shows to see who shows up and what they are wearing. The show is boring, predictable and “safe”. I am one of those persons who prefers MTV’s Music Video Awards instead. However a Grammy Award comes with its own merit, much like wining an Oscar and I remember the first time both Rap and Reggae music were given their own categories at the Grammy Awards, which was a huge step for music considered too “black” for the Grammys. Even so, the nominees and winners for either category have still been chosen from among rappers who are not hardcore (has Tupac ever won a Grammy?) and popular reggae singers like Sean Paul.

I think Soca/Calypso music has made some inroads into American pop culture, albeit not what would consider true to the art form like Baha Men’s “Who let the Dogs Out”, since Kevin Little did have a lot of airplay for his songs. To tell the truth I would really be disappointed to have a Soca/ Calypso category at the Grammy Awards and have Kevin Little win over someone I think is more deserving but less popular to main stream audiences. But I guess just having the category would be some achievement in itself, and that is what this petition is all about.

You can get more information about the petition by checking out this link and lets all hope that this is not just another bit of spam and our signatures can make an impact someday.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Machel at Madison Square Garden pics!

I have to say thanks to the person who sent me these photos by email; no note or anything just photos. Who ever you are, your thoughtfulness is much appreciated!

Machel HD at Madison Square Garden on You Tube

There are many clips of the concert on You Tube, even though they are not the best quality it gives people like me, who were not there, just a "sample", a mere fraction of a taste of what the show was like.

Here are the clips I found so far, most of them have links to other clips as well:

Machel Montano at MSG

Machel Monatno at MSG pt. 2

Machel HD - Jumbie Intro

Machel at MSG - Jumbie!!

Machel Montano HD at MSG - Down the Road

Machel Montano HD at MSG - Higher than High

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Machel Concert review, Midnight show

Thanks to dougla_1 for the follwoing review in his words:

Hi Saucy,
For the midnight show, I arrived at 12:05am, and was relieved there was still a steadily moving line from 7th Avenue walking into the Madison Square Garden Theater. I had left my Brooklyn apartment at 11:35pm, quite concerned I would miss the opening of the show. But that feeling was allayed as I joined the line on my way into the Garden. There was a palatable air of anticipation as the orderly multi-ethnic crowd of about 60% female (dominant attire for the night was jeans, glam top, light jacket) entered the long, cozily lit entrance hallway that led to the Theater auditorium.

Just before entering the larger than expected concert space, I purchased a beer at the drinks concession stand immediately outside the doors. To my seat, I took the drink, poured into a plastic cup, which was to help sustain the little buzz I had from a home brew of Hennessy and cranberry juice consumed to put me in the party mood on my walk from my parked vehicle to the Garden. Inside the nicely sloped auditorium the crowd had almost already filled the space to capacity with more entering as I found my seat. People continued to take their seats while Dahved Levy (one of the concert organizers, NYC’s WBLS 107.5 FM radio personality, DJ, and native of Barbados) was talking something or the other as he is known to be verbose. But, I think he needed very little to hype the already hyped crowd. He did informed the ushers that it is a Caribbean crowd so if some rushed the aisles it is all cool, it is just a fete in the place or something like that. Then he said, “allyuh ready for MACHEL!!!” That was all we would hear from Dahved until the end of the show, and the last time the entire audience would remain seated. It was quite obvious that Trini’s in the house were well represented because 90% of the bandanas, hand rags, and flags were the T&T flag of red, white, and black. I took a big gulp from my cup of beer; let the show begin. Now, forgive me if I recall some of the performance highlights out of sequence and some of the facts just a little hazy at this point. So, here goes.

In one word, the concert was FANTASTIC!!! The curtain opened to a stage that had musicians in front of a floor to ceiling background, which appeared to be giant reeds (I suspect in line with a Trinidad heritage they represented being in the midst of a sugar cane field). The sugar cane field appeared to be made of golden lamé (the single set, the giant puppets, and most costumes were designed by Peter Minshall; later in the show I did notice four dancers who wore Island People’s 2k7, Sahara section with the wing backpack). The first sounds, as the curtains opened, were the pumping steady beats of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” with a twist; the words were “We Will Resurrect You.” As the beat continued, a female performer appeared from the back of the stage fluttering to the front wearing a yellow and orange variation of one of Minshall’s most famous and seminal Trinidad Carnival mas design, the Humming Bird. The performer danced and was soon join by a chorus of male and female performers (stage left and right) in long flowing church choir gowns, each performer wearing dreadlocks wigs and various forms of head ties. There was a symbolic taking of the wings of the free spirited, dancing Bird of Paradise, as she was beating down by batoned police (this seems to be a reference to the Canboulay riots, and the lost of freedom for the Carnival parade). Then, (or was it before) Machel entered the stage.

The audience went wild, and almost in unison rose to our feet, and would remain standing, dancing, and jumbieing all through to the end of the show. First in his repertoire was"Higher Than High” and most of his tunes for this night belonged to his recent CD, “HD, the book of angels.” Machel’s first guest artiste on stage with him was Shaggy. I don’t remember exactly what they sung, but the vibes were very high. The audience was still jamming, standing in front of our seats, in the aisles, and directly in front just below the stage. Yes, it was a fete in Madison Square Garden!

Next up was Drupati, and she began the short segment with the Machel collaboration “Unity” (hit about four years ago). She was joined on stage by about twelve dancers wearing Minshall’s colourful version of the traditional India female’s dance attire. Then, she and Machel bumped it up to “Like Bollywood” from the new CD. Somewhere in the show about four moko jumbies (no not THAT one yet), were dancing as they towered over Machel, and as the fellas rocked back on their stilts wining as if they were on the ground, I was concerned they would fall down to the stage. Not me at all. I’ll leave that mokoing to those jumbies. Machel went through about ten wardrobe changes, none really distinguishable from the next, but they did provide transitions as the show moved forward.

