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Sunday, September 30, 2007

D Harvard Section 2008

Though Trini Reveller's main website is not up and running as yet, private sections are slowly debuting their own websites where you can view costumes and even register. One such section is D Harvard and Young Revellers "Ole" and "Cancun", both all inclusive presentations. The package includes :

Monday Mas: - T Shirt and Hat

ALL DRINKS – Premium Scotch, Premium Vodka, Rum, Beers, Draft

Beers, Wine, Coolers, Chasers, Coconut Water, Drinking Water

SNACKS – Sandwiches and Pies

Tuesday Mas: All drinks as above and a surprise or two.

BREAKFAST: - Corn Soup, Pies, Sandwiches, etc.

LUNCH: - Full Meal

SNACKS: - During the day

ALSO: Section D.J.

Security ( Band plus Section Security)

Video and Pictures of Section

Prices are well under $2000.00; Ole female $1750.00, male $1525.00 and Cancun female $1850.00, male $1495.00. I do not have to reiterate that when it comes to costume prices or even costume selection that there is much more variety in all these bands that are offering selections which can meet every one's pocket!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Waterproofing Feathers Experiment

After reading many different forums where people have tried various methods to water proof feathers I decided to do an experiment of my own. Among my hubby's tools and other paraphernalia I found a can of Scotch Guard Spray that he uses on his leather shoes and lap top case, one product that was recommended for use on feathers to prevent them from getting soggy with rain and moisture. The other item I used was hairspray.


  • This is the spray used in the experiment.

  • The two plumes used BEFORE being sprayed.

  • After Spraying with Scotch Guard the feathers took on an oily sheen and lost some of their fluffiness.

  • I waited 24 hours before running water over the feathers.

  • After putting the feathers under the tap they did not get soaked, the beads of water were suspended on the plume itself without penetrating the feather unless I physically rubbed the beads of water into the plume in which case it became damp but not soaked. The end result was this, the feathers remained looking as if they still had an oily sheen and never regained the fluffiness, even after blow drying, though they never got limp or soaking wet.


  • Pheasant feather BEFORE spraying.

  • Hairspray used.

  • Feather after spraying; it looked damp and felt stiff but the feathers remained in position. I only sprayed the top half of the feather to compare with the untreated bottom half.

  • After blow drying the feather I ran it under the tap.

  • The feather got soaked but the part which was sprayed with the hair spray the feathers remained in position.

  • A look at the entire feather immediately after coming out of the water. You can see where the feather was sprayed with hair spray the vane remained in the same position, but the bottom of the feather the vane separated.

In conclusion the Scotch Guard worked pretty well in repelling water, the only caveat is that I would not use it on feathers that are fluffy like Ostrich Plumes, I would prefer to spray them on feathers that lie flat like rooster feathers. The hairspray did nothing to prevent the feather from getting soaked, the only thing it did was keep the vane in place so when it dries it dries in that position.

JAB Wear!!

Brian Wong Won has created a special Jab T Shirt, which supporters of the band (whether you are playing j'ouvert or not) can purchase. From the website:

The design is composed of an original pen drawing by artist/designer/bandleader Brian Wong Won. The sketch was the basis for the sections Jab Bleu and Jab Jaune and shows the headpiece covering the face. T-shirts retail for TT$90.00 or US$15.00 and will be available for sale online soon at

On another note the website for Mas Jumbies has now been updated with section photos, descriptions and prices. All the sections are priced at $300.00TT or $50.00US (male and female) with an optional standard at $60.00TT or $10.00US. This price is fully inclusive of the costume, matching body paint, all inclusive drink service (non alcoholic and alcoholic beverages), breakfast service, security team,DJ Audio Crew Sound Systems,Iron Rhythm Section for the road and goodie bags.

Personally I think it is FABULOUS that there is a j'ouvert band option that provides more than just a T-Shirt and drinks, but also a creative costume as well.

Friday, September 28, 2007

The Chat Box has moved!

Due to numerous requests to make the very popular Chat Box private I have moved it to a new location. You can visit Trinidad Carnival Diary Chat to have private access to the chat room. New or existing members please be advised that access to the Chat room is upon email request only and you can email me your email address for an invitation at

Oracle Section XI

11 sections have been released thus far from Oracle with ONE more to go, the "Secret" section which is to be revealed "soon" as intimated on the website....


'Gnothi Seauton' to you, realising 'self' goes hand in hand with the personal recognition of 'peace'.This of course opens up an entirely new arena in this supposed quest that we all traverse. Is 'peace on earth' possible?


