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Friday, August 01, 2008

Happenings on Earth

Things are moving ahead for Island People's Heaven on Earth, costume screening took place this week and my sources have informed me that ZEN with it's pewter and stone finish is HOTT, the star of the show. Also, the photo shoot is scheduled to take place next week, hurry up and launch Island People I am excited to see the costumes, especially Sonia Mack's Bird of Paradise.

Speaking of other upcoming launches, how it is I am hearing that not one but TWO key people of a certain newbie band have left the "herde"? Hmmmm, interesting happenings indeed and Carnival Jumbie has also heard the same thing! Rumours are spreading.....

The best one circulating is that TRIBE is sold out, ha! You think this one has some basis of truth,what it is I am hearing about a WAITING LIST for a certain aquamarine birdie? Oh lawd people already talking about camping out at Cascadia overnight!! This year ‘the early bird catches the worm’ indeed!

For all of those in Trinidad, Happy Emancipation Day, though I know several Trinis are in Barbados for Crop Over this long weekend. My girlfriend called me to say she paid $3600.00TT for a last minute ticket yesterday! Madness, and then people will complain a costume is too expensive lol. Have a great holiday weekend everyone!


hotandgroovy said...

oh gosh say it ent so saucy!!!


Spangled Cotinga is the hotness!!! Afircan Love Bird is sick too!! Blue Tanger is pretty too. I think I have the blues this year. I heart all the blue costumes. ALB is the only costume offering any coverage. All in all they look well constructed. Beautiful detail. The options are all great. I dont too much like the basic Green Honeycreeper headpiece. Although it makes a good sun blocker. I played in a red costume last year and vowed never again, but Flight of the Ibis looks great in your pics. Flamingo also looks much better in your pics. Perhaps pictures dont do caged canary much justice because I still dont see that costume as a WOW costume. Aside from that TRIBE did a good job! I would be happy to play in any section in 2009!!

Now what I hearing???? TRIBE already SOLD OUT!!! Blasephmy I say, All these months of me calling/emialing/stalking the TRIBE camp for my TLC. I finally get it and then all costumes sold out?

Thanks again for your work!!!!

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

LOL RUMOURS, I sure when they start registration there will still be costumes in all sections lol.

hotandgroovy said...

*sigh* i hope so...SC has my name all over it ;-)

DC Chica said...

I hope there are costumes for non TLC peeps when the dust settles. I think I'll be ok, but the situation for the rest of my crew real shaky. I trying to get some facts about registration and all I getting is speculation and silence.....I guess I'll have to wait like everybody else.


In 2007 they had registration for TLC holders/masqueraders first, then they allowed NON-TLC holders a chance to register. As much as they 'limiting' the size of the band, I still think space may be avail for NON-TLC holders. Just my guess. If they are limiting the band size then they are taking a huge pay cut or costumes prices are going to be ridiculous. In any event I would call them. They are pretty good about answering questions.

Mas said...

someone left the ''herde'' aye saucy? you're hilarious lol! a little birdie told me last night ANOTHER 2 members have been ushered out, one being the GM of a popular nightclub, and the other being the ''mouthpiece'' of this said band. is this a desperate attempt at making 'peace'? hmmmm
they're breaking ranks, what a shame!!! THEY HAVEN'T even launched (officially) yet!!!

RSF said...

Da Sauce,

what costume is best, in your honest expert opinion, to camouflage the crocroe on de back of my neck?

thnx Da Sauce. You are the best. ;)

Carnival Diva said...


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