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Sunday, July 27, 2008

In Feathered Heaven!!!

What a night! Going live was so much drama with resizing and uploading photos, while trying to be everywhere all at once with hopes to still try and enjoy the launch. Well, I gave up on having as a good a time as I did last year, however with so many of you online last night waiting for pics the vibe and camaraderie kept me going!!

So, I am not going to review the launch per se as I was behind the scenes for the most part, but the décor of Pier 1 was very nice with the live birds and the use of the massive birdcages on the stage and as props for “dancing girls”. A pre recorded parrot voice greeted you with a “Welcome to TRIBE” on entry, uhmm yeah ok! Since I arrived early for the media launch I was able to see the venue go from empty to packed solid, it was a big fete in Pier 1 and things were still in full swing when I left at 3:30AM.

The media launch was attended by President Max Richards and his wife, it featured a presentation by TRIBE on celebrating 5 years in the business. After that it was on to the nine costumes that we were privy too; lots of oohhhs and ahhhs which was mirroed at the actual launch hours later. People generally seemed impressed.

After the media launch people trickled in steadily, I got a text from Mystique telling me she was stuck in traffic at 11:15 and the launch was carded to start at 12 midnight. Lots of people were stuck in traffic, a caveat of using Pier 1 as a venue. My biggest complaint would have to be the very late start on the showing of costumes; first it was to start at 12, then 1 and finally happened at 1:30.. I was restless and anxious to see more dammit! Anyway when the show started all thoughts of being tired and cranky went out the window as one feathered costume after the other dazzled the eye and senses.

I was a bit concerned that Anthony and Richard had done costumes for Spice, being in the know of some behind the scenes information I knew they got involved with Spice after starting costumes with TRIBE. My fear was that the costumes would look similar however with the exception of Spangled Cotinga frontline, the costumes are very different. Spice is all about the bling with their jeweled bras and belts while TRIBE is just in a feathered heaven!

Now unto the costumes and let me start with the “duds” first, being the ones that I did not like or was not impressed with. Flight of the Ibis, cute backline, it is very skimpy with a big feathered headpiece, and I am guessing the white and black on the costume is a nod to it being our national bird? But, aesthetically I am just not seeing the Ibis with black and white; in addition I did not like the Individual costume which is a cross between Bjork’s Swan Dress from the Oscars and an accordion fan. If I squint my eye I can see what the designers were trying to portray but it actually looks like someone tragically maimed the Ibis! The frontline is O.K. I am not wowed, I think I might have a personal dislike for red costumes on the whole.. oh well.

Flamingo, nothing drastically wrong with this costume, I need to see that shade of pink in person. It looks like another “cutesy” safe design but again, where does the white come in? I remember looking at endless photos of Flamingos and they are a pinky/salmon colour.. no white!!! Not to mention the butt pack looks like a feather duster; I aint feeling this one too much at all either.

Okay so we get to the costumes that pass the grade but did not really bring the WOW factor. Wild Parrot, very nice use of the colours of the actual bird, nice overall not wowed by it. Blue Tanger, gorgeous colour, liking the tiny feathered wings that women can keep on all day, perfect for the backline betty who is low maintenance, pretty but not stunning though the larger headpiece is nice. Night Owl, I like the colour combination of earthy, woodsy tones.. marries well to the portrayal and really cannot fault the design except to say that it is just “there”, maybe a bit too basic as we have been there done that before kinda thing.

Aight, now the costumes with that extra oomph but that I still got a lil problem with. Brazilian Macaw, I like the headpiece and back/neck pack, the sexy bra is just that, sexy, cannot expect anything less from Ms Hordatt. I love the male for this section by the way and the Individual is awesome. I just think that the backline costume needs an extra oomph as well; it is way too simple when matched up with that frontline or even other backlines of the 15 sections.

Golden Dove, loving the backline, very pretty with all those sparkly rhinestones to injure your stockings!!! The frontline however might just be too much of a good thing. I absolutely applaud the fact that the designers took a different path with the swimsuit (similar to Isis because it is the same designer) and the use of lots of rhinestones. I am not feeling the headpiece, maybe it is the tan coloured winged pieces or that bit in the middle… And the cuff of the wrist piece is too big and chunky with too little feathers to balance it out, it looks odd.

Finally the superstars of the bunch!!! Caged Canary, LOVE the colour combination, LOVE the frontline headpiece, LOVE the hanging dangly feathers, LOVE the wrist piece on the frontline. this is a VERY skimpy costume, that chain belt is unforgiving as it hides nothing.