Even doctors can tell you that a mind that is at peace is the onset of the alzheimer's disease. If all the questions have been answered, all the complaints dealt with,every worry we ever had, met with its own solutions, What would we do? what then would be our purpose here? If we had fed all children, saved all battered women, stopped every war and equally distributed the wealth of the world to the hands of every man, woman and child, what then? Maybe tyhis is why we invite bacchus into our dealings, maybe we like an unperfect world, maybe the world is exactly in the state at which we want it, because with all the knowledge,there is still the bacchanal, with all the goodwill there is stuill the killings, suffering and hunger, we could end world hunger in a week maximum, but do we want too? this is the real question, is gnothi seauton a place we really want to get to, or are we deliberately playing it out for fear of boredom?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Trevor Wallace Website is Up!

Though I attended Trevor Wallace's media launch which was held on September 13th, the actual showing off costumes was delayed by over two hours and as a consequence I left without hint of a sequin or feather. Unfortunately I do not have any patience for tardiness especially at a private event held for the media, sponsors, friends and invited supporters. At the very least starting on time is just plain courtesy to those who took time out of their schedules to make an appearance.

Anyway, the website for Trevor Wallace's "Nautica" is now up and running with photos of the 10 sections which will be portrayed for Carnival 2008. Nautica is a fully all-inclusive band competing in the medium category. The prices are not bad at all, $1595.00 to $2400.00 (frontline) for the ladies and $1500.00 to $1950.00 for the men. Overall the costumes are okay, personally I think some of the headpieces look a bit dated and the bras lack decoration , however I like the sailor theme for the men in some of the costumes and the fact that a few sections designs are "different" using pants and fabric as opposed to beads and a bikini.

Of all the sections I am liking Port of Seduction, maybe because the headpiece looks so much like a cross between Ronnie and Caro's Chutney, Island People's Zebra and TRIBE's Goddess of the Chase. Please visit the website for more information on prices and Trevor Wallace mas.

Cabin Fever

Port of Seduction

Scurvy Scoundrels

Dawn of Aquarius

A Wave of Indulgence

Blue Abyss

Terra Fin

Tropical Reef

Aquatic Royalty

Nautical Royalty


Island People Section Update

The following sections are SOLD OUT for those still looking at costume options with Island People:

King Fisher



Zebra - MALE

Silver Fox

Dragon Lizard - Frontline

D Krewe Launches in New York

New band for 2008 Carnival, D Krewe, will hold it's New York Band Launch on September 29th at Tropical Reflections; click on the flyer for more details.

click to enlarge

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Make up forever LASHES and Waterproof Make Up!!

Even more dramatic false eyelashes from Makeup Forever, a brand which also produces waterproof makeup! The lash bar features lashes that are natural, dark, feathered and decorated with sparkles. Available online at Sephora:

One other product caught my eye from Makeup Forever, it is a waterproof Eye Seal that makes any regular eyeshadow waterproof, something that would have come in handy this year when it rained on Carnival Tuesday.

only at sephora Eye Seal, $20
PRO TRICK: Waterproof your favorite eye powders and pencils for extra staying power
Eye Seal transforms powder products and eye pencils into waterproof eye makeup with an extra pop. It dilutes and moistens colored powders, thereby bringing out the intensity of the color and boosting its longwearing abilities. Bring on the heat, humidity, and perspiration—they don't stand a chance with this steadfast formula.

# DANY SANZ'S PRO TIPS:To naturally brighten a look, combine eyeshadow or Star Powder with Eye Seal and trace the color along both the upper and lower lash lines. Then smudge it quickly using a fine, dry brush before Eye Seal dries to score a waterproof, smoky look.
# Blur the edges of stark eye pencil lines around your lash lines and brows by covering them with Eye Seal.
# To fix Glitter and Diamond Powder, use a damp brush to combine with Eye Seal or apply Eye Seal after tracing them across the skin.
# Use Eye Seal while using multiple eye colors. Just be sure to distribute the colors rapidly before the product dries out. You can always reapply a layer of Eye Seal to soften the shadows or liner for easier distribution.
# Always wait for Eye Seal to dry before moving your eyelids.

Lets talk makeup

Yesterday's topic was lashes, dramatic, fanciful and exotic lashes that most of you will not use. The idea is to take tips and incorporate them into your Carnival planning, for instance though feathered lashes might be too extreme for some, you can do individual lashes to get that extra definition in the eyes. To me we spend so much time obsessing over choosing the right costume, getting matching footwear and hitting the gym to fit into the skimpy costumes that it is short changing yourself by stopping short on putting the finish touches by not paying attention to makeup.

