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Friday, March 02, 2007

Do it yourself boots

Upon my suggestion Afro Chic made her way to Jomo at Piccadilly to purchase her Carnival boots and decorated them herself. Personally I think she did an awesome job, the boots originally cost approximately $140.00 so it is a very good deal for the creatively inclined and from all accounts the boots were very comfortable. This might be an option for me next year!

The following is Afro Chic's detailed instructions on decorating boots on your own, you can also visit her blog for more information on her "fab" boots :

1. I first sprayed the boots with Elmer's Adhesive Spray. You can get the spray at Samaroo's.The instructions on the tin say lightly spray. Ignore that. Spray it until you see the boots get a little lighter in colour.

Undecorated Boots

2. Wait about 10-15 minutes until it feels tacky to the touch and then add your glitter.

3. Wait another 15 or so minutes for the glitter then shake off any excess.If you don't have the coverage you want (I did mine lightly) you can always spray it over and add more.

Boots with glitter

4. Using a hot glue gun you can then add the 'embellishments'. I used the wrist, arm band and leg piece from my costume and just added it strategically.

I would suggest that the area you are going to use the hot glue gun on, have as little glitter as possible, to ensure that it sticks to the boots properly and doesn't fall off on the road.So while spraying the area to add glitter to, keep that in mind.

5. And that's it. Voila...perfect boots for the road!

p.s. I walked with my UHU glue on Tuesday to fix any 'mishaps'. ;)


Jamette said...

very impressed, like the use of the useless armbands and leg pieces...ah tink i decorating meh own boots next year please God.

saucydiva said...

Yes, the boots looked really good. I am thinking it is very easy to do the boots yourself!

Trini Orisha Gyal said...

I am impressed. I will walk with hot glue gun next year and give this idea a whirl!

Afro Chic said...

Thank you jamette amd trini orisha gyal.
I impressed myself too :D

What I forgot to add see how the boots have a little 'kink' in it near the ankle? You can ball up newspaper and stuff it inside to help keep the boot upright.

BUT...When the newspaper is inside it...Don't OVERSATURATE the boots with the glue cause then the boots get a kind of wavy finish to them.

That happened to my sister in law when she did hers.

Tru said...

could i just pay you to do mine? lol

Afro Chic said...

No problem tru...I can do that.

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