Ruby Topaz, beautiful Brazilianesque frontline, what is not to LOVE? The wings are too pretty as well as the colour and the massive headpiece for the frontline. The backline stands on its own as well, very well decorated bra and headpiece.

African Love Bird, Peter Elias did good. The frontline is dramatic, sexy and covered all in one while the backline has the cute feathered collar that ups the glam factor on this one, of course I love the colours as well.

Humming Bird, ooh I like the dark, shimmery sequinedess of this one. I notice all the headpieces use a peak to emulate a beak, which is a nice theme running through the band, but Humming Bird has an actual metal beak that I think is hot! I love the frontline, the colours look just like the real thing.

Bird of Paradise, can we say HELLO it is fricking gorgeous? Super Mo Mo has done it again! SO stylish, SO well put together with the collar, the tail and the option of wings for frontline, just beautiful. The backline is gorgeous as well, one should not feel frontline envy in that costume! That swishiness of the tail is so so so adorable!! Wine blocker it is for sure!

Green Honeycreeper, very, very pretty green costume, that bra is wicked and is so not suitable for all cup sizes as the side of the bra hooks unto a O ring with teeny straps !The frontline is stellar!!! I LOVE the wings and the silver jeweled decoration on them The backline has a lovely headpiece, that holds it’s own against the frontline.

Kiskadee, let me just say that the frontline headpiece is killer and it is just that and the tail which separates backline from frontline. I like the use of brown and yellow feathers, just like the bird,. With those footpieces you don’t need to decorate boots!!! The tail is cute, another wine blocker but pull it off if you dare Frontline H.O.s! Oh and note the use of the appliqué, though it still harkens back to the ole time Poison days this particular appliqué is a lil different in design, I am not enthralled by the appliqué but at least it looks a bit more modern. This is another one of Monique's I might add.

Spangled Cotinga, oh what a pity the full impact of this costume was lessened by Melilot Blue which you cannot help but compare it to. However, Cotinga BLOWS any other out the water. The colour is the exact shade of aqua as Nylon Pool circa 2006. The headpiece, gorgeous!!! The décor on the bodysuit.. gorgeous!! I get a Machu Pichu nekkid vibe from this costume. And that tail!!! I know it is going to irk some people on the road, the ones who want to throw some vulgar waist, but it has that whip action going on when you swing those hips DIVAS!

Pheasant, burnished bronze and pheasant feathers.. we have seen this combination before but it is ALWAYS a pleaser. Yes, that headpiece is reminding me of Wendy Fitzwilliams winning costume at Miss Universe courtesy Harts, but I still love it! I really need to inspect this costume closer to see the detail on the bra and belt but I put it in the top costumes because it is beautiful.

The male costumes have greatly improved over the burger king headpiece of this year. For the males I like Pheasant, Brazilian Macaw, Bird of Paradise, Spangled Cotinga and maybe Kiskadee. Everything else looks decent but not stellar. I see the portrayed male frontlines/individuals at the launch last night so all who were clamoring for more mas for the men, your request has been heeded; I am waiting to see how many men actually play Individuals.

All the female costumes have similar headpieces in terms of the V, simulated beak and the placement of feathers in the design, overall a very colourful presentation that is a step above 2008 so I am very impressed. Yeah, I am biased because I am a TRIBER, but yuh know what I am and I am not denying it because everyone else goes gaga over THEIR band of choice as well. I tried to be as fair as possible in my assessment and also used other people’s reviews from the launch last night as well to get a vibe on what they thought was hot or not though it did not necessarily affect my opinion. Truthfully I wish all bands come with beautiful costumes so that masquerader have choices , as we know one band alone cannot accommodate us all!

TRIBE's website will be up and running on Wednesday!! As for prices, well I am keeping my fingers crossed that I won't be eating lettuce and water for the rest of the year, but that might be a good thing since that is the diet you need to be on to fit into these costumes!! I am NOT playing, my "fat" ass will be in the gym from August 1st!!

For more photos

Album 1

Album 2

Album 3


princessredz said...

Boss pics Saucy!!! I sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the launch as much due to meeting the demands/needs fo your blog audience, but goodness knows we appreciate it!!!!

I am well impressed with the designs this year. Loving them! I could see me in so many sections it not funny. Cyah wait till the website launch!!

princessredz said...