You do not need a professional makeup artist to put your best face forward, just some simple tools to get the job done. The basics would be primer, coverage such as a tinted moisturizer or foundation or powder, eye shadow in at least two colours to match your costume, eye pencil, mascara lipstick/gloss, fix it spray and blotting sheets. Additional decoration such as face jewels are easy to apply; just make sure and get some spirit gum or eyelash glue, matching stones (which you can get at a craft store or Samaroos in Trinidad) and have an idea of the design. One tip is to apply the glue to your face exactly where you want the stones to be placed as opposed to putting the glue on the stone itself. Blotting sheets are to be used AFTER your makeup application to absorb any excess sheen, use throughout the day instead of reapplying powder which will just cake when mixed with oil and sweat.

These are some examples of faces seen on the road for Carnival 2007; some are simple yet effective while others are more flamboyant in the decoration but I think all the ladies pictured here look great:

The topic of makeup has been covered numerous times so I will re post the links to the articles in the archives, hopefully they will give as much help as they did this year:

Carnival Makeup
- Makeup looks from the launch of Carnival Nationz

The Cat's Meow - Beyonce's Animal Print eyes, puurfect for the Cheetah ladies.

Carnival Jewels - Tips on applying face jewels;don't forget the Spirit Gum which is an excellent adhesive.

On Line Makeup Lessons, Helps and Tips
- Useful links to makeup help on the WorldWideWeb

About Those Face Jewels
- More face jewels ideas

Camouflaging Imperfections
- Products for stretch marks and other skin blemishes.

Applying False Eyelashes
- Step by Step guide to putting on the falsies

Inspiring Makeup Art
- Lots of photos of creative makeup.

Lash Out - Feathered Lashes and how to make your own


Only two more sections of the Oracle to be revealed; section XI in 1 day and 18 hours!

SECTION X FEMALE (option a blue/green or option b red/orange) - $2,650

After the wreckage, there remains only the most vital of information,knowledge that will ultimately help in the designing of the highest image we hold of ourselves. For a time there will be a peace and serenity in this new found light of 'gnothi seauton' we have weathered the storm and found our truths in the process,we have also found many things that require urgent attention.

SECTION X MALE (option a blue/green or option b red/orange)- $2,550

Many things remain to be done, but knowing who we are is a giant step, if only it is to find out that who we are now, is not who we will be tomorrow, then the process must begin again, for some this process will be a cycle that finds it's end in theirs, for others this process will not even be visited, either which way, we will all one day return to the full knowledge of who we are, everything else is just the makings of a good story.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lash Out!

click to enlarge

Feather eyelashes,long seen on Carnival DIVAS, are now a hot trend since makeup artist Shu Uemura has established "lash bars" in Tokyo,Manhattan and Vancouver. At these lash bars one can indulge in lashes made from mink, dipped in diamonds or half inch long feathered falsies.

Shu Uemura Lashes:

For those of us who cannot afford a flight to Tokyo, these lashes are available online, albeit not cheap, with prices ranging from $15.00 to $50.00.

Also jumping on the trend is M.A.C. with their featherette lashes which are all dramatic black feathers and Sephora offering a range of lashes to choose from :

M.A.C. Featherette

Of course "knock offs" on any trend can be found online for much cheaper, and has a variety of feathered falsies from a wild calico pattern to hot pink lashes:

Finally, for the totally creative DIVAS who might be on a budget, mink lashes out of the realm after paying for that Individual or Frontline costume, you can DO IT YOURSELF and revamp that old feathered boa into feathered lashes! Add some crystals or lash gems and you have totally customized, individualized lashes that saves you a few dollars. This is a really great video showing exactly how to do so by Enkoremakeup.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Trini Revellers Photos

Que Viva Mexico we have pics! Thanks to, again, the first photos of Trini Revellers band launch are online. To my surprise many of the costumes on show are pretty skimpy, I know Trini Revellers have been known to attract a more mature crowd with costumes that are a bit more covered than the usual bikini and beads. However for 2008 the costumes are sexier with big, elaborate headpices and tiny waistbands.

Trini Revellers has also been quite good at sticking to the theme, and most of the costumes, especially the males reflect some of the portrayal, so I will wait until the website goes up to find out why there is an Indian costume in the mix!

These are some of my favourites from the sections on show, check out the full gallery at

More Evolution Photos

Click on the photos below to be taken to the Evolution gallery on

Black Widow Spider Accessories

Goblet for the H.O. cup:
$3.95 at

Arm Warmers:
$3.95 at

Spider Contact Lenses:

$34.99 at

Spider Web Tights
$9.99 at

Spider Legs
$24.99 at
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