Doug E Fresh, took the stage during one of Machel backstage outfit changes, and he rocked the house with his amazing human beat box sounds. He never lost the audience once, then Machel joined him on stage and they pumped up the crowd even higher, most everyone still on our feet (just one or two there an about took a little sit down rest). Doug E left the stage to loud applause. Then, Machel flirted with the ladies in the front (“One More Time” was sung during the show but I don’t remember when), and never letting them forget he could wine and jook. He asked how many people have children, and reminded all never to forget them. And so he, song his tribute “We Not Giving Up” (a Doug E Fresh 2k6 collaboration) with three little kids in a cute little boat that made it’s way across stage right to left, between two undulating stage wide, blue fabric that evoked waves in the ocean. This was a nice touch, as the sound seemed heart felt. The kids waved goodbye and goodnight as the little boat reached stage left (Machel having left the boat closer to stage right).

Machel himself, not forgetting that there is always a continuum of generations, introduced the “king” of Soca and Calypso, David Rudder (I don’t remember if that was before or after Machel song “Too Young to Soca” A CAPPELLA). Well, David tore down the house, as he vigorously went through a couple of his famous tunes including “Bahia Girl” as if he possessed a body of a man 25yrs younger. This was clearly displayed with “High Mas,” at one point doing a kind of Baptist ketch the spirit dance solo, that would have youths scratching their head saying “ah cyar handle dat nah.” It was quite a special moment as David was clearly feeling the vibes of the audience and the higher power that inspires his life. Applause, applause, and applause for the man, he definitely was not fronting. After the Rudder set, Machel had a fun interlude with a white male performer with a couple of American top 40 tunes (not really necessary for this show IMHO.)

“JUMBIE!” someone yelled, as Machel again took center stage. He said, “wait nah, ah not ready yet.” He paused a beat, said, “ok, ok, allyuh must be ready for some road march tunes.” He ran and disappeared stage left and reappeared on top of a “big” red truck prop (half a stage high, and sort of what a typical little kid would draw), as the sound of the big hit “Big Truck” horn blasted through the hugh, stage speakers. The crowd barely had a chance to breath from “Big Truck” as the very fit looking Patrice Roberts joined Machel on stage with “Band of the Year.” Then the spirited medley ended with both of them singing “Light It Up.” Patrice asked the lighting director to turn off the house lights, and the effect of the bright, short glow sticks was evident in lighting it up. Still the jumbies in the audience were quite restless, having been whipped up to an exhilarating outta body experience from the show so far, which was now over two hours.

The finale started with a voice narration as tall jumbie puppet (six or eight total, carried more like giant standards) appeared from the sugar can field at the back of the stage set. Then the dreadlocks chorus returned on stage, now with a tall costumed male angel at center, in a typical Minshall winged design, dancing his white wings. The audience again went wild with anticipation as Machel emerge at front center from stage right, and “Jumbie” was ON! Machel was dipping at center stage, and shouted “RAH!!!, do the jumbie dance.” And the audience was more than ready to oblige. Now, everyone could confirm that they were in fact having an out of body experience. Machel certainly performed and entertained in the best manner as only he could, and his popularity proves. “Jumbie” was no exception. In continuation of the finale, the winged angel cloaked Machel with his wings. Then as the chorus parted at center stage the Bird of Paradise returned with her yellow and orange wings having been fully restored, and danced her way to the forefront. She was followed by the four Island People’s Sahara section dancers, and three white and pink copies of Minshall’s most famous world traveled giant mas puppets, though slightly smaller and with “jumbie” heads. Within minutes, Tan Tan and Saga Boy, the giant puppets not weary from travel, came on stage. Not shy at all, Tan Tan put down some wine on Saga Boy, as Machel encouraged us with more “Jumbie.” There was a sense nobody wanted this concert to end, but ended it must. By that time, the Queen’s inspire thump was shaking the speakers with “We Will Resurrect You.” Machel thanked all for coming out to support him. He pointed to the group of performers, now with the reappearance of the Indian dancers, on stage saying all these people are from several of the Caribbean countries. The implication, clearly a unity message for the Caribbean diaspora. He said he was grateful to all for helping him fulfill his dream of headlining a show at Madison Square Garden. The Trinidad and Tobago native son represented well, in the Big Apple, on his continued journey to international superstardom. I suspect it was indeed truly an outta body experience for the vast majority of the audience. Back to yuhself, could be returned with levity, a big smile inside, and much appreciation. RAAAAH!!!!

Colin (dougla_1)

The Headlines are all Machel

The weekend coverage for Machel HD continues with the following Express concert review:

Machel makes Madison
Wayne Bowman in New York

Sunday, March 25th 2007

The overseers and staff of Madison Square Garden in New York never experienced anything like what Machel Montano delivered at the world famous venue on Friday when Bless God Entertainment produced his 25th Anniversary Concert.

Host of the show, Dahved Levy, told the audience that Montano had created history as the first artiste ever to have two sellout shows at MSG on the same night. Montano presented two concerts, the first at 8.30 p.m. and the other at midnight.

The concert, which took place at The Theatre @ MSG featured some elements from the AC5 concert of last Carnival, but with several new features and a much tighter presentation. The set design and dramatic choreography was done by Peter Minshall, who created a grove of golden bamboo shoots on the stage and also created a number of mas charatcters that Montano incorporated into his performance. The sold-out audience of 6,000 at the first show were wowed by the visuals as much as they were by Montano's music and vocals, which were spot on.