I can't stop looking at pics. I figure I might end up in bird of paradise or african lovebird as backline options, but OMFG the caged canary and spangled cottinga FLs...

shells said...

Great pics Saucy. Didn't see you, but now i know why. The launch was good, great music, lots and lots and lots of people, drinks flowing steadily. And of course fabulous costumes. I've gotten my costume choices down to five (5) already, and one of them is a Super Mo costume!!

Waiting patiently for the website to launch, and registration to begin :-)

dougla_1 said...

"...I wish all bands come with beautiful costumes so that masquerader have choices , as we know one band alone cannot accommodate us all!" Not so in life, too? :)

Nice review Sauce. I like your very informative excitement for your "superstars of the bunch (flock ;)" ). Yes, this is a stunning effort for Tribe. The designs (some way better that others to be sure) are a big step forward as designers are beginning to take advantage of the sexy MAS possibilities of the bikini (panty and bra for the skeptics) palette. Kudos, for the "bravery" of the Tribe committee to insist they should (quite frankly, from my heart, MUST) at least present a stunning piece or two of REAL costuming for real MEN in the band!

Now, I think if allyuh (Tribe) keep the band tight on the road, yuh will achieve the amazing ephmeral vibe that EVERYONE talked about for months after yuh first time on the road. Remember? I really think Tribe is going to be an amazing feathers fantasy on the road, 2K9, and really something to SEE!

Carnival Diva said...


carnivalbaby said...

Kudos to you once again Saucy for your tireless work in the last few hours. You are in a league of your own. Thanks for bringing the show to those of us who couldn't be there. That said, I'm weak with ecstacy at those costumes, loving loving so many...Many thanks again Saucy;)

DC Chica said...

Thanks for the update Saucy - very informative...without it, I would have had to wait for my friends to email me some pics and who knows when that mighta happen.

On another note, Flight of the Ibis individual is the ugliest thing I've EVER seen! And the Ibis backline didnt catch my eye either. I was hoping it would have been the most dazzling - given that its the national bird and all.

quiksilver said...

i am still hungover....

it's definiately TRIBE.

i've made my decision. and i know my section.

Observer said...

For starters I am not a hater so please if my opinions don't mesh with some of yours don't draw the wrong conclusions.I am just giving my opinion as a masquerader searching for a band to play with.

I was a patron of last night's event. First off the venue was very well laid out and decorated and access to drinks was easy. 10 out of 10. Got my money's worth.

The costumes in my opinion were lacking. They were not as bad as Evolution but certainly they were not in the WOW category. I would place the rating for these costumes somewhere between Evolution and Kaotic. For me Spice seems to be topping things at the moment. I am still waiting however to see Harts and IP.

I only have 2 sore points about the event. The first was that I was very disappointed that the event did not start on time and when it did the first 5 minutes of the show seemed very uncertain, unrehearsed and full of technical glitches. 2 out of 10.

The second, is that as an animal lover, I was appalled, no horrified at the thoughtless act of releasing live birds on stage in the night while firewroks were being released at the same time and music blaring.The poor birds flew senselesly around dodging fireworks. I think one actually got struck because I saw it going down into a crash in Pier 2.Dioriented the rest of birds later all huddled together on the lighting scaffold. From what I know of birds, these will probably die. Shame. Shame. Shame. 0 out of 10. I intend to wite Tribe about this.

Saucy your blog is great keep up the good work. Please do your part though in getting Tribe never again to use live animals at an event.

Anonymous said...

I dare not speak my honest opinion because on this blog to say negative things about any other band is called 'constructive criticism' but to say something negative about tribe is called 'hating'.

Usually if saucy sees a costume that looks like another band she puts it up next to the said costume, but here it is only a 'pity'.
Let's be honest, the regualr costumes are not at all dazzling
if it's about the service it's about the service but there is absolutely no need to attack people for not agreeing with you.

I said it before and I will say it again, SPICE or KAOTIC getting my money

Observer said...

I agree to some extent with Mas-ah. But at the end of the day this is Saucy's blog. I have been observing this blog for a very long time and she should definitely be commended for her hard work, committment, timeliness and dedication. Don't think there is any other blog out there that is so current when it come to Trini mas. However, the fact that there is an obvious bias does take away a bit from the overall product. Had it not been for this she would get a 10 out of 10 from me. But the bias carries the rating to a 7.Some bands seem to get it undiluted while as you say Tribe gets a pass on everything. I've been thinking and I'm actually going to write the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals about that live bird release incident.

quiksilver said...

i had a problem with the birds too. utterly horrific. i was disturbed by the caged birds at the entrace and wondered if they would be affected by the noise but the doves and the fireworks was inexcusable.

princessredz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DeRedting said...

