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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Are you a gambler?

Everyone who is a member of Elements facebook group got this little message last night:

"Don't Gamble Your Carnival Costume Money Until You've Seen Casino Royale" at Las Vegas, Pier 1 on Friday 8th August.

(Johnnie Walker Black, Grey Goose Vodka, Rum, Beer, shots & more)


First off I like that their launch is premium drinks inclusive, that always gets the crowd in a relaxed party mood, however whomever was responsible for that piece of copy "Don't Gamble Your Carnival Costume Money...("which alludes to going with another band is taking a risk) should realise it reads as ironic since Elements is also a new band and the same can be said of them; taking a gamble on Elements as a newcomer is just as risky as playing with any other new band, I am just saying.


quiksilver said...

i think what they're trying to say is "don't go rush to sign-up with another band which may open its registration BEFORE the elements launch - come see the elements costumes before you make-up your mind because you might find that the costumes are nicer."

that's my interpretaton anyway - anotrher quip at TRIBE.

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

but TRIBE registration starts the day after Elements launch...Elements can easily launch their website Saturday 9th and start registration one time lol.

Hot said...

Certainly don't want to get into the mudslinging, but if Elements has such a good product and were even half way organized why can't they offer anything of substance up to the public? Probably because they are too busy bad talking and trying to undercut Tribe and the other bands. They recently tried to raid the Spice committee after having raided Tribe's own, but despite all their lofty promises to the Spice people they got blanked. Hard luck. Anyway, I guess that's what some people resort to when they have no ideas, no originality and lack capabaility of their own.

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