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Monday, August 11, 2008

Accedia Diabolus

Another section has been revealed from Mas Jumbies for their 2009 J'ouvert presentation "Diabolus Imperium". The second section is Accedia Diabolus or Sloth Devils:

Check out Mas Jumbies website for more information and registration!


Silky said...

ok I am the only one that thinks that this is hideous even for a Jourvet "costume"?

Anonymous said...

yes i think you are silky. the only one. that says a lot about your tastes doesn't it?

dougla_1 said...

ok mas-ah, please state your own view of Mas Jumbies' Diabolus pieces so far. I am quite curious of what you see, YOUR taste, nah ;)

Anonymous said...

dougla, we in school or what?

i understand your need for thrilling, cutting edge intellectual conversation. bantering out the different points whilst finding a way to drive it right back home.

I see your use of prose.

and i realise your poetry, but I will not get into any philosophical useless banter about the mas and the culture and all that nonsense.

when my friends come over we sit and do that with a good vintage, but not here, I am here for one reason


and I find silky was being absolutely horrible by saying these pieces are hideous, bear in mind this is j'ouvert,not pretty mas.

my opinion? it does not matter.

all i know is the people put up they picture and not a person comment and then the only comment is a nasty scathing one? not fair!

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

I agree with mas-ah, these costumes are for J'ouvert not pretty mas and I actually like Mas Jumbie's costumes. However I come from the days of Victor Rique when we had a "costume" to play J'ouvert and sadly lots of the j'ouvert bands today comprise of t shirt and paint so anything looking different to the younger generation seems out of place when it should be the other way around!

empressnatts said...

Yes mas-ah i agree what is wrong with these people?? J'ouvert costumes gorsh man. The costumes actually nice and refreshing change from the t-shirt bands. Aye saucy what ever happen to Victor Rique? That was one good band to play jouvert with bouy!!

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

Victor Rique just became infiltrated with stormers and it was no longer fun to be in the band. He used to always parade downtown, now the new bands avoid downtown.. for good reason! The next band I played jouvert with that gave you a "costume" was Desert Rats.. they went defunct after the stabbing death of one of their masqueraders.. very sad. I also played with 3 Canal, it was the WORST.. people were storming the band before the band even took off and were stealing blue paint (it was the year of Blue) ... my last j'ouvert I stormed red ants..never paid to play and it was fun but IDK if I would ever go back to J'ouvert AND Monday mas.. is either/or for me.

dougla_1 said...

mas-ah, by your by you own words, silky's words do not matter.

Silky said...

For the record my dislike of the costume had nothing to do with the fact that it was an actual costume nor did it have anything do with the fact that it was not "pretty mas." There is nothing wrong with having a costume for J'ourvet. I personally just don't think that these are well put together. The collar looks stiff and its looks like tissue paper hanging from it. But that's just my personal opinon.

Mas Gyul said...

But wait nah? Yuh aint read de people costume page? Yuh aint see de people say cloth strips? And what so yuh want for J'Ouvert? Dey making ah change and an option. How yuh could judge them when is only 2 sections dey launch? And how yuh know dey not well put together? Yuh magnify it to check? You so have nothing good to say and is people like you who makes our mas stagnat. Ignorant and thick skulled, despite Saucy and de others telling otherwise. I like what I see and for the same amount of money for de t-shirt band, I go jump with them. I am not bias here, but they making ah big effort and ah contribution to developing the culture. And all you could bring is a set ah negativity. Look go and find something constructive to do yes.

squeezle said...

As a two year Mas Jumbies masquerader, I can attest to the fact that the costumes are "well put together" and very comfortable.

The designer is very creative in his use of materials. In the past, his costumes have comprised such materials as plastic plates and strips of garbage bag, all used with quite impactful results.

Now, these costumes are unlikely to survive a massive downpour, but the same applies to many 'pretty mas' costumes.

And even though I strongly disagree with her aesthetic view, silky is quite entitled to her opinion. I'm just glad she wasn't one of the judges for J'ouvert 2008, where Mas Jumbies placed 1st in one competition and 2nd in another (with costumes that were very similar to this one).

Mas Gyul said...

Squeezle, how was it? I have not played J'Ouvert since I left T&T. In my days they use to have costumes, but nothing like what Masjumbies have. And most costumes don't fully survive the 2 day event anyway, if it rain yuh coocoo cook. I find the price very attractive, I'll take this over a t-shirt band any day.

squeezle said...

mas gyul, it was a wonderful experience! You can read my review here:

Mas Gyul said...

Thanks for the link Squeezle, it all looks like alot of fun. A far more better experience than when I played. How often do they launch the sections? I see only 2 available. I'll send them an e-mail too.

squeezle said...

mas gyul, I believe the original plan was 1 section per month, but since there are 7 sections I'm thinking we will see a new one every 2 or 3 weeks.

But you should probably get in touch with them to get the most up-to-date info.

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