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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Juan Pablo.. again

I absolutely adore the Juan Pablo! Got up this morning and found another one of his websites advertising products for Carnival:

I have it from VERY reliable sources that Juan has been responsible for several hot costume designs in Trinidad Carnival over the past few years. And before you go saying that these two headpieces are NOT the same, trust me Juan Pablo did them both! Loves it!


DeRedting said...

I glad now next yr all I will do is wait till de band launch and then go on this site and build my costume lol lol

Anonymous said...

How should one feel (one meaning the masquerader) and how should I feel in respect to what has just been revealed? I am sure the inner circles that use Juan Pablo Collection (and I must say that his designs are nice) would have like this to be kept a secret. My question is; are we the masqueraders being deceived when what we think are originals designs by the band are not? I have no problem with bands using freelance designers, for example Tribe and Spice use Richard and Anthony, but at least they are given credit and they are one of a kind designs for that particular band and when I put that costume on I know that I am not going to see it on Juan Pablo Collection or any other site pre-made for mass selling.

I am outraged that they have been taking credit for designs which are in fact not their own unique and originals designs and then selling it to the masqueraders as their own. No wonder the costumes never matches the themes anymore because they go to these sites, picks twelve or sixteen costumes then slap a name on it and think that they did something extraordinary and spectacular and boast that they can outshine the best talented designers in Trinidad.

I have no problem if these bands see that they need to purchase designs from an outside source, but please give credit where credit is due; if Juan Pablo Collection are designing your costumes sell it has that, because as I (we) can clearly see now its Juan Pablo Collection who have made your band, its Juan Pablo Collection who have us saying, “Wow, that Ray of Light headpiece is HOT,” or “That white feather costume Caro (Ronnie & Caro) wore looks nice.”
If this is the direction bands are heading towards by all means go ahead, it’s your band, your choice, but do not deceive us, do not deceive the masqueraders who keep you going strong year after year. Just give credit where credit is due.

I applaud all the bands that use and will continue to use all the talented designers we have in Trinidad and Tobago. I applaud their creativity and their drive to give us one of a kind costumes that when I put it on carnival Monday and Tuesday I am indeed parading in an original seen nowhere else but on the streets of Trinidad ; to you I say thanks for keeping the traditions of our carnival alive.

dougla_1 said...

Well said crazy. I was staying away from this post, because I was seeing, sadly, another death nail in T&T's OWN creativity of WE TING.

"No wonder the costumes never matches the themes anymore..." as one of the obvious culprits for next year's bands is R&C. I am severly disappointed in their "costumes" for next year. While I praised their designs for this year "De Gulf" where all designs were well executed (except Treasure) and relevent to the theme. It was mas, Trinidad and Tobago mas! For next year, they have sold their soul to buy madi gras out of a package cardboard box. I am sorry to see this in R&C. I had hope from their auspicious first year, they would raise the bar for themselves, not lower it.

More power to Juan Pablo; and Sonia Mack, and Peter Elias (and other bikini mas designers whose names I am not well versed as Saucy and others) should take notes from Juan to specialize on an untapped market outside of the Caribbean islands, for fabulous "carnival" costumes (the quotes are only because I believe Carnival in T&T should be relevent to T&T, but outside of T&T designers should think differently for those markets.)

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

To be fair there are many bands that use outside sources apart from Juan Pablo; there is a link in Trinidad that gets costumes made in China and also accessories the different sections for these bands. She charges for that service, though some bands go direct to the source in China and India.

Is there a difference in having your costumes made outside Trinidad or buying the costume wholesale???

hmmm.. we went through this when I discovered bands were buying costumes as is from Neckelemanns.

That didn't stop anything, they just found a new source!

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