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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Go Big or Stay Home?

One thing I absolutely love about this blog is that I have gotten to meet so many diverse, interesting and special people who are all as crazy for Carnival as I am; some of those being prettidolli, creator of the definition of a frontline H.O. and the commandments that comes with it (she is also responsible for the rules of a solo superstar) as well as franny whose motto is "GO BIG OR STAY HOME". Prettidolli I can say has singlehandedly caused a marked increase in demand for frontline costumes ( I swear everrrrybody is playing frontline for 2009!) and though she has been M.I.A. for a while I am hoping that the costumes on Saturday will lure her out of the woodworks with their rumoured fabulouslity (did I mention one masquerader who has seen ALL TRIBE costumes went into hyper ventilation mode?). As for our Individual Diva, franny, I am only waiting to hear which band she is going to grace with her absolute diva-ness as an Individual masquerader for 2009.

Anyway, I am amused and possibly flattered that the mantra that these two ladies have preached from since the birth of this blog has been embraced by the likes of the "Kadooment Divas" and "Sweet 7". Kadooment Divas are seeking to take boots, tights, makeup, lashes..the entire Carnival Diva ensemble to the ladies who play mas for Crop Over. While Sweet 7 took franny's motto of GO BIG OR STAY HOME and held an event where she sold makeup, lashes, pouches and body jewels to masqueraders for St Lucia Carnival.

Now I have been to both Crop Over and St Lucia Carnival and cannot recall seeing masqueraders bothering to keep on costumes for the day, far less wearing boots, sporting a bling cup and a pouch to match their costume!! The times are a changing I tell you; not only are they importing our (Trinidad's) costumes but our frontline H.O.ness as well!!! The H.O.itis is spreading. Check out pics of St Lucia Carnival 2008 here.

Kadooment Divas are back again holding their open house, actually it was this flyer they sent me which inspired today's post:

For those of you in Barbados check it out!


afro chic said...


Not that I hating on the other Carnivals eh...wait...maybe I am...but I have been to both Barbados and St. Lucia for Carnival and I am yet to see any bling cups/boots and the like. Maybe they NOW trying to 'up' their mas, but they eh ready yet.

I'm just saying.

Michaela said...

I wear boots when I jump with Baje in BIM. Which is more of a comfort thing for me.

I commend the Kadooment Divas for thier effort in brining these accessories to Barbados.

Part of the reason why I LOVE Crop Over is because it is not Carnival. Nor should Crop Over aspire to be like Trinidad Carnival. Throwing away a majority of your costume an hour after putting it on is part of Crop Over. There are no pretenses. Its simply jamming down the road with the interest of having a great time and enjoying the company of others.

Don't get me wrong. I love Trinidad Carnival. It is all glamour and glitz. And nothing can beat the excitement paying for and picking up my marvelous costume.

But I don't go to Trinidad expecting Barbados or vice versa. And I definitely am saddened by the efforts of many to turn Barbados Crop Over into a scaled down mock version Trinidad Carnival.

Leave the pimpette cups where they are and give me a great Tuk band with loads of rum and nothing more.

Can we just promote business efforts like those of Kadooment Divas without making comparisons to Carnival?

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

But Michaela you contradict yourself by saying not to turn Crop Over into a "scaled down mock version on Trinidad Carnival" and admit that Trinidad is all about glamour and glitz then turn around and ask that we not make comparison's to Kadooment Diva's business venture to Trinidad Carnival when the elements of what they are trying to promote ARE from Trinidad's Carnival, not Crop Over. I never said what they are doing is "wrong" I am just saying that it is not what I have observed as being a part of Crop Over or even St Lucia Carnival.

Michaela said...

Saucy, I dont think I am contradicting myself. I appreciate them both for what they are, which is very different.
Its like that chocolate saying "'Sometimes you feel for a nut sometimes you dont" (ok, horrible analogy) point being that I can love them both but not want to change either of them very much.

My comments were more so triggered by the article but not in response to it. More so in the general comparison between the two festivals. Its like comparing apples to organges.

But are things such as makeup, boots, eyelashes, etc something that I associate with Trinidad? No, I can remember my aunt jumping in Bim back when I was 6 or so and she wore gold boots and was heavy on the divaness with the makeup.

xVx said...

I have to agree with Michaela, being Bajan myself...

I have pictures of family members in both Notting Hill & Crop Over over the past 30-odd-years, trippin by di road with fake eyelashes, specially adorn purses to match their costumes, customized boots, and the world of make-up caked on their faces...its not just a Trini thing.

Crop Over (to me) is a completely different experience. Its about celebrating the title itself, crop is over time to party and get on badd. Whereas Trinidad's Carnival is and experience of feeling regal, glitz and glam. I heart them both and can respect them for their differences. I have never been to thee other Caribbean carnivals, but hope they too find a signature trademark. I have seen blogs, pictures and advertisements of fetes and feel as though we are morphing into one...a phony replica of Trinidad.

dougla_1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dougla_1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dougla_1 said...