Check the above link to read the rest of the article.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Machel on BET

For those of us who missed the concert last night, take some comfort in that BET will be broadcasting the show in a special feature on Machel Montano HD and Friends. Keep checking the T.V. guide and BET for more information on when it will be shown:

BET J to air Machel Montano Trinidad & Tobago special

NEW YORK, USA: Trinidadian soca star Machel Montano's electric performance on Friday, March 23, 2007 at New York's Madison Square Garden will be broadcast on BET J and BET, the leading African American and multicultural television networks.

An initiative of Trinidad and Tobago's Ministry of Tourism, the network will air "Machel Montano HD & Friends" special concert, including a signing for fans at J & R Music and Computer World as the star celebrates his 25th year in the music industry.

The 30 minute show also features award-winning Trinidadian "masman" Peter Minshall and has been appropriately billed the "3'Ms – Machel, Minshall and Madison Square Garden" as it showcases the tourism product of Trinidad and Tobago against the background of its soca music, mas and other aspects of its diverse culture.

Trinidad and Tobago's Minister of Tourism, Howard Chin Lee, said "We want our music, culture and the beauty of Trinidad and Tobago to be known internationally, and we have found that BET J is a great network to target both our overseas-based nationals, and potential and repeat visitors." He said Soca is on the cusp of becoming an international genre and the world must be aware of its roots.

Cybelle Brown, Vice President of Sales and Business Development with BET Digital Networks, said the show will be aggressively promoted before its airing both on the air and on the networks' websites. "We are delighted to continue our partnership with both the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Development Company of Trinidad & Tobago in 2007, and in the process, promote a 'true Caribbean' experience to our discerning viewers," she said.

The show will air four times on BET J's popular "Island Lime" slot on Saturdays and twice on BET. Air dates will be announced shortly.

SOURCE: Caribbean Net News

Machel at J & R "live"

As I await official reviews and photos from the Machel HD concert,from all reports the concert was awesome and Machel did not disappoint his fans! Here is a little "teaser" of Machel performing at the autograph session:


Friday, March 23, 2007

Machel Mania!!!

On this Fat Friday it will be all things Machel Montano in honour of his concert tonight. The following excerpt is from today's Express newspaper and confirms the Machel Mania is now a global thing! Check this link to read the entire article:

Machelmania in Manhattan
...mobbed by fans during CD signing

Friday, March 23rd 2007

"Reigning National Road March Monarch Machel Montano yesterday drew more than 300 fans to the J&R Music Store at Manhattan, New York, where he was on hand to sign autographs for people who purchased copies of his 2007 CD collection The Book of Angels.

Before sitting down to meet his fans, Montano delivered a short yet highly-charged performance in the store that had the West Indians that had come to J&R specifically for the signing, jumping up Carnival style.

So powerful was Montano's presentation, patrons who were there on other business, some of them having never heard of Montano or soca music before, began to ask the store clerks who he was and also about his CD.

Montano will tonight create history when he becomes the first soca artiste ever to headline at Madison Square Garden, New York.

He is scheduled to deliver two concerts, the first at 8 p.m. and the other at midnight.........................."

The Machel Interview....

For those who missed the Machel interview with Wendy Williams of 107.5 WBLS yesterday, check this link to hear all the craziness that went down; I still can't believe he gave her his Chanel sunglasses!

p.s. Thanks amprincess for the link!

Machel HD - Album Release Party

In conjunction with the band's management and promoter of the auspicious concert at Madison Square Garden, Antilia Events is the official host for Machel Montano's album release party on Sunday 25th March 2007. We will be celebrating the North American launch of the highly anticipated CD "Book of Angels", at the high-profile
40 / 40 club in New York City. We endeavor to generate 'buzz' for the new album, and provide a networking medium for band members, record label executives, press and specially invited guests. The aim for all parties involved - the band, the promoter and the venue - should be to benefit from general press coverage by traditional Caribbean media, and furthermore from the more recent huge US media interest in Machel Montano and his band Xtatik.

It is expected that many successful recording artists from the Caribbean will be in attendance. In addition to the direct invitations sent out by all parties involved, this event is tied to the concert as an official press event. It is exclusively branded as 'by invitation only', and one where fans would feel extremely privileged should they obtain access. The event will accommodate 200-250 VIP guests from 7pm - 1am, but there will be availability in the general area of the club on a first come first serve basis.

Strict dress code is in effect and it is highly advised that patrons arrive at the event at or before 6pm on Sunday if they wish to gain access.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Machel Montano Autograph Session - a review

Thanks to triniprincess for the following review; girl friend braved the cold, and possibly getting fired from her job, to not only see Mr. Montano up close and personal at J&R Records but scored photos to prove it! You are a real Carnival Jumbie, job well done.

So I get over there promptly at 12:30 , there are a couple of people milling around waiting to purchase the CD.

We are informed that they are on the way with Machel. I am a little anxious because there are not a lot of people there, but that QUICKLY changes. So I patiently take a position in line when one of the girls says that the CDs are here. I have my co-worker hold my position in the line and run to get two CDs. As I am waiting to pay in comes Mr. HD himself with a lieu of camera men and photographers in tow. It seems like we boy really blowing up!!

I quickly return to the line that has more than doubled by now. The store announces that Mr. Machel Montano WILL BE PERFORMING IN A FEW MINUTES FOLLOWED BY AUTOGRAPH SIGNING, A TREAT!!! I wasn't expecting a performance!!