To the folks who do not appreciate this blog. . .

1. Is Saucy Blog!
2. Since it is Saucy blog she could say what she likes!
4. If yuh doh like what is said here please feel free to find other sources for your carnival information.

Thank You
Blog reader & supporter since the begining aka DeReds!

trinicandy said...

saucy...........fabulous job

i love the costumes but i have to wait to see the price which is the determinig factor on who i play with in 2k9.

keeping my fingers cross for at least a section to be less that $3000

i'll be first in line to register for that section

(lawd hear my pray)

Observer said...

I agree with you deredting except for one item, you make a big jump when you conclude that because someone has a different point of view that they don't appreciate the blog. The blog is very much appreciated.I think Mas-ah was saying that the minute someone expresses a different point of view people conclude that they are a hater which may not necessarily be so. Now there is "PNM till ah dead" and "Tribe till ah dead" and nothing is wrong with that. For some die hard Tribites if they were given a feather and a cup for $3000 they would pay that and be happy and that is of course an individual choice that has to be respected. But please appreciate that there are some independent thinkers who call a spade a spade. I say it again Saucy's work is of international standard except for her bias for one band. Now its her choice, she can broaden her base and aim for a 10 out of 10 or stick with what she has. Either way, bias or not, I read her blog and appreciate it.She is doing a good job and her blog is indeed very helpful and informative.

Anonymous said...

Never once did I say that saucy's work is not extremely important and necessary.
Albeit I did not compliment on her amazing work for which I apologise, I now ask the question, is the lap top going to be a feature which we can expect to enjoy for all other launches from now on or just for tribe? and I think the reason we have the option of commenting is so that many different viewpoints can be expressed. yes or no? I do not think saucy is offended in the least and I am also surprised that there is an inability in some of the other bloggers to see how necessary this counterpoiont type conversation is to the development of the carnival product. Saucy if you tell me to get off your blog because i find that tribe gets a little favour, then fine may it be so.

I have followed this blog for a very long time, and I know saucy calls a spade a spade (so what if there are some spades more equal than others) oh gosh laugh nah! I have my favourites too so what?

I just do not like being referred to as a hater because I do not have the same opinion as the majority on this blog.Saucy's work is still of great import to me and is nonetheless still very necessary and greatly appreciated so the deredting 'SHOVE OFF' in the nicest, most congenial way possible.

SocaDiva said...

Saucy girl you have a passion for reporting, but i actually agreed with most of you opinions on the sections. The aunch was great, the drinks were flowing and the had some cocktails named after some sections such as Scarlet Ibis, Humming Bird (In my opinion this was the best!!) and can't remember the others lol.

Anyway I think they delayed the start of showng the costumes to accomodate people stuck in traffic, which was terrible, I got there at ten to twelve, after leaving home about 9:30. But it was welll worth it.

My first thoughts on the costumes, LOOK HOW SKIMPY!!! lol but they were pretty. From the distance of the stage my friends and I were commenting on how most of them looked the same just different colours but when we were leaving and took a booklet you could really see the difference in each. My favourites so far are African Lovebird, Kiskidee, Birds of Paradise and green honeycreeper.
Cant wait to see them in person upclose!!!

Carnival Diva said...

Like I always say, Carnival is Bacchanal!!

@ Trinicandy, lol, girl I'm sure a lot of other people are holding their breaths, heavy in prayer waiting for those prices to drop as well :)

JJ said...

can allyuh back up off my African Lovebird, please. :D

in all fairness, Saucy and the Trinidad Carnival Diary cannot be faulted for other readers/contributors/commenter calling another contributor/commenter a "hater".

DeRedting said...

Mas Ah and Observer I never refered to any of you as a hater. One of the reasons I have read this blog for so long is so that I can see different opinions so no I will not "Shove Off" as you (Mas Ah) put it. Now if the hater cap fits wear it, but I stand by what I said. Comming on someone's space and accusing them of bias because they express an opinion that may not be in line with yours is downright wrong. If she does have a bias it is her right and her blog and we just have to deal with it. If we do not like the bias then we are free to go elsewhere. In addition getting into the name calling thing/insulting thing degrades the purpose of folks with different opinions having their say. Now if you have read this blog as faithfully as you claim you will know that there are folks who come in here and try to put this effort down, yet they still come everyday no matter how "biased" Saucy is or how much she "bad talk" other bands. It is for those folks my words were directed.

