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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Casino Royale ... the Elements Advantage

Some points to touch on that were revealed last night at Elements pre-launch media briefing:

The Size of the Band:
Target market is 2,500 in the inaugural year and a maximum of 3,500 masqueraders for years thereafter. Elements plans to keep all sections to a size of 250 masqueraders

Sections and Drinks/Meal Options:
There are 11 sections with a possibility of one more being added later on. One of the 11, Jubilee is an All Girls section. 10 All Inclusive Sections where everything (Premium Drinks & Food) is included.1 Non Drinks Inclusive section called Cabaret (Everything other than our premium drinks is included, meals are provided)

On the Go Grill
For the first time ever in T&T Carnival Elements will be introducing an “On the Go Grill”. Easy to eat, quick grilled food items will be available all day from the grill. Masqueraders get hungry at different times and also prefer not to eat a huge boxed meal but an easy snack that provides them some nutrition and energy boost.

More Dance Less Rest
Lunch stop will not be hours long, on Monday it will be only half an hour.

Drink Package Options
Elements offers you the choice of drinks inclusive and non inclusive options.

Ok, so some good ideas that if executed as planned will bode well for Elements future. However I have some points to note.

  • I am somewhat disappointed that the whole idea of having “options” is not really the case since basically the whole band is all-inclusive save ONE section where only lunch is provided. My thinking was that masqueraders would have been given the options of drink packages for ALL sections; especially since they have touted that the small man on the side of the road selling phulorie and soft drinks has been left out of Carnival and they intend to give them business. The drink package option is really not an option at all unless you choose to play in Cabaret.
  • The on the go grill is an excellent concept, I like it. More bands should think about providing small hearty snacks throughout the day. But if memory serves me right Island Events was the first band to have an “on the go grill” where they made hamburgers and hot dogs to order; they also had sushi as well!
Other than those two points, Elements seems to have a very good plan. The band size is manageable and I would love to see if in future, that they really do keep to their limit of 3,5000 masqueraders maximum for the longevity of the band. I also like the “more dance less rest” motto, less time at the lunch stop!! I remember Harts used to start up the music and charge ahead after lunch, no rest for the wicked. The only thing is half an hour on Monday for lunch might be a bit too short? I don’t know, by the time the entire band gets to the lunch stop it will be time to leave! They also said that the bars will remain open right through lunch which means there will be constant replenishment of supplies, no need to stop and refill the spirits! The spirits will come to the band.. or so I hope!

Anyway, here are some250 costume photos for you to enjoy from the launch; click the link to be taken to the album:

Elements Casino Royale 2009

There are more to be seen on the website, take off your pop up blocker to have full access.


Michaela said...

I am a retard. What is a cart option?

Naughty said...

Saucy, memory does serve you correct Island Events 2k5 did have an all day grill station on both days which was great. In the evening we did have sushi, corn soup, doubles, and other finger foods the service was incredible.

Can I say roaming customer service on the road and also during lunch break to help you get drinks and other personal needs. It was great.

quiksilver said...

i like the fact that they actually have a rest bus.

tribe has eliminated this and spice is not offering it.

Carnival Diva said...

you doh need no stinkin rest bus lol carnival is PACE! lol

quiksilver said...

i doh understand where the carts fit in the equation...

is it that some people in cabaret will have a cart?

is it going to be a publicized 'option' as it appears on facebook (and i using facebook as a credible source as the facebook site is on all their business cards).

Carnival Diva said...

------> goes to check FB

quiksilver said...

carnival diva - i agree somewhat. but last year tribe claimed they removed the bus because they wanted to lessen congestion on the road.

HOWEVER they had a pall mall bus - a large rolling cancer inviting smoky airconditioned bus. yuck!

i find they could have at least ONE rest bus for ppl who tired.

Carnival Diva said...

lmfao @ rollin cancer...

steups...let dem tired masqueraders rest dey tired behinds on deh pavement and chillax themselves! lol

but seriously, to me the less big trucks and buses on the parade route better more prancing room yes!

squeezle said...

Meen want no rest bus! Dat's what de pavement is for!

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

Thanks naughty! Good to know the old brain still working lol.

Tr|n|gYa| said...

I kinda liked the idea of the rest sucks Tribe eliminated it from their roster.

blandemaskine said...

I am not too sure about that "on the go grill" idea - I mean, sometimes you really just need to sit and eat. Imagine prancing aroung and eating all day at the same time, sounds like indigestion to me!

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