It took a couple of minutes for Machel to take his position on the stage, the crowd started to heckle him a little that they only have an hour for lunch and if he make them lose they job he will have to take them in. All in good fun, Mr. HD graciously poses for pictures as the crowd asks him to turn this way and all the "Machel smile for me nah ah over here!!"

Finally he takes the stage and starts off with "Dance with you"; he stops and tells the crowd that he can't wait to dance with them tomorrow at the Garden and if you coming to the late show he will do it "One more time", which leads him into that song. He follows that with the new breakup follow up song for One more time (I don't know the name of it but if you were in Trinidad for Carnival you heard it).

He quickly runs through a few lines of his other songs until he asks for all the Jumbies that will be in the Garden tomorrow. The crowd goes as wild as a crowd could go in a packed HOT store (winter coats NOT helping) on your lunch time break.

He pulled a lady out of the crowd to Jumbie with him, who quite politely refused to get off the stage when he was done until he gave her a hug.

He then quickly wrapped up and started signing autographs for the people.

All in all that was a great warm up for tomorrow, I came back to my desk "Higher than high", ready to bring out my inner "Jumbie" and I know that we will "Light it up" tomorrow night!!!

Sidebar: It was funny hearing the people not in the know asking everyone who this person was, poor souls they just did not know but they quickly found out.

Saucy I also ran into quite a few of your fans when the store manager asked how did we find out about the in-store promo, girl you large and in charge.

Dear TRIBE Souvenir Mag Editor

Dear TRIBE Souvenir Mag Editor:

First of all, I would very much like to thank you for another wonderful job you have done this year. My "TNT technical support crew" was able to scan several pages for me to visualize your masqueraders in their magnificence, as I have not yet received my magazine. This is due to ah wutless blogger who shall remain nameless, but I digress. TRIBE has become synonymous with gorgeous, fit individuals in their splendiferous Carnival accoutrements (Is how ah doing Sarcy? Yuh like that?) and I cannot wait to feast my eyes on all of the fabulousness that is TRIBE.

***CORRECTION*** I have now received my official TRIBE Unleashed Collector's Edition souvenir magazine with 1001+ photos inside! De above mentioned blogger is no longer wutless.

However, I do have one bone to pick with you. Okay maybe several, perhaps. Ah know allyuh did rush big time to gi'we we nice memoir book, and I does try tuh have the undahstanding, yuh know? First and foremost, why do you continue to select masqueraders from other bands to place in your book? Are there not enough TRIBE players who meet your standards? Every year I continue to see folks from Harts and IP sprinkled in. I believe the other bands can make their own souvie mags and should take the time to do so. Is it really necessary to document their raining on our parade? I understand that there was a downpour this year, but there is no pun intended. There are so few spaces to begin with. Fill them up with exclusively TRIBE, TRIBE, and more TRIBE!

In addition, my second bone is the most MAJOR and the most SERIOUS. Is whey in de jail is my Shaka Hislop? It is to my utter consternation to have discovered that the incomparable Mr. Hislop was not included on your "Celebs" page in the mag. Why not? The Soca Warriors represented our sweet TNT so spectacularly that this should have been a given. I would have accepted ah lovely full page glossy with him oiled up, shirtless, and well spruced up in he Warrior Spirit niceness, but I was sorely disappointed. Is vex ah vex. He could have been alone or even with he wife, cause Dolli is ah gyel who does respect de matrimony. Instead I was forced to be subject to a photo of ah rough up Yankee celeb with questionable grooming. In the future, a comb in your goody bag should not be an afterthought. As is the case with Multibionta, it must be a requirement. I am already in ah 12 step support group as I had missed my opportunity to give de Mistah ah lil' ah meh Showtime jump and prance. It is ah fact that when ah does get into the mood I want to wine and behave rude. If you must know, I am getting by daily due to de large ups and encouragement provided by Sarce and meh fren DeRedTing, one ah Trinidad's finest. But what I want to know is what rhelly gine on ovah there pon Rosalino St.? Is since when our Shaka is not good enough? I does feel that just like meh Mario's pizza slice ah did have that he is delicious and nutritious. Don't you ever get to thinking....Mr.Hislop is NOT irreplaceable. You must not know 'bout he...You must not know 'bout he. This is an unforgivable violation. Be still mah heart as it has been slighted. Oh the TRAVESTY!

Third, why do you continue to repeat the same, exact picture of people in the magazine? One photo of each is good enough. TRIBE is quite ah large band. I KNOW allyuh could find photographic variations consistent this fact. Yuh totally blank Sarce, and dais not right. Allyuh have some of the hardest wukking phototakeouters in de business. I know this for ah FACT as one of yuh spunky gentlemen did actually fix up meh pose according to how he wanted the photograph to look. Yes, service doesn't get better than that ladies and gents! He tell meh tuh "fix up yuh hand so", and "cock up yuh leg so." "Yuh looking good." I appreciated the help as ah did feel ah little undah de influence and ah does have tuh represent fuh all de rhel TRIBE b*tches out dey but again I digress. Please feel free to peruse the first paragraph of this letter for purposes of review. BTW, why weren't we blessed with another DVD? We got on so bad that we DESERVED it. Your organization has us rather spoiled with its Ultimate Carnival Experience. For 2K8 we pray that you do not disappoint!

Finally, I respect the fact that the folks at TRIBE were decent enough to conclude the magazine with a word of thanks to the individuals who make it possible for the TRIBE legacy to continue....US! It was a dignified and classy touch to an already superb and ultra sexy compilation. We do appreciate the acknowledgement. Cheers!

