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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TRIBE Costume Brochure

Runners up
Victoria Jaggesar & Jamie Lee Phillips

Stephanie Llanos & Jeffery Charles


Spangled Cotinga

Wild Parrot


Blue Tanger

Flight of the Ibis

Green Honeycreeper

Bird of Paradise



Golden Dove

Caged Canary

Night Owl

African Love Bird

Ruby Topaz

Brazilian Macaw

Calvin French &


Ria Ree, JD said...




Carnival Diva said...


Kerryann said...

THANKS SAUCY!!! Now I can salivate about 100 times a day until the website is up.

CARA said...

*cara slices wrist* what's a girl to do???? i can't choose!!

Bagogyul said...

*Bagogyul slides off her chair at work*
Thanks saucy!!!!

Tr|n|gYa| said...


JJ said...

Kudos Ms. Saucy...guess who's got a new Screen Saver!!!!!????!!!!

and Ms. Laura Ferreira, your work is commendable. The photos are very crisp and clear. The colors vibrant and your use of light and contrast tops.

I need to borrow your eye for all of my photographs from now on. Please and Thank you.

ms. hershey said...

two words... absolutely amazing!!!!!

i wasn't initially madly in love with the costumes when i first saw them but after seeing them on various sites and seeing more of the detail on the costumes... i'm absolutely in LOVE! OMG, I CANNOT WAIT TO SPREAD MY WINGS WITH TRIBE!!!!

*hershey passes out*

Anonymous said...

i love the spangeled continga caged canary frontline and the green honeycreeper....... the girlies and i are goning to have a ball picking out costumes

dajewel1982 said...

is it just me or does the backlines look like an afterthought??? oh, and aren't we missing a section?? the snow bird section??

afro chic said...

Snow Bird isn't a section dajewel. It's an individual I think.

Curlylocz said...

What's the difference between a section and an individual? Is there no frontline for an individual?

Anonymous said...

culrylocz, individual by the mere definition of the term more or less means just back no front.just one. the pictures look absolutely amazing, oh my gosh!!

dajewel1982 said...

thanks, ac, for the clarification. i still think that the majority of the backlines are lacking, but i do have some favorites. maybe i will be able to appreciate the full theme when they display them at the camp.

Curlylocz said...

Thanks mas-ah. As much as I love the Tribe costumes, I don't know how likely it is I'll get to play in the section of my choice. Even with 16 costumes to choose from, there's no telling what will sell out first and what will be left for overseas masqueraders. It's a wait and see game right now...

buublenut said...

funny I was looking for spinworld in trinidad and google gave me this link

I didn;t know they launched elsewhere on the same night - is that possible??

ms. hershey said...

so i've been staring at the costumes off and on all day. i've finally narrowed my selections down to my favorite 3. lawd... registration can't come fast enough!!!

keyshia said...


which costumes do you think offers the most support for those generous endowed?

M said...

I know this will probably be deleted soon but Ill give it shot for what its worth.LOL.
Didnt Kaotic and Spice have media booklets with pics of each section?? But I guess only Tribe's was worth scanning onto the blog.
Im not trying to start any to and fro bickering or upset Saucy and her "sheeple", just making an observation.
Regardless of the overhype and exaggerated 3rd party Tribe marketing and promo, LOL, I do love Tribes presentation for the most part.
Thx for the space to voice my opinion Saucy and I appreciate your coverage for the most part as I am NY based.

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...


FYI Spice had an ONLINE booklet which is exactly the same as the one we got at the launch, I did a post about it and put a direct link to the booklet on the blog.I even wrote about how cool it was as the pages were flippable. Maybe you missed THAT in looking only for TRIBE related content on the blog.

Apart from the fact that I am yet to be in possession of a booklet for Kaotic as I did not attend their launch, nor do I have one of Evolution's as there was none to be found when I went to their launch,do THESE photos of TRIBE looked scanned to you??

Here is a copy of a scanned one someone put up on facebook to see the difference:
The pictures I posted do not even have the section names printed yet!

The truth is I received the TRIBE booklet as a PDF document with all original photos from a person who reads my blog. Where she got her hands on it I have no clue but I did NOT sit down and scan the entire booklet!!

You will be surprised how much information people send me on their own without me having to go looking for anything and if any or all of the other bands want to send leaked photos,pictures from their calender etc etc feel free!!

I for one am very open to any and all types of information regardless of the band!

M said...

I appreciate the response, ves simply deleting the post. And I apologise if for any assumptions I may have made. There have been 3 days steady of heavy Tribe pics, marketing etc on the blog and as a result I jumped to a conclusion, a wrong one at that.
My respect for you just doubled as I was dreading some sort of "bachanalish" response.LOL...Keep up the coverage!! Like I said, we Foriegn based mas players need it.

DC Chica said...

Do you know when Tribe's website going to be up Saucy?

afro chic said...

Does a sheeple go "BAA!"?

prince namor said...


B is for bubble! Bubble, bubble, bubble

-:¦:-•:*''''*:•.-:¦:-•* cb *•-:¦:-•:*''''*:•-:¦:- said...

Saucy, I hope your visitors didn't miss the subtle "pictures from their calendar" hint.


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