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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hats off to Harts!

Harts held their Carnival 2009 band launch at County Club last night, the presentation is entitled “Persian Empire”. Having been an avid Harts masquerader for a number of years, I was very excited to see what Harts had in store for 2009 as well as for the launch; I remember the days when the band launch used to be free and members only.. oh how things have changed!

The fact that Harts has implemented some other changes as well was not lost one me either! Firstly, I like that the costumes have moved away from using the “Harts beads”, you know the faceted metallic bead that made the belt heavy and also gave you that lovely “swish swish” when wining! Many of the costumes have not only used different types of beads but they also incorporated the use of coins, feathers and even chain in some instances to decorate the belt and bra. If anyone compares this year’s presentation to last year’s you will find very little similarity; the only things that I can find to have some sameness is that some of the models are ones used every year and that the cut of some bras are repeated in the sections. But then there are some new options like the two versions of the monokini (never saw that done for the floor member costume in Harts before).

Even the headpieces this year are different, with some gorgeous, fabulous, full feathered options. I guess for those claiming the costumes look the “same” but in another colour, you need to sit down and do a side by side comparison as I did! Also, I think that I have played with Harts over the years and can compare the costumes then to now; I appreciate the many changes in costuming that have been made, but that is just me!

Another change made is that the photographs of the models are no longer posed against a dark or monochromatic background; I love how they are shot against a background that fits the theme. And the biggest surprise for me with Harts this year?? No INDIAN COSTUME!! That surprised me more then the introduction of FRONTLINE costume for the ladies complete with winged back packs! I was told that all sections will come with the option of small tiara headband, small headband with feathers, large headpiece and frontline and prices will vary accordingly. I noticed the Harts cape (standard over the years) has also changed and is now a pleated metallic fabric; nice!

Just as some things have changed others remained the same; there were no live models at the launch which I think could be a possibility for the future as the costumes need to be showcased more than just in photographs and on mannequins. I also do not know what the names of the sections are since the photographs were not labeled and we were not given a booklet with any type of information. Having this information on hand would have helped greatly for general information; however the mas camp opens for registration tomorrow so I will get the section names then. Also, the costumes for the most part are Harts Hallmark, very pretty with lots of big feather headpieces; they know their clientèle and cater to them well.

There was a HUGE turn out for Harts launch with lots of people walking with their coolers and packing Country Club from one end to the other! Surprisingly I did not see a showing of other band leaders, as has been the norm this season, I only spotted Nina and Ian Mc Kenzie of Genesis and Sonia Mack. Unfortunately owing to the time I spent at Harts I missed the start of D Krewe’s band launch and decided not to leave Harts only to get the end of the D Krewe, however Afro Chic was on hand to get the scoop so look out for her review and photos. The party was in full swing when I eventually left Harts with Second Imij rocking the crowd; one would swear it was a Carnival Friday fete. Overall I liked Harts costumes a lot, some were just "ok/safe/nice", with only one I did not care for (the red and silver) but the standouts for me were these:

All female section in three colours:

Love the coin detail and headpieces on these two

....the headpiece and beading on the bra/belt

...colours and style of this headpiece

Beading on this and the colours used,
very pretty

LOVE the headpiece, the bra and belt
looks nothing like a "typical Harts costume" to me

I also like the silver monokini however,I am not feeling the headpiece with this costume, it needs to feature bigger plumes and not baby pink!

I have always loved this back pack option with the Brazilian-esque wings, however I wish the bra and belt were different for this section; I think the beads are too long on the belt and the triangle bra does not match the feel of the costume.

Finally this angelic looking costume has some awesome Victoria Secrets wings , I love it! The one thing I would change is the feathers on the headpiece, to me the plumes do not match the wings, and it would look lovely to have the headpiece feathers match the ones used on the wings in a nice design.

For lots more photos check out the "Harts Persian Empire" Album by clicking here.


Carnival Diva said...

I am wowed by Harts. I love them ALL. And yes, the headpiece feathers should match the fantabulous wings it's matched with!

Carnival Diva said...

That angelic costume...THOSE ARE WINGS!!

squeezle said...

But how the france everybody so shocked that there are no Fancy Indian costumes in here? Ahhhhm, is Persian Empire. Allyuh feel Sitting Bull woulda survive that canoe trip?

Anyhow, I have made up my mind, and changed it, about 5 times so far regarding costume choice. Why did I think that having a whole day to make my decision would have made things any easier?


DC Chica said...

Those are THE MOST GORGEOUS WINGS I have ever seen on a Carnival costume.....I can't stop looking at them. WOW!

trinicandy said...

i my opinion harts costume a adorable........the only thing that harts is missing is to be an all inclusive band

Megan said...

My mouth is still open & it's 8:28pm! They did such a wonderful job! Kudos to Harts!!!

SmokyEyes said...

OMG!!!! I'm loving that white costume. Those wings are amazing! Harts killed it with those wings!!!

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