From Mah Lil' Heart To Yours,
Hotgyal and Frontline H.O. Forever,
Outtah Body Back Tuh Allyuh Self Now,

Mademoiselle Dolli

Tan Lines

Every year for Carnival, in spite of all the sun block I slather on, I always manage to get a few shades darker than my post Carnival complexion; one year I was sun burnt to a crisp, but that is another story! So, I was very happy this year that the costume consisted of a collar that I thought would protect my back and shoulders from getting those dreadful bikini tan lines. Little did I know the top of the collar, close to the nape of my neck, had a small space and the straps of my tankini which were unwittingly open to the glorious sun, are now branded unto my back! I guess I have to be thankful for small mercies in that it rained on Carnival Tuesday so the tanning effects could have been much worse, but my chest did not fare any better. The part of my breasts that were exposed in the tankini and now several shades darker than the other areas, so I am once again stuck with a weird tan on my chest and on my back!

Now I know the only way for a tan to fade is to give it time, however I was quite peeved to have this X on my back which shows when I wear a tank top or cami. Therefore I took some advice to try and fade the tan by getting another tan......makes sense doesn't it? Well NO it did not work! Instead of just making the X darker I now have tan lines from the bikini I wore to the beach! And this after I spent time in the sun at Maracas and Tobago! The photo above I took on Monday, which is after spending all day on the beach at Tobago on Saturday and Maracas a few weeks ago. I have to say the X did get a little "tanned" and now looks a little better than it did than on Ash Wednesday.

To get the desired effect, which would be to tan the X to match the rest of my back, I would have to sun bathe topless, face down, for a few hours to make any significant change. Since I am not up to doing that any time soon the tan will have to stay,unfortunately. When I go on vacation in May and June I plan on spending lots of time on the beach, hopefully the tan will eventually disappear. To speed it up I am doing lots of exfoliating; body scrub galore whenever I take a shower.

The funny thing though, is that once the weird tan fades away and your complexion returns to normal it is Carnival once again and you are stuck with another tan for the next few months! The one part of my body which normally gets tanned and did not get so much of a tan this year is my face. See I wore a hat on Carnival Monday and that helped protect my face a lot, and it was overcast most of the time on Tuesday so that saved my face as well. I can still use my regular make up and it does not look off so I know I did not get much of a tan at all.

How many of you are now sporting a weird tan after Carnival and what are you guys doing to help your tan fade? If you have any advice on getting a tan to fade faster or a story to share, let me know! You know what they say, misery loves company.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Machel Autograph Signing....

I hope you guys bookmarked the website Triniscene N.Y. because you need to be checking it daily for the latest news on the Machel H.D. concert! Have a look at the following flyer courtesy Triniscene N.Y. for information on Machel's autograph signing tomorrow:

Who let the cat out of the bag?

Well, so many exciting developments are surrounding Carnival 2008 I can hardly wait for band launching season to begin! Someone whispered to me that in the next few weeks a VERY popular band will make an announcement of the date of their band launch so that their overseas masqueraders will be able to attend the event. It seems like they are paying attention and have realized that many of their loyal customers are eagerly looking forward to a first look at costumes and are willing to make the trip back to Trinidad JUST for the launch. If the date of the band launching is released early it gives those so inclined enough time to get their flights booked! I guess we will all have to wait and see if the early bird does catch the worm!

Said same band has already begun preparations for their 2008 presentation and the “buzz” phrase is that they are BRINGING SEXY BACK!! I hope you ladies have started to hit the gym, since the costumes will be super sexy (read skimpy) and promise to satisfy all the needs we women desire; lots of feathers, lots of beads, lots of glam …and maybe a few hot men thrown in for good measure! Expect lots of fabulous frontlines as well!! Who knows, I won’t be surprised if they plan on giving us a “teaser” by changing that billboard to a “hint” of what to look forward to in 2008.

Finally for those going to Crop Over, look sharp a new band just might be debuting this year! If all goes well and plans do work out, seems like Barbados might be in for the ultimate experience on Kadooment Day! Now imagine that, what a cure for the Carnival blues! You strut your stuff in Trinidad then off to Barbados a few months later with the same band to do it all again; I am hoping this one comes off the ground for 2007…if not…2008!

Eager Beavers

Well here I was thinking that my excitement for Carnival 2008 is unique and I must be the only person dreaming of costumes and harassing TRIBE’s customer service! Lo and behold I was informed that there is a group called “Myths and Magic…TRIBE 2k8” on a website called Facebook, well you know I had to check it out myself! Now, I am not into these social networking websites like Hi5 or Facebook, I tried it once I deleted my profile as I realized it is just not my thing. No offense to anyone who frequents these sites, I know they are extremely popular I just never saw the appeal really.

Anyway, I did end up creating a profile over at Facebook since I wanted to see what this “Myths and Magic” group was all about and was forced to register. To my surprise I discovered the group already has 180 members, several of whom are bloggers! I saw Caisoqueen, Kevianne and Tiffany are all members of the group, in addition to a few members of TRIBE’s committee liming over there as well. Maybe they are doing research as I see that everyone wants WINGS for Carnival 2008!

click on photo for a larger view

So if you want to join this group and share in the Carnival fever, go over to Facebook and register. It’s all in good fun and the people over there are very excited already! You can leave a message on the wall, start a discussion or just browse through photos of TRIBE on the road this year. And to the chick who wrote this on the wall in response to her being on the ball with the Carnival information:

“ Not me eh.... de amt ah ppl send me that carnival blog ting... hahahahha.. whoeva u are woman... YUH iS A BOSS!!!!!”
Thank you very much, I think the group idea is brilliant!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

LAST CALL for TRIBE Souvenir Magazines!