Nothing is wrong with disliking or not being impressed with Tribe or its costumes. If you read this blog as faithfully as you say you do then you would note that not only does Sauce give Tribe praise she is also first in line to pull up dey socks (as my grandma would say) We all do it and once again that is the beauty of this blog.

So no I will not "shove off" but I would appreciate it if you stay away from the borderline insults because this is not the forum for that. We are here because we love carnival and it is this love that makes us one people.



sexy eyes said...

Good Job getting these pics for us Saucy ;)

Oh lord... all the bacchanal... people.. please!!!

Malicious Jade said...

Let me add my 50cents. (Who God Bless, NO Man Curse)

Saucy, Plenty Huggs girl. I was greatly anticipating going to this launch, only to be stuck down with illness.
So Thank you for covering it so well. Darlin,I am reviewing the costumes of Tribe and I have to say, fantastic presentation.

Bird of Paradise Frontline Option 1, Green Honeycreeper Frontline and African Love Bird frontline are my favorites.

Backlines - Speckled Owl (the rest of the backlines, don't have much backline for my backside. And I think that is what I noticed the most. Not much is happening for the backliners.

But so far, my selection is boiling down to two costumes from Tribe. African Love Bird for one - Yes JJ, your section. LOL

As for price (starting to pray to win de lotto) We go see. I have other bands in review, Spice being one of them. Which means, Band Hopping will be coming soon.

Again, Saucy, Love ya GYUL!You keep doing what you doing.

Observer said...

Ladies and gentlemen we do not need to bicker and fight here. We just need to be respectful of each others positions as we share them.

Mas-ah you were going good until the "shove off" comment. Just give deredting a a small apology and let us move on.

Deredting neither myself or Mas-ah ever personally criticised you or Saucy or the blog in fact we both agreed upfront that Saucy is doing a good job and providing a good service so I don't full understand the slant of your last post, maybe you did not read the postings from us properly.

I would like to clarify my position again. My point was that Saucy's blog is exactly that Saucy's blog and she can decide what she puts, who she favours and who she does not. And you know what she is fully in her right to do so. She even says outright she is a Triber and has some bias for them. However, I do beleive that if she has aspirations to broaden her base of users and bloggers that the bias that some users like myself perceive may be a drawback. This is not a criticism but just a personal opinion and my assessment of there being a bias is also just a personal opinion. Now nowhere in there has anyone said anything bad about Saucy, her work or the blog so I think knowing that we all agree that the blog is useful we can leave any allegations sugeesting otherwise out and move on.

Hot said...

Hi All,

Wow, see like some real bachannal start up while I was away. Well anyway, the Spice crew had a ball last night. Most of us went down for 9:30 and beat the traffic.We drank and partied till wee hours this morning. Sadly one of us...not me.....had to go do mas showroom duty this morning...haha.

That's all I'll say for now, won't venture to commenting on anything else.

Had a thought though, with all this debate over costumes, design, appeal and prettiness....could we set up some kind of panel to rate the costumes from all the bands?

The members of the panel will of course need to be reputable and neutral and the name of the costume, the band it is from and designer will not be known to the panel. Like colours can be compared for each with with red etc

This might actually help with establishing standards that would benefit the masquerader and Carnival on the whole.

Any thoughts?

dougla_1 said...

hot, the only "rating" system should be all ah we opinions. I like Spice, Kaotic, and Tribe, so far. So if no one who comment on this blog doh like Tribe costumes, so what. Tribe IS delivering for people who like their vibes. Bands will rise or fall on their product and service. Some loyalty "rivalry" seems to be inevitable, but I wish we will rise above that.

And for all the animal "lovers," I KNOW why the caged birds sing. They yearn to be FREE just like you and me. Is this how you conduct your lives EVERY day? (just a question to ponder.) I try as best as I can, not only at a band launch where an unintended negligence occured.

Carnival 'oman said...

Sadly, there will always be someone or people who don't agree with what anyone else has to say in regards to just about EVERYTHING! But say what, no one ever said you have to please anyone!

Costumes are beautiful! So be it!

Ms. Licious said...

