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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pulse 8 Review

Haitian Queen (HQ) has written her very informative, unbiased review of Pulse 8 on her blog and has allowed me to share it with all who are interested in the Pulse 8 experience. You can read the full review here.


Nairian said...

Here is a belated idea for a TRIBE theme: Greek Mythology

There are so many options

Zeus - Supreme God of Olympians
Hera - Goddess of Marriage Queen of Olympians
Athena - Goddess of Crafts, War & Wisdom (symbol: Owl)
Aphrodite - Goddess of Love
Ares - God of War
Poseidon - God of Sea, Earthquakes & Horses
Apollo - God of Music & Prophecy
Demeter (AKA Ceres) - Goddess of Agriculture & Fertility
Hermes - Messenger God and Guide of Dead Souls to the Underworld (wings on heels)
Dionysus - God of Wine...the drink that is but a cute play on words ;-)
Artemis (AKA Diana) - Virgin Goddess of the Hunt
Altas - God & Bearer of the Heavens (world on his shoulders)

and... even though he is NOT a Greek God but is the most celebrated Greek Hero and son of Zeus...

Hercules (AKA Hercales) Hero of Superhuman Strength

And sooooo many more to choose from...

whaddya think?

P.S. I had a great time for Carnival.. I'll give a better rundown later

Afro Chic said...

I like narian idea.
Once it is well executed, it could look really great.

saucydiva said...

that is a really nice theme Narian, lots of options amd open to a wide imagination.

well lewwe hear the run down of Carnival nah :D

Nairian said...

Ok so here it goes.. it's gonna be long..
this was only my second Carnival and I had a great time.. I really liked my costume Jab Jab Orange..

I can only give my perspective as a foreigner but thanks to your blog I had alot more insight into what drives Carnival this time around.
I quickly got up to speed on all the current Soca (up here in T.O I'm more of a rocker chick) and loved Machel's Jumbie. Had a blonde moment when I first saw my friend doing the "jumbie dance" and asked if she was ok.. to which she laughed and told me to turn around so I could see the whole crowd doing it...I quickly caught on but she won't let me live that down.
I played J'Ouvert for the first time and thouroughly enjoyed myself! I played with Red Ants. The only downfall was that they ran out of drinks by 4:00! but I was already tight by then so I didn't mind too much.
Went strainght to Monday Mas and had a blast. I ran into so many Trini friends from last year or who used to live up here. I did try to keep an eye out for you Saucy but I was looking in Fireman bc I didn't know about the costume switch! Your Fancy Sailor faBUlous btw.
But by the end of the day I was exhausted from being up since 2am and I was done by 6:00pm
Tuesday I felt so elaborate and theatrical in my costume. And all day that standard came in so handy as a prop to lean on :-)
I was confused as to why we were stuck on that same road at almost a standstill for what seemed so long (later heard it was something about IP?) But I got right into the vibes and was taking picture left right and sideways like the tourist I am. By the time I hit the park for lunch I was good n tipsy and *may* have passed out for a bit on a blanket but I swear I was just taking a nap ha ha. It gave me my 2nd wind though.
My friends and I (about 10 of us) went right into the night but I did notice that this year there were alot more guys rushing the band and security was having a much harder time keeping them out. It seemed like there was less security this year? there was one moment when a couple of "rushers" were getting a little imposing but our guy friends who were with us quickly ushered all us girls to the front of the procession where tit wasn't as bad.

I missed the stage! It was like having sex but with no climax... fun times and thouroughly enjoyable but something was missing.
Pardon the crude comparison.. ;-)

It did seem to me that this year TRIBE was a little less organized and I had no idea when or where the judging stations were.. but that in no way diminished my experience.

Fancy Sailor
Dame Lorraine but only the option A
and of course my costume :-)

Warrior Spirit
Jab Molassi
Jean & Dinah
Midnight Robber but only the frontline
Pierrot Grenade but I didn't like the frontline at all

Not so Keen:
Fancy Indian

OK I'll shut up now

p.s. I can be spotted amongst the TorontoLime pics and Beachouse pics on CarnivalScene ;-)

saucydiva said...

nairan thanks for the review; I think the whole mas on the move concept was unorganized as it is new and the Gov't did not put proper measures in place, in my opinion, to handle the issues which arose.I cannot fathom how they could have placed 2 big bands behind each other.

I heard TRIBE had 750 security memmbers this year but even they could not control teh stormers that migrated from IP when the bands met on Mucurapo Road!! I am glad you had your guy friends to take of you girls and I hope for 2k8 TRIBE address the issue of stormers AND masqueraders from other bands storming the band as well.

p.s. so how I suppose to make yuh out :S

Nairian said...

ok, on Carnivalscene you can spot me among the Beachhouse pics with my friend in a turquoise and white top ;-)
pg 9 or so of the pics

p.s. if you like i have some great random costume pics from Carnival I can send you just let me know

saucydiva said...

I wanted to add a comment on HQ's blog but the visual verifcation is not shwoing up for some reason :S

Anyway I was quite surprised that Love Potion #9 was "scrapped" on the road seeing as it was sold out! I don't buy the excuse that "beads" did not arrive from Asia,maybe they meant to say the costume did not arrive! We ship to/from China from Trinidad everyday. So it has to be that the order was not placed in enough time.

If it were me and I had to be moved to a section that was not my choice I would be very, very upset! And would have liked both a choice to pick another section (not be moved to one of the band's choosing) as well as some monetary compensation for my stress!! They know how much stress it is to pick a costume lol.

Anyway that is my only criticism of Pulse 8..other than that seems like it was a good experience.

Jamette said...

Oh nairian, i remember you from Beachhouse and other places.Hiiiii

Nairian said...

Hi Jamette! Yes I was all over at parties my Trini friends didn't let me rest! ha ha

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