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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Carnivalscene updated...........

Galleries for Fancy Sailor, Cow Mas and Dragon have been added to Carnival Scene (see Ms. Jumbie you and your section got some love!).

Hopefully the other galleries will be added soon; from the selection already posted I have four pics to order. Some masqueraders posed for LOTS of photos boy, no wonder photos in the magazine get repeated (lol)

Theme 2008....

In yesterday's newspaper I read that Legacy's theme for 2008 is Africa, hopefully the presentation would be as spectacular as the theme lends itself to so much potential. As for Island People I heard that they gave their masquerader's a claw which hints at the theme for 2008 but I not too sure how valid this information is I heard the theme is Fire, if anyone knows for sure what Island People has in store for the next year please let me know.

I know I have to wait for the next five months for TRIBE's presentation without even a hint at what the theme will be. Now, some bands give a theme and the costumes, albeit beautiful, do not represent the theme at all; major perpetrators in this is Harts and in my opinion Pulse 8 and Dream Team's costumes for 2007 did not reflect their theme either. Trini Revellers and Mc Farlane are fastidious in portraying the theme, and to their credit Island People and TRIBE have tried to at least capture the essence of their theme in their portrayals. I am not going to debate how well the themes were interpreted, the yellow Jab Molassie was a hotly debated topic on some forums last year! But some costumes did a very good job in representation; Angel Fish, Fan Coral and Sunken Treasure were some of my favourites in 2006, I thought the Fan Coral headpiece looked like real coral and for Island People Song Birds, Trees and Pride reflected what they were supposed to in my opinion.

Now I am left to speculate on what could possibly be TRIBE's theme for 2008; I am hoping it is something magical of course, with really beautiful costumes. Which lead me to think of what my "dream" costume would be and I would have to say for that the theme might as well be "Rio" because I always wanted to play in some over the top extravagant Samba Girl costume! So let me hear what great ideas you guys have for a theme for 2008... I am thinking I will compile them all and email TRIBE just in case they might be a little lost at what direction to take from the Tribal Fantasy to What Lies Beneath to Ole Time something to something extra fabulous for 2008!

TRIBE Unleashed

You guys asked to see highlights from TRIBE's 2007 Souvenir magazine and here they are, there are much, much, much more photos than these so you can still get your own copy!

Please click on all the photos for a larger view.

A few bloggers made the magazine including partyc, I spotted;


Caisoqueen & Carnival Jumbie:


Prettidolli & Kevianne:


And even after last year's faux pas where an Island People masquerader ended up in the magazine, the same thing occured this year! This time two masqueraders from Trini Reveller's "Paris is Burning" made it into TRIBE's magazine. Who says fire the editor?

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