As I commented on a previous post mas-ah this is not the first time Saucy's blogged live, she did it for the first time at IPs launch last year:

In addition, suppose she does not blog live from every upcoming band launch will that show her Tribe bias again or might it be that the person she keeps borrowing her 'live blog' equipment from is biased *as well*?

I'm just saying...we cant beat up on her if someone else could give not one damn about providing the service for another launch can we?

Anonymous said...

you know, saucy said herself she is a triber, what is the big issue if we say so too? It is obvious that the woman like her tribe mas....well OK, why chastise me for seeing that as well, and now i cannot even ask a simple question?

I am not attacking saucy,tribe,or anybody for that matter.

i am entitled to an opinion and i will state it and risk being called a hater or a troll or whatever the holder of a different opinion is called on the web now.

and nobody is beating up on saucy, btw deredting I am sorry for asking you to shove off, observer was right it was completely uncalled for. Why can't any of you stand up and just say "yes I like tribe and so what?" eh?

Is there some shame in being a triber? that when it is noticed we have to be force fed with 'go to another blog' and 'stop being a hater' from anyone who seems to think if you do not like tribe you should burn in hell?

it is wonderful that all of you are trying to defend saucy but I really do not think that saucy requires it. she has proven her intellect to be one that could handle a little criticism and hold an objective viewpoint.An objective viewpoint that does not run anybody who disagrees with it.

Saucy I find that you bias for tribe, ok? I recognise that as your right and I cannot take that from you and I thank you for allowing me to express my opinion here.please any response may they be approached with an honest,objective viewpoint and not a take no prisoners onslaught.


jumbie65 said...

Just some info for those concerned about the live birds, these were in fact Homing piegons and not doves used , and in fact all are accounted for and are back with their handler in St James as of this morning. While i agree there should have been a slight delay in the release of the birds and the fireworks, none have in fact died as some one has predicted. The birds were in fact part of the rehersals both on thurs and friday to make sure they homed in on their final destination.
With respect to the other live birds making up the entrance Tribe worked with the zoo and their able staff and their registered society to handle and monitor the birds , the staff (zoo) was on hand during the event and all was safely back to work on time for the opening of the zoo this morning.

Ms. Licious said...

mas-ah for the record I don't think you're a hater, a troll or anything like that. You stated your opinions like a rational individual and nothing wrong with that. Where did anyone call you a hater specifically? I might of missed it though, I ain't able to read through all the arguing. There are people who do jump up on here and get on the woman case for liking Tribe, something she's stated over and over and doesn't apologize for ever.

Also for the record, I like Tribe, so what? What bothers me though is when people say that because someone likes Tribe if they give people 2 feathers and a cup they will still play with them because that is simply not true, I like my money more than I like Tribe and I like carnival more than I like the things I will sacrifice to get my costume. So what?

I also wasn't trying to beat up on you for asking your question, I just wondered what people *not you specifically* would say if saucy didn't get her hook up to live blog from any other launch. I mean...she likes what? So if she makes the extra effort to blog live from Tribe who vex loss. And if she doesn't it may not be all her doing either because her hook up might like Tribe alone *so what?* lol ok ok I done with the so whats.

The only reason I'm taking the time to 'defend' tonight too is because saucy ain't have no current (her power is out/ she has no electricity/ current GORN) so she can't defend herself today and she's probably miserable because she cant see whats going on today of all days on the blog. I'm sure she will say what she have to say tomorrow though so don't think she ducking responding to the comments.

quiksilver said...

thank you for the update jumbie 65. i can sleep a bit easier now.

trinicandy said...

anybody have a clue as to the prices of these gorgous costumes

saucy see if you get a scoop on that

i check out meh budget and if i really sweeeeezzzzzee i could make ah $3000 anything more i will be eating lettuce and water like you saucy and i will disappear cause it ent got much ah me

bammykake said...


i agree with you on the "amazon parrot" i love the colors more then any of the others but the costume seems like it's missing something.. have you seen the frontline? i think the headpiece could have been more vibrant and maybe a some wings or feathers in the back..

Richard said...

TRIBE has once again set the bar very high for carnival, firstly the decor and service was exceptional, the music was great and to top off everything nicely... THE COSTUMES ARE FABULOUS, people can say what they want, and try to analyze the designs and presentation, but TRIBE SOLD OUT ALREADY, so fuss all you want to date there has been no other band with better service and product and lord knows how many have tried but remember a TRIBER WILL ALWAYS BE A TRIBER!

chris said...


