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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Post Launch Photos

Ok this is the last update from the band launch, I got over 1000 photographs that I now have to sort through... I am in a feathered paradise!!! Loving MOST of the costumes and I already selected my section!

Signing off until a few hours later when I will be uploading more spectacular pics!

Ruby Topaz Backline

Blue Tanger

African Love Bird Backline


Caged Canary Frontline

Ibis Backline

Ruby Topaz Frontline

Peacock Individual

Golden Dove Backline

Bird of Paradise Frontline Option 1

Speckled Owl

Snow Owl

Green Honeycreeper backline

Green Honeycreeper Frontline

African Love Bird Frontline

Amazon Parrot

Pheasant Frontline

Pheasant Backline

Kiskidee Frontline

Green Honeycreeper Male Individual

Brazilian Macaw Individual

Brazlian Macaw Frontline


DeRedting said...

Wow Wow ah ready to flyyyyyyyy3

Damm just when I decided I was going to chill on being Frontline Dammm dammm dammm dammmm I guess I will have to bend to the pressure of the Frontline lol

Amex anyone??

Anonymous said...

just admit that no matter what tribe do you groupies will drool. This is absolute nonsense! that is it, spice getting my money this year.

The one interesting piece I see is the green male costume and we know nobody wearing that!

Foolishness foolishness foolishness

Carnival 'oman said...
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Carnival 'oman said...


Carnival 'oman said...
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Sasha W said...

gorgeous but ah terrified to see the prices

Hayden said...

Saucy .I didn't get to come down in front stage & see yuh.. I was in heineken booth straight... Ampy came by & try to convince me to come in front by u but time ....muah

Raeness said...

Whey d rest of the costumes?? Nekidnesssss!! Waiting for the prices. :-D

Carnival 'oman said...

I want to see the man who wearing Golden Honeycreeper Individual! I hope he chiseled like that model and even more so!


i must say i am wowed at some of the costumes tribe has put out! espcially the ones wit the fabric painting etc adds a new look to the band, on a down side that snow owl costume is overly familiar? did someone say SILVER MIST? not feeling the back piece at all the only other thing thats got me again! is the fact the mens costumes all look a hot mess from the pics i seing nothing interesting severly watered down in the shaddows of the female counter parts you would have thought 2008 would have made them work harder on them, tribe wont be seeing my money for 2009...........:-)

Unosexytrini said...

Say what they want, Tribe is getting my money. I guarantee what I am paying for. Oh well hope the haters keep hating because my bonifide tribe card is ready to be swiped!!!ching ching.............

Kerryann said...

OMGGGG!!! Bird of Paradise I COMEEE!!!..Also loving Kiskiee, Phaesant and Caged Canary.........ALL FRONTLINE.....oh Gosh I hope I get my first pick =(

Anonymous said...

While I will be playing with Tribe, I have to say that Spice definitely has one up on them for jaw-dropping hotness!

Reality is, most ppl are back-line - and these costumes are good enough, but not spectacular.

empressnatts said...

Nice costumes not draw dropping for me ...waiting on the close ups and price

DC Chica said...

The costumes are nice - but the ones I loved were frontlines, namley Birds of Paradise, Brazilian Macaw and Pheasant. I also loved African Love Bird Backline and the male costume is the best in the bunch.

Although the same designer did that 'Borat' swimsuit for both Spice and Tribe, I would say that it doesnt help that both of those costumes are blue! I not feeling that look at all, I keep getting flashes of Borat in his green swimsuit.

I waiting to see how things develop - namely prices and registration for us abroad

Carnival Diva said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
carnivalbaby said...

Unosexytrini i with you all the way...HI HATERS ;)

innerouterdivaPON said...

Thanks for the posts Saucy. I played with Tribe before and I give them kudos for organization and presentation. Somehow I thought the costumes would tell a better story for 2K9 tho. Feathers don't equate a bird costume and if it wasn't for the "Birds of a Feather" theme and the section tags, I would not know what some of these costumes are supposed to portray because they look like other "non-bird related" yet thoroughly feathered costumes I've seen before (eg. I could put Copia from Kaotic in Tribe and call it a white ibis, but it isn't).

I like the fact that Humming Bird added a little beak for effect. That's something I didn't notice in other sections even though I've heard it's there.

Well we all know when it comes to costumes, seeing them up close and in person makes a BIG difference so I'll be heading to the mas camp to get some close ups and take pics for myself and my friends overseas.

Sherry said...

Just as i thought, i love the costumes. There are some that don't wow me and others that have me slack-jawed in awe. I think i'll be playing frontline next year because i need to have plenty feathers and fanfare.

bammykake said...

can someone tell me the "ups and downs" of being a frontline. my friend says fronliners dont have any fun because they have to look good for the band. is this true. what's the major differences of being a frontliner and a backliner besides the costumes. a lil help people i have to know which costume to choose

innerouterdivaPON said...

I dunno for other masqueraders, but in my opinion the ups and downs would depend on the band. If you're in Island People, I can tell you that one "down" will probably be the fact that you won't get the frontline costume you paid for if you get one at all (this happened to me 2 years in a row before I bailed out of that IP ship).

This year in Tribe, I wasn't in frontline per se because my section was just a with or without wings option. I remember that when it came to crossing the stage the section marshalls (dunno if that's what they're called)pulled all of the people with wings to the front of the section as if we were a kind of frontline. In that respect I guess if you're frontline you're expected to be the "face of the section", but this is just when crossing the stage.

We enjoyed ourselves as much as the other masqueraders and we were never made to feel as if we had to stay pretty for the cameras.

The "ups" of being in frontline are that the costumes are usually more extravagant which is great for people like me who enjoy channeling the inner diva for Carnival. For those who don't like bulkier costumes, backline might be the better option.

Carnival Diva said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bammykake said...

thanks for that... for some reason i'm stuck between "topaz" and "hummingbird" the more i see the "hummingbird" the more i like it.. i thought that dark colors make you hot. but i guess since it's a bra and bottom it doesn't matter i wish i could have them all (sigh)

Dawn-Ann said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tishelle said...

This is GORGEOUS!!!

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