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Sunday, January 21, 2007

If It Is Not New It Is Not In Style!

So I am in sort of a fashion dilemma for ONE fete today. My outfit was already planned and I thought I had found the “perfect” thing to wear, just needed to pick up some accessories which I did yesterday. My biggest headache was matching shoes to the outfit so I tried on each of the two options with matching accessories and asked the hubby to take a photo of me in them. Now, I always try on my outfit and photograph myself in them before going out since I don’t trust mirrors; cameras give you a better perspective and all I need to do afterwards is download the photo from the digital camera to my P.C. and I am able to scrutinize every detail.

Well who told me to ask hubby to take the photos, it seemed I opened the door for his unsolicited advice which he proceeded to give me while I posed for the shots. All I asked was “do you like the outfit?” only for him to respond “it looks good but since it is kinda fitted I am seeing a little bulge in your tummy from certain angles.” Well that was my “wtf” moment. I have been hitting the gym and dieting all week and thought I was looking good in my outfit only to have him squash that thought!! Needless to say I took more photos from the side to see what he was talking about then sat down and analyzed the photo to death. Yeah, I could see a small rise in my lower stomach, but doesn’t every woman have that little bump? I mean, I am not a body builder or Ms. Fitness I am average Jane and thus although my stomach is “flat” I don’t have washboard abs!

That comment sent me into a tailspin. On one hand I was annoyed to be criticized about my body especially when I am my own worst critic and on the other I appreciated his honesty, though I did tell him he ruined my plans on wearing that outfit! He quickly backtracked stating that he never said I looked “fat” (of course that is what I heard) and maybe I was just bloated!!!

Okay then, so that was the end of all my fashion plans and I was left rummaging through my cupboard to find something to wear today. Thing is this conversation took place last night at 8’o clock so there was no hope of dashing to the mall and finding a top to throw on with some pants. My philosophy is “if it isn’t new, it isn’t in style”, hence the reason for my dilemma. Now, I am not saying you need to be up-to-date on all the fashion trends to look good, but chances are if you want to look “hip” you need one or two pieces to add to something you may already own to look fashionable. Unfortunately I am not a simple girl who can just be satisfied wearing jeans and a top to a party I knew from beforehand I was going to; I love to dress up, I love clothes and I love fashion so I tend to put a lot of thought into my outfits.

I have found a few things in my cupboard that I can throw together and look decent since I did do some shopping over Christmas but that was last month when I could barely find anything that did not look like every other thing in every other store to buy! And I shudder to think of wearing something that I have worn before; yes I am THAT anal and superficial about clothes; my other rule about going out clothing is to not wear anything twice within 4 months! I am the type of person who really likes to have a new outfit each time I go to some party or event.

The only salvation I can see in this entire thing is to go to my mom and beg her to make me something to wear later. Thankfully I was blessed with THE most talented mom in the World, she is like “super mom” who can do everything including sew! The only setback is she has not willingly sewn in ages and I will have to do some begging and pleading but you know my other rule, desperate times calls for desperate measures!! Having nothing to wear on the day of the fete qualifies as “desperate” to me! So let that be a lessoned learned, always, always have a back up plan; in case one option does not work out at least you have a fall back outfit!

Wonderful World for Carnival Accessories

Yesterday I went to Trincity Mall and a few stores are already getting into the Carnival spirit with costumes in their display widows or decorating inside the store. Walking into Wonderful World Accessories was like walking into a Carnival Mecca!

If you need to plan your Monday wear they have a variety of hats, including Silver and Gold Cowboy Hats, as well as belts and hot shorts. They also have on sale the silicone gel inserts, stick on bras and invisible straps for those strapless costume bra tops that may need some additional support.

But, the bounty of Carnival “stuff” is makeup related! They have every imaginable colour of glitter mascara, glitter eye shadow, glitter body sprays, glitter dust, coloured hairsprays as well as regular eye shadow, lipstick and a variety of false eye lashes! From wild and crazy foil lashes to feathered lashes, they have many to choose from.

Finally, they have all types of body jewels and crystals. There are face crystals for eyelids, eyebrows, forehead and bindis. You will also find navel jewels, back jewels and even NIPPLE jewels! I also saw some fake tattoos as well as a variety of navel rings.

The only thing I did not see on display was mas tights, but possibility exists that they might even be selling those because I did not think to ask. On that note, I visited Micles to get a look at their mas tights and the cost is $40.00TT. They are low waist tights, matte, and come in four shades. I tried one of the samples on my hand and found it to be a match to my complexion; however I am not too sure that brand is what I bought last year. The package is labeled simply “Micles” so I am going to visit the Port of Spain Branch to see if they have a wider variety.

So if you are looking for Carnival Accessories to match your costume or to enhance your makeup you do not need to shop online, look no further than Wonderful World which has lots to choose from. What makes it great is that there are branches all over; you can find Wonderful World stores at Gulf City, Long Circular, Trincity and West Malls as well as downtown Port of Spain. The other store which also sells a host of Carnival items is Eye Candy in West Mall (next to the Hallmark store).
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