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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Genesis Frontline Costumes

Now I really tried to hold my tongue when Genesis launched and I first saw the costumes, but I need to say something now. There is cause for concern when reading this Trinidad Guardian article that Nina Mac Kenzie might be a tad disillusioned since, being the designer, she is responsible for these costume "creations":

A woman’s work is never done, especially if you’re Nina McKenzie in the run-up to Carnival. The shy wife of Genesis bandleader Ian McKenzie took up the enormous task of designing costumes for ten sections, or “characters,” as she refers to them, for the band’s C2K8 presentation Tales. ............

“Choosing the characters I wanted to work with was easy. Coming up with costumes suitable for these characters was trying but interesting because I love working with my hands.” Unfortunately for Nina’s family, though, she usually gets brainstorms in the wee hours of the morning when her husband and her daughter are in dreamland. “I get my best ideas at two or three in the morning and I just have to get up and get it on paper because I’ll forget by the time I wake up. Sometimes Ian gets annoyed and would say, ‘My god, Nina, can’t you do that at another time?’ But I can’t. That’s just me.”............

Costume Designing 101
According to Nina, the first rule in designing a costume is knowing exactly what you want to portray before you try to figure out what it should look like. “Right after Carnival this year we decided what theme we wanted to go with for Carnival 2008. Then, although I have nothing against bikinis and beads, I used them sparingly. Instead of beads I used bells and shells. I also decided to stay away from the traditional appliqu├ęs and created my own.”

Her husband, Nina boasted, has an eye for the right fabric, which she uses to her advantage. And, despite the fact that designing is her forte, she often seeks his advice. “I am just a regular person with ideas and I always second-guess myself, no matter what. I make it a habit to always get Ian’s thoughts on all my costumes, especially the male costumes. His ideas help and I get good support from him. He is like my backbone.
While Nina's costumes have always been "unique", "different", "interesting" and this year they were actually not half bad, I am thinking a more holistic approach to costume design bringing other designers on board might perhaps benefit Genesis greatly. It is like asking an artist to judge his own work, of course he is not going to "see" what others see since he has in his mind a concept that has been brought to life. Of course Nina gets an A for effort as I can say these costumes are not akin to anything else I have seen thus far for Carnival 2008.

So now that all the frontline and special sections are up on Genesis website, I find it quite alarming that Snow Witch V.I.P. has a SIZE RESTRICTION!! Forget the price tag of $3100.00TT for a fur lined unitard for a second, what you really need to know is that this costume comes in only Small and Medium and a bra size of up to 36C. And here I was thinking Genesis needed as much people to register for the band as possible.

Snow Witch V.I.P

As for the Fairy Section Leader, methinks someone was sniffing some fairy dust as the price tag on this one is $8500.00 and they have the nerve to inform us that "ONLY 2 COSTUMES LEFT REGISTER NOW!". This costume is priced the same as TRIBE's Goddess of the Chase Individual and even more than Island People's Silver Fox Individual. After all the talk about those two bands having exorbitant, inflated costume prices it is a wonder the critics have yet to pounce on this little rainbow coloured "gem":

Fairy Section Leader

The Mermaid Section leader I reserve further comment on but would say I am quite surprised at the price of $3500.00. Based on this pricing strategy it seems as if Genesis has quite a loyal throng of supporters, since honestly these prices are not competitive at all. In a Carnival year with so many new bands with cheaper prices and more aesthetically pleasing costume designs, I wish Genesis all the luck!

Mermaid Section Leader

SOURCE: Trinidad Guardian Archives October 17th 2007

Cutesy Girl Responds

My two articles on Cutesy Girl have been about their cheap boots and consequently the claim by one of the bloggers that after purchasing a pair of boots from Cutesy Girl her credit card was subject to attempted fraud. I have a response from the Customer Service at Cutesy Girl who left this comment:

Hi, my name is Mary and I'm the customer service supervisor at Cutesy
Girl. I was informed of this posting and I wanted to make a comment.

We process payments via google checkout, paypal or our own credit card processing system. If payments are made by google checkout or paypal, we do not even see the payment information. Therefore, it is impossible for anyone at cutesygirl to take that kind of information. If payment is made via our own credit card transaction company, the only people who can see the payment information is restricted to 3 people. In addition, the information stored on our side does not allow us to process additional transactions, we can only refund the previous transaction. Also, any kind of payment information is stored for a period of 3 months then automatically purged from our system.

We exercise extreme information control for our customers. Our customer database is stored offsite separate from what you see on our online website. Every action performed internally is logged and reviewed on a 12 hour basis.

Unfortunately, internet fraud is rampant and we advise all customers to not to supply any kind of personal information via email or through "phishing" websites. Payments made by credit card are automatically protected by the credit card company and we help people handle credit card fraud all the time. If there are any questions, please feel free to email us at

It was good to receive this response from "Cutesy Gir" however, shopping at the website seems to be unavailable at the moment, which is quite interesting!
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