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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Adventures in Detox-ing

It is not with fondness that I remember when my grandmother would administer to me as a young child a wicked cocktail called "carrot water" as a "cooling" to "clean out" the body. This potent liquid was consumed daily for as long as a week, and was subsequently followed by the most dreadful thing ever; a purge!! That senna tea would be so lethal it cramped the stomach and meant you spent a lot of time in the toilet!! Oh and the joys of a spoonful of castor oil and epsom salts! This was all usually done during the August vacation before going back out to school.

Today the purge has been sophisticated and hailed as a not only a weight loss method by celebrities but also a way to help the body rid itself of accumulated waste. Of course no one calls it a purge in Hollywood, it is all about colon cleansers and colonics! My friend swears by the colonics she takes routinely as a tool aiding in weight loss; alas I have yet to brave that tube inserted in the rectum! And that "cooling" granny used to make is now labeled a "detox" as in using fresh fruits and vegetables to get rid of toxins in the body. Which leads me to the fact that I am now in my third day of "detoxing" and between me and you, my grandmother's carrot water was much easier!

I had taken the vow to "cleanse" my body of all the bad things consumed over the two days of Christmas celebrations and went shopping for all the ingredients for the detox while I was shopping for turkey and cookies! As soon as Boxing Day was over day 1 of the detox began with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in water as soon as I woke up the next day. What a way to wake up! When the vinegar hits your throat you feel like gagging and then the aftertaste lingers until you move on to having fruit for breakfast. Lunch that day was steamed broccoli and cauliflower served up with 1/2 cup of brown rice:

In between I had snacks of more fruit and sipped echinacea tea. For dinner I made a nice big pot of cabbage soup, in it went mushrooms, cabbage (of course), tomatoes, onions and the secret ingredient of vegetable juice. Everything was going well that day, down to the rice cakes which tasted like styrofoam that I munched on while looking at a movie. It all went downhill when I was possessed to take a drink of vodka and cranberry juice! No explanation as to why I did it, but the effects were brutal as I was a lush in no time.The hubby said after I passed out on the couch he tried to get me to bed and I woke up screaming,chasing him around the house fighting; I have no recollection of that event. Lessened learned, alcohol and detoxing DO NOT mix!

Yesterday I woke up feeling terrible, this was not your usual hangover as I felt sick all day, sick and tired. That is another side effect of the detoxing, you have no energy. Now I am napping during the day, something I never do. Day 2 was pretty hard simply because of the lingering effects of the alcohol and the fact that the hubby drank ALL my cabbage soup!!! That pissed me off to no end as another side effect of the detox is irritability.

This morning I woke up with a headache, but I am still plodding along with my glass of water flavored with apple cider vinegar, it was not so bad as instead of sipping it I chugged it back like shots of tequila! Breakfast is the best part of the day as I just had a nice big bunch of grapes, yummy!! And I get to have bananas in a couple hours as well. My goal is to do this detox for two weeks (if I can last that long!) and then switch back to my low carb regimen. As you can see from the meal plan it is basically eating a combination of fruits and vegetables with NO MEAT, and I am not advocating or recommending this for any one to try as it is not for everyone.

As I continue my detox program I will let you know the pros and cons as well as the side effects, but I can say from now it is not easy at all! I figure that in the end it will all be worth it as I hope to emerge feeling more energized, ridding myself of the nagging headaches and sluggish feeling that has been dogging me these past months and with the added bonus of possibly loosing a few pounds as well. Stay tuned for more adventures in detoxing!

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