Ria said...

people does be real boldface yunno! listen is the woman's right to like her band of choice. Me, I did real love meh Poison back in de day no matter who say what bout it was too big or dey costumes ugly Poison was it for me.

Allyuh doing as if masqueraders doh support the band as much dey will support a panside or wha? Since when Saucy is above having a favorite, she is a saint, a goddess, she is only human people get over allyuh self!

She like she tribe that is she business I find the review she tribe was worst than what she give Spice,she liked more sections in Spice. I guess now she biased too cause she seem to like Spice and she didn't have much bad to say about Kaotic.

But how allyuh come to read about costumes to attacking Saucy liking tribe, is tribe allyuh have the real problem with? allyuh can't believe that they supporters does support dem so hard? what it is allyuh hating on tribe so for and in turn hating on saucy cause she say she is a triber?

I come here to see d costumes and watch pics and read saucy review to read how allyuh dogging the woman just ain't right. 7 outta 10 because she does play with tribe? allyuh vex she not playing wid allyuh band? which band she does play with again? she must be excited to see she band,ah bet if Island People launch tomorrow yuh go see dey supporters tizizc .. but allyuh hating.

get over it nah man, let the woman love she tribe, allyuh love allyuh band and lewee all live in ah carnival harmony and give Saucy a goddam break!

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

Richard please do not sent people into panic saying TRIBE sold out already!! Lawd have mercy!! I did not register for my costume, how can they be sold out lol.

Observer said...

Obviously some of you just don't seem to get the point. So for those who choose only to hear what they want to hear let's try one last time. No one, neither Mas-ah or myself have said that Saucy is wrong or that her blog is not useful or that she does not have the right to do things however she wants to do it. In fact we have said quite the opposite and have commended her for what she is doing. We are just of the opinion that there is some bias when it comes to Tribe.

The problem seems to be that some of you don't care to respect a person's opinion, in fact some of you just seem to beleive that any opinion outside of your own is wrong, hence all the drama.

And for all those who like to jump to conclusions it might shock you to know that I have played in Tribe ever year for the last 4 or 5years including last year and I have a TLC card. But I am not a blind loyalist to anything.

Last year the band was too big for my liking and I decided to consider an alternative this year. Consider. I was also not impressed by the costumes this year and that's just a personal opinion.

As for my comment about 2 feathers and a cup, there have been bloggers who have stated right here that if tribe give them 2 fig leaves they would play with them and my comment did say that it was a matter of individual choice and right for them to choose. I did not condemn anyone for that.I just said that I make choices based on my preferences and not anybody else's or any group. I do not blindly follow anything or anyone.

Now if because of that I have to get blasted by some of you then so be it. But please don't go putting words in my mouth or twisting anything I say out of context.

Carnival 'oman said...

Observer why you still going on with that? :) Small thing man!

dougla_1 said...

carnival 'oman, ah still laughing in tears. You just made my morning, with your sweetest of comment!

jt said...

still dusting and picking out the feathers form my hair

could not ask for any thing more from TRIBE love every section
but i'll like to get into any out of these 6
Green Honeycreeper
Bird of Paradise
African Love Bird
Caged Canary
humming Bird
any out of those and i'm good but
look once i get inside i'm fine cause all i will be suing Monday and Tuesday is the bands and my board shorts nothing else

jt said...

PS Saucy you looked lovely

Tr|n|gYa| said...

I've been out of commission for the last couple days...I will reserve judgement on costumes for some time again..
But half of these comments on this post is bickering about who hatin' on who...
I could totally understand someone's decision not to play with Tribe for whatever reason, and wanting to get their point across on why they should not be villified for their decision. Spice have nice costumes, and so does Kaotic.

But ohhhh gorrmmms....41 comments is enough man..lighten the mood people, we are a love!

jumbie65 said...

did u peeps notice the new tag line for Tribe in their Booklet ?

Lady said...

WOW...I decided to stay off the internet for one day and look all the bachannal Tribe launch causing...
Saucy great work! You have real energy love the pics. And yes as always Tribe's costumes are fantastic let see which ones sell out first!

lizzy said...

did anyone even notice that the SPANGLED COTINGA is almost the exacy same costume as i think it was the alligator in Island people just last year.....HHHHHHHMMMMM just blue instead of green......i liked the costumes but it made me feel like they were saying those fools love us so much they wouldn't even notice

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