This is for all of you guys who never get TRIBE's emails:

TRIBE Magazine

Last few copies of the Magazine are available at the TRIBE Mas Camp, Rosalino St.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday @ 11:00am to 6:00pm

Hi-Lo Outlets are sold out!!

UK Masqueraders can pick up a copy from or call 0795-794-3467 for more info

USA Masqueraders can pick up a copy from or call 646-280-9202 for more info!!

Carnival Photos

Saturday 24th, 2007 at 12:00pm to 4:00pm will be the last day to pick up your carnival photos!

Photos can be viewed online at

Cost per photo: $10.00

Come lewee go to Tobaaaaaago!

After giving our sister isle the cold shoulder for three years (the last time I visited was after Carnival 2004) I took a mini break last weekend. I was really motivated by an advertisement in the news papers giving the new schedules for the Cat and T &T Express fast ferries; it was an advertisement essentially illustrating how easy it would be to visit Tobago for the day since the boat left Trinidad for Tobago at 6:30AM on Saturdays returning at 5:00PM the same day. We decided to stay over night and return on Sunday instead.

Now normally I do not take the boat to Tobago, I really think it is a waste of precious vacation time to be on sea for close to seven hours, needless to say I only traveled via boat twice and that was in the days of the Panorama. Now, the fast ferries make the journey in two and a half hours and I have been wanting to experience the ride for myself (after getting good reviews from everyone else) plus I wanted to take my car over.

In hindsight I think the only time I will take the ferry again is if I am taking my car, other than that I will fly. Lucky for us this was not a long weekend or else I would have sworn off taking the boat forever. When my mom went at Christmas the port was madness, packed to capacity with irate people wanting to get on the boat. Upon arrival on the port at 4:30AM on Saturday morning we were met with no crowds whatsoever; it took two minutes to get our tickets stamped and then we drove over to the area where the cars had to wait for boarding. If you are taking your car you are allowed passengers in the vehicle when you are boarding the ship. That meant no waiting in the other line or walking unto the boat.

After a wait in the car where I had a small nap, the hubby had to get his boarding pass stamped and then he, my mom (whose birthday we planned on celebrating in Tobago) and I all sat in the car and waited some more until we were directed to drive unto the boat. We took the T&T Express from Port of Spain to Tobago, which is the bigger boat than The Cat. We had three levels for parking, navigated into a tight spot (how the cars don't slam into each other during the journey baffles me) and switched off the engines; we were now directed to enter the boat. The big bonus of having your car is that you can stock it up with beach chairs and coolers in addition you can leave your bags there as well. I was unaware you had to leave your luggage in the bowels of the ship if you did not have a car!! So, you loose sight of your bags for the hours the journey takes and can only pray some dishonest person does not make off with your bag when you arrive in Tobago!!

The boat was much nicer that I expected; from what I saw it was better maintained than The Cat which we returned on. The seating was on two levels, a small cafeteria served breakfast, there were small television sets that were not working properly and it was fully air conditioned. If you wanted some fresh air you had to go outside on the lower level to the back of the boat where you could also view the wake. Let me tell you, the ride started out pretty cool, but when we met the infamous Bocas it was a bumpy ride all the way to Tobago and as we neared the Scarborough Port it got even worse!! You could not even attempt to walk around without feeling as if you were drunk, drifting from side to side. I normally do not get sea sick but succumbed to feeling nauseous as we pulled into the harbour.

Inside the T&T Express

Getting off the boat was easy, we made our way to where the car was parked, waited a bit for them to direct us to turn on the engines and then we were driving off the boat. The journey did indeed take two and a half hours; we left Trinidad precisely at 6:30AM and got into Tobago at 9:00AM, by 9:30AM we were on the highway heading to our guest house! Tobago is amazingly beautiful, the water is a special shade of aqua and the air feels different. The scenery is lovely, roads are well maintained and the entire island looks pristine! After checking in at our accommodations for the weekend we spend the rest of the day on the beach, a big advantage of getting to Tobago so early in the morning I might add! Later in the day we took a drive to Plymouth, Buccoo and Mount Irvine, sampled the food at a new Arabian fast food restaurant called "Skewers" and went to a friend's party in the evening, trying to squeeze as much as possible into the time we had in Tobago.

Store Bay


The weekend was way too short, and the next day we were once again making our way to the Port for the return journey home. I have to say I like the Port in Scarborough, there is so much space that it does not feel as crowded as in Trinidad. Our return trip was on The Cat, this boat only has one level of passenger seating and to me look more worn that the T&T Express. The great thing was that the ride over to Trinidad was smooth as ever! We sat to the front of the boat where there are huge bay windows and enjoyed a scenic ride from Tobago into Port of Spain. Arriving in Trinidad we were reminded once again that the "vacation" was over when the announcement was made for persons exiting the boat by car to make their way through one exit and pedestrian passengers another. Yet the pedestrian passengers take it upon themselves to not only exit with the ones who were going for their cars but to push and shove while they were at it! Funny we experienced none of that when we got into Tobago!

The Cat

To surmise, the little trip to Tobago, though short was well worth it! I will do it again, but spend a more time and making sure not to travel during any holiday long weekends. The ferry ride was better than I expected as well, but like I said earlier the only reason I would take the ferry is the convenience of taking my car across. I still think it is a bit too long to be in transit (compared to 20 minutes by plane), I do not like the idea of leaving your luggage below as a regular passenger and I cannot take all the pushing and shoving to get on/off the boat.

If you are interested in taking the ferry to Tobago visit the Port Authority's website for the sailing schedule; it's a great escape for a day or the weekend!

Higher than High .. Machel H.D. After party !

