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Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Oracle is no more....

On the heels of a much anticptaed mas camp opening tomorrow, I got this email which has left me both saddned and shocked as I had alot of hope that for 2008 we would see The Oracle make an impact for Carnival:

Hello Everyone, well it is with a heavy heart but still steely eyed determination I write to tell you the 'The Oracle' is officially off for this carnival.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for the support you have given to this venture and also offer you an explanation that I believe you more than deserve. Before I go on let me inform you that this 'failure' for me is a wonderful thing, it strengthens and tests you to see just what you are really made of,I could go into a corner and weep, but instead I am even more determined now, I have a story to tell and no matter what obstacle is placed before me (feel free to test that theory out), The Oracle will take her place firmly in Trinidad Carnival!! maybe not this year, but she is coming and when next you see her, you will understand her evolution.

Now to the reasonings:-

I can assure you that we fought this down to the very last minute, but there have been certain circumstances surrounding the band that made it impossible for us to 'successfully' mount the sort of presentation that we believe to be fitting to our story. The major reasoning for the postponing of the band is a very untimely delivery of necessary funds for us to be able to guarantee the time we offered. I am a firm believer in doing something as best you can or not doing it at all, and with the short season, elections, prototype issues and others that we were faced with this year it has come down to this, I could do a band, but I would not be able to guarantee my product, and I would not be able to efficiently deliver the beauty and wonderment that I envision in the given time and since my main intent with this band is not for monetary gain, I have decided to cut my losses and allow her another year of growth. So if I cannot be sure of it, I am not going to take the public's monies or trust.

The naysayers

There have been several things said about us and several harsh remarks made by surprising peoples and to this my response is simply, we are killing our own, we are our own biggest enemy and as time passes it gets worse and worse, we really, really need to recognise ourselves and find that highest vision of ourselves, we need to stop the 'fight down' the 'naysaying' and the 'backstabbing' there is enough for all of us, and we cannot stop time from unfurling before us, the most we can do is work with her,we will age, none of us can be the princess forever, unless we find the true secret to eternity, let it pass through you, do not let it stop at you. Art in Trinidad is already so very difficult, so instead of fighting down each other we need to learn to appreciate each other, a lot of us preach it, but we must practice it as well.I wish all the naysayers the peace of the promise and hope for you to become the best most highest vision of your own selves, I know I am extremely excited at the opportunity to spend the entire year creating instead of jamming it all into an impossible six week period.and thank you for making yourselves available for me to test my determination out on.


South Connections of London has invited myself and team to design and produce their upcoming presentations in Nottinghill London (once again what is ours is quickly swept up by another man's land) so the mas will continue to grow through the year, but 'The Oracle' is a trinidadian band and she will be known as such, in London it will be myself doing some designs, but 'The Oracle' don't want to come out anywhere else, so she will rest a bit!

All in All

All in all, I can say I do not regret this decision, things happen for a reason, and if you believe in sending out to the universe what you expect to get back, you are already half way there.

Thank you's

In this process certain souls found themselves aligned with us and volunteered to stay in that position to these people I say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you

Thank You

Trini Orisha gyal,
your heartfelt wisdom and guidance and Orisha blessings have reached us giving us the directions of a higher hand.

Lesley Ann-Bernard,
for believing in us and this and adding your expertise and guidance and pulling the strings I was too afraid to pull myself

Afro Chic,
If it were for your faith alone we would have delivered a thousand magnificent bands, and I do not for a moment forget the promise I made to your son, he is free to call me on it and if he doesn't i will call him on it.

Mystie Thongs
Mystie, Mystie, Mystie,girl go strong girl go strong, big things ah soon come from this daughter of the soil (A A but like I have a little rapso in me)

Rommel Lai Khan,
this place have to watch out for you yes, your ambition is scary!

Matthew Jon Ward,
From day one to day now, you waved the flag hard hard, thanks Matthew!
for telling the world our story with an impartial voice

This list could go on and on and as I am sure you guys must be tired of reading I will end it here for now, to every single one of you,thank you, thank you and to your own self be true!

(you would swear I won some sort of award, you know what though? I did, I realised some self, I can do this band and realise this dream, not this year, but I can and will, don't worry you won't miss it)

gnothi seauton,

Aaron Schneider, The Saldenah Legacy and the team of 'The Oracle'

Who Can She Be?

Popular local radio station Red 96.7FM was all abuzz this afternoon with allegations of a “sticky finger female mas camp employee” who was caught stealing material from a Carnival Band where she was employed and promptly fired!!! Said female is allegedly the significant other of a popular soca artiste AND it is rumored after being dismissed she is now working with another band!

Now WHY did she steal material? Did she have hopes of making costumes on the side or , maybe she was really selling secrets to the rival band that took her in. To add fuel to the fire, it is said that Ms. Glue Gun fingers is going around “bad talking” the mas camp from which she was fired, when she really needs to "cool it". Once again, don’t shoot the messenger; I am just giving it to you all as I got it!


Well, well, well.. after all the speculation that the band in question is VERY POPULAR, I have to say upon getting new information that it is quite the opposite!! No, it is none of the bands that I thought it was before HOWEVER what this young lady had to gain in stealing from the band I now KNOW it is, baffles me!!! Maybe it's a case of the "fox and the grapes" ... and that is all I have to say about this bacchanal!

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