Well said michaela and xvx! One of the consistent views I have is for Trinbagonians to RESPECT their own culture. Certainly, we can take a little bit from other inspirations around the world, but we must know our OWN UNIQUE history and what are RELEVANT for us. Barbados is no different in this regard. Cropover is unique to you, and you must celebrate it with all the joi de vive that BAJANS can muster. Visitors can join in and share the joy. Taking a bit of glitz and glamour from Trinidad is not a bad thing, but make it relevant to your thing even to the point it may not even be recognizable as a Trini thing ;) Copy is flattery not essence. We may have gotten to these beautiful islands by the harshest ways ill gotten humanity could muster, but what we created each in our unique ways is the celebrations that ALL humans have a common desire to be FREE, mind, body and soul! Bless up!

Also, there is a lot of love from me for Bajans, because I do credit your people who embraced the Trini Soca and reenergize the sound when Trinbagonians had no clue how to "grow" their own music. I am forever grateful to the Bajan Invasion in the mid 1990's. Thank you Barbados, and your amazing first lady of Soca, Allison Hinds (yes, she has bottom for days, in her prime!)

Scotty said...

I dont know what the big thing is about boots my sisters have been playing mas with boots for as long as I can remember, now everyone want to be the ambassador for boots, eyelashes and beauty and BS that have been around before people started blogging, if we take a look at the people who are giving advise on you will do just that

Scotty said...

I live in Trini and I see every year the women from Trini trying their best to dress like the american, remember those people have a reason to wear boots so they just bring an old one to play mas in, but the Trinis go online and pay crazy $$ for boots with more fur than the foreigners, that is too damn funny,so if anyone want to talk about copying look in the mirror, and you see them in the parties trying to keep up, I remember the days that trinis use to dress, now theya re trying their best to look like a foreigner

dougla_1 said...

Yes, scotty, but these accessories have been NEGLECTED for many years now. The point is many people need to take their costuming ser i ous ly! They need help.

Some of the "ugliest" looking people are the best advisors of beauty and fashion designers. You know why? Because they had to learn for themselves what REAL beauty is.

Excellent point on your second post/comment, scotty!

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

scotty obviously you missed the era when sneakers were and still are the footwear of choice for Carnival.

In my mother's day boots was the rage, but sneakers have overtaken boots as the footwear most masqueraders wear.Oh, and this year we all got boots for VERY cheap online, I don't know where you got your facts that people are bringing "old" boots to Carnival from overseas but Afro Chic decorated boots this year and the boots were new plus Natalie was doing customised boots last year for both local and overseas masqueraders.

Yes the makeup and lashes have been around for a long time, the blog was to share our Carnival rituals not to claim that "we" started the trend of people wearing eyelashes and makeup but rather trying to encourage those so inclined to glam it up on the road and share tips and advice on how to do so.

You remarks on who is giving advice is quite condescending; am I to "lol" at the fact that a man is commenting on "women's business?" steups

dougla_1 said...

But saucy, if you did that, yuh have to lol at me, too! Ok, I am hushing up now ;)

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

dougs you have never in ANYWAY been condescending :)

Scotty said...

ohhhh my bad I did not mean to say old boots,they bring their boots... and yea I have seen many women walking the streets in pain with their online purchase,some in heels that broke in the potholes, some can barely walk from the discomfort and pain, but all in all its carnival lal. and FYI I am one of the top beauty professionals in the country - make-up artist etc. and professional photographer so I have an eye for beauty..lal, I am not fighting just giving an opinin///

Ornella said...

the 'bling cup' belongs to the rappers, the false eyelashes belong to the drag queens, the boots belong to colder climates, and carnival belongs to everyone, I mean seriously, our entire carnival in trinidad borrows more and more from the samba schools and las vegas, so for people to be sitting down here and 'hating' on smaller islands because they are following the follow fashion ways of trinidad carnival is just sad and ridiculous, please you really want to be known as the head of the carnival follow fashions? the people who put they foot in winter boots for two toe - jamming days?,when there is something to be proud of and defend we should, but bling cups? so because somebody follow snoop that means that no one else should ever ever put a gem on a plastic cup in any other island than trinidad? wow, that is all, wow!

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

ornella it really isn't that serious, really! Who is taking claim for being the "first"? Just commenting on changing trends in Carnivals outside of Trinidad and Tobago.. I am not the "head" of anything nor do I ask anyone to "follow" me .. please see my disclaimer!

Ornella said...

mmm hmmm, eh heh!!

Anonymous said...

well said ornella, 'sauce' no disrespect eh but if you examine past posts where you discuss other carnivals, you always give the impression that the smaller islands are just cheap knock offs of your carnival, and it kind of hurts, they do not have the kind of economy, the size, or many of the other factors that make trinidad carnival what it is, but they tryin, if you read afro chic post above, her opinion is basically that they not ready yet, maybe so but they tryin.

Michaela said...

mas-ah - What is being ready? Is being ready meeting the standards that are set in Trinidad? If that is so will these countries ever be ready? And if this is the case, why do they need to be ready? Why can't ready be ready by the said country's standards?

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