To all you lucky people heading to Machel's concert on Friday have a GREAT time for all of us who will be in Trinidad; I cannot think of a better cure (albeit temporary) for the Carnival Blues than Machel singing Jumbie with 6000 people doing the dance in The Garden.

My sources tell me that Triniscene N.Y. will have photos from the concert, so at least we in Trinidad have something to look forward to! For those who are not aware, Triniscene has gone international and have recently launched a N.Y. site with events listing, photo galleries and even a blog.

After the concert if you are still flying Higher than High there are three "official" After Parties, rumor is that Machel might make a guest appearance at one of the following.. I am not saying which one... but I heard it is the one with the two Bs in it; check out the flyers or Triniscene N.Y. for more information:

Monday, March 19, 2007

Dream Team Photos

From the coverage given to other bands by photo websites such as triniscene and others I was left to believe that either Dream Team did not make it from band launching to an actual presentation or that the band was so tiny they flew under the radar, since I could find no photos of the band on Carnival Tuesday anywhere!

To my surprise I notice Island Events has a gallery with a good few photos of Dream Team on Carnival Tuesday, click on the photo below to go to the gallery:

p.s. If anyone played with Dream Team I would love to get your review on the experience, you can send me an email at


It's a Global thing-- International Carnival Links!

I have already covered St. Lucia and Jamaica Carnival in addition to Crop Over and Moca Gyrl has all the information you need on Caribana. The following are a list of websites for the other International Carnivals. Most of them are not updated as yet, but you can bookmark them for the future:


mas bands:


mas bands:
useful websites:




Bronx, NY

Broward County


Camrbidge, MA




Useful Websites:




Long Island

mas bands:


New York
mas bands:

Ottawa, Canada


St. Kitts

St. Louis

St. Martin

St. Thomas

St. Vincent
mas bands:
useful websites:

Somerset, England

Sydney, Australia


Viginia (Chesapeake)

Viginia (Norfolk) Carifest

Washington, DC.
mas bands:

If you have any more links or information to add to this listing, send me an email at

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mc Farlane Review

Oye! My post is late today(for those used to my early morning article) because I visited out sister aisle yesterday and only returned today. Somewhat sad at leaving beautiful Tobago I came home only to be assaulted by traffic and TSTT once again messing with my Internet!

The following review is from a regular blog reader who played with Brian Mc Farlane's "India":

Every Costume was crafted in a loving way, and for most part, really was a true representation of the drawings from the website and mas camp. 15 sections in total, all very colourful and wonderful.

My favourite section being the red turban section, as it looked wonderful. When we crossed at the Savannah, the display we created was so effective there were tears in many an eye, including Mr Mc farlane himself.

I registered online. The only problem I had was that they did not send any confirmation email to me to say if I had been successful. It was quite easy to register, taking less than 5 minutes.

Was chaos. They delayed collection twice, meaning a Southern masquerader would have had to make several trips only to be told that the collection time had changed. Costumes seemed not to be ready on time and it was as if when you went to collect, they were finishing off each costume as they went. The lines for collection were long and it took ages. There were no drinks, not even water, to be had and the mas camp was in a complete mess. In my opinion, they should have had collection somewhere else. As well as that, some costumes were not even ready by Monday and someone I know did not get their costume until Tuesday morning. No goody bags in site.

Was good. We had 2 lengths of white fabric to drape ourselves in and that was about it. We were sprayed with red paint at the Savannah and all in all it was an enjoyable day.

We had to be at the mas camp at 7am. This was a mistake, I could have slept for at least 2 more hours. The costumes were still being finished and there was glue for days. I was annoyed that there was no explanation given by anyone at the mas camp, we just had to wait. By 9am the drinks truck and breakfast turned up, which consisted of a cake and a cheese roll, and then at a little after 10am we made our way to Ariapita avenue via Murray Street, missing out Adam Smith square. We first headed downtown, with Surface being the band of choice for the 3rd year running. They did not do too bad,.DJ Cin was the dj, and we also had the Laventille rhythm section playing, so a good mix of music. The rain came before we crossed downtown, but it did not dampen our spirits. The problem I had crossing was that the truck stopped far from us, so I felt we crossed to little or no music, which was disappointing.

After that, we crossed Piccadilly Green and that was great fun, apart from the fact it took ages and we had to wait again for the band to catch up (about an hour), with no food or drinks. Speaking of which, the people on the drinks truck were ignorant. They did not really want to serve people, and later in the day, there was not anyone on the drinks truck to serve us. I had to shout at one of the people to get on the truck before people started getting angry.

As we got close to the Savannah we did not encounter much of a delay. The delay came at the Savannah when the band leader told us what to do, in terms of the presentation. And I must say that it was fabulous. We saw Boyie cross the Caribbean sea, into the Indian ocean to be welcomed…..etc.etc…

After that, it was getting dark and we made our way to what we thought was our last venue, Adam smith Square. There were so many people chipping with the band it felt very claustrophobic. I did not like that part but they soon left as we got further along. Eventually we stopped dead in our tracks, and we were back at the mas camp. 3 canal's "Goodmorning" started to play and when that got cut dead, we began to realise that our Carnival was indeed over, much too soon for my liking as I was looking forward to a longer jump up!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

India Photos

Dougla_1 left a message about a week ago that Mc Farlane now has a gallery of photos on his website for your viewing pleasure. I thought everyone had seen that bit of information but apparently not. So for all those who do not know, you can take a visit to Mc Farlane's website and enjoy the photos, I like the fact that you can see all the sections as some seem to me missing from other photo websites.

In addition he also has a photo CD, DVD and T-Shirts on sale, all of which can be ordered online.

And for all who do not know the theme for 2008 is "Earth". Looking forward to seeing sections for that portrayal!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Response from Island People

Remember my "Dear Island People" letter? Well I did mail it to them and they responded ( I am yet to hear from the other bands I emailed) and this was their response:

Hi Saucy Diva,

On behalf of all of us at Island People Mas, please accept our
humblest apologies for all the ways in which we failed to live up to
your expectations.

We appreciate you taking the time to detail your negative experiences
for us as we will use them in our attempt to improve our service next

Thank you so much for choosing to jump with us in 2007. We do hope to
have you with us again.

Island People Mas
'the fun has just begun'


Island People Mas
'the fun has just begun'

It was pretty nice of them to respond, however someone did not read my letter properly as I specifically stated that I did not play with them in 2007! At least they have promised to use the feedback to improve the band next year, one can hope ent?!

Freedom of Speech

One thing I absolutely love about having this blog is the ability to express myself without moderation and the fact that I can pretty much write about anything I choose without having to adhere to rules and regulations which are made up on a whim seemingly only for me. See, I was once part of an online forum where the central theme was Carnival. There was a place where all Carnival lovers could mix it up, no matter which island you came from. Apparently the “freedom” to say what ever you liked there meant not pissing off any of the moderators with ties to the band you were speaking of; so certain bands were immune to “ole talk” while other bands could be bad talked as much as you like. Well you know I really have no cover for my mouth, as they say, I will call a spade a spade and since I was getting no free costume from any band I pretty much said what I had to say. Consequently I was banned from the forum, which in hindsight was the best thing that ever happened because I would never have this blog without that action.

So I was quite surprised when I received an email from a member of said forum last March asking me back:
By the way... I know you might have been a bit turned off from ___, but I have it on good authority that if you were to rejoin that you would find your previous obstacle have been more or less removed... lol. ____said to please rejoin if you'd like cause your banning seemed to have been unjustified. He said that your old user name ______ is no longer available, but you can feel free to sign up as any other name... you won't be banned.

I know we in ___would love to have you back. ...Just don't advertise that you've risen from the dead. They can figure it out themselves. :)
At that time I was pretty much not interested in going back to the forum since I knew what had happened before but then I got another email from the same person:
Hey girl... long time and ting man. How yuh been?
You need to come back on ___ ______is gone,
they asked her to resign... ;)
I made the decision to rejoin the forum and post pics from all the band launches and not only TRIBE as I had done before, this was my response to that request:
I plan on going back to ___ next month when the bandlaunching fever starts! Hopefully I can make it to all and I will be taking pics of course.

Just let me know if you what you may or may not need in terms of pics for the launch and I will get back to you.
The thing is I also had plans to start my blog but thought, being the forgiving individual that I am seeing I was banned for no reason, that I would extend the charity to this forum and let them have my photos for their use. It really was nothing big to me and I wanted the other members who could not be in Trinidad for the band launching to have that little excitement, as I would post the photos from the band launching as soon as I got home. They did not have to wait for days to see what costumes looked like, I know the feeling of wanting to see costumes and decide which one you want to play in so I got photos to them as soon as possible.

Well, it now seems that Karma is indeed a bitch because it looks like I have pissed off some moderator AGAIN and though I am not banned as yet (though it seems as if I was threatened) I have been given special treatment apart from any other poster!

I have now been accused of advertising my blog because I have linked to specific articles that I have written, in response to either a question or to direct someone to the blog for more information; this is the message I got in my mail box last night:

Just FYI:

Over the last few months I have simply been deleting the unnecessary links to your blog where ever I find them, but please be aware that there are a large number of people on ____ who have their own websites (including myself and every other moderator) who would have received a warning after a first infraction. The average member would have been suspended a long time ago for advertising their website by constantly posting links to it; which is why I've already received a few complaints.

If you persist I will just have to deal with the situation in whatever manner ___ rules dictate.

Feel free to keep the link in your sig if you'd like.
Thing is I do not make a profit from this blog, so it is not like I am “advertising” my product for sales and I have seen lots of people linking to their websites including said person who sent me that message. I have seen six (6) links to photos of the Carnival band they were involved with posted on the same said forum!! I guess THAT is not considered advertising but when someone wanted more information on TABOO the band and I gave them the link to my post it was removed.

And what makes me feel as if I am yet again being victimized is that I was given different instructions in respect to placing links to my blog in posts on the forum. The same person told me it was okay to do so by sending me this piece of information prior to that infraction when they deleted one of my threads:

Hey chick,

Had to delete your thread.

You can post a thread discussing a topic, post material about the topic, then link it back to your blog, but _______ won't let you post a topic with only a link to back to your blog.
Now I have visisted numerous forums and I have seen people but links to their myspace, blog and wordpress journals even their own personal websites without any censure from a moderator. And I know that each forum has rules but it really stinks when you give me one set of rules yet I see others doing the exact same thing without reprimand.

So I have made the decision, before it is made for me, to divorce myself from said forum! Before I am banned yet again, I am requesting that the account be deleted, focusing solely on this blog as Carnival Central. They say fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me and I will be dammed if I get myself in the same position again especially when I was asked to come back to the forum when it was not a decision I made on my own.

I know many persons who are members of that forum visit this blog, sorry guys I will no longer be adding to excitement “over there”. And as much as this is my little utopia I still give pretty much everyone free reign to say what they want unless they start getting disrespectful in the comments by using obscene language. I have had to delete a few comments for that reason but you will notice I still have the comments un- moderated and I have been put on blast many times by the anonymous posters, some I affectiontely call my trolls.

Let me just say that there is nothing like being free to speak your mind and even this post is testament to that; let freedom reign!!

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