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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Kaotic Mas Camp Visit

Kaotic opened their mas camp on Gallus street to public viewing yesterday so I went down to have a look. If you know where Pulse 8 is on Gallus Street South, Kaotic is on Gallus Street North. The mas camp is easy to find as there is a large Kaotic sign out front, you cannot miss it.

The showroom is spacious enough with the male costumes all displayed in a separate area. Males playing with this band have some good choices for costuming, some have feathers others do not, and generally one can see that the males were not overlooked in this aspect. The female costumes are all displayed on mannequins fixed on a raised dais so it was easy to get a 360 view of the costumes. The staff on hand was very pleasant and willing to answer questions. There is only one frontline costume on show, Heavenly Passion at $5295.00, and I was told that this is the most expensive one on offer. The backpack for this one rests on the shoulder.

All the other frontline costumes are priced at $4500.00, the only difference between frontline and backline is the fact that frontline has an additional backpack. Apparently the frontline costumes were only modeled at the launch with no thought that the demand for them would be as great as to necessitate having actual production, hence the reason more frontlines are not on display. However, there is a great interest in frontline costumes, I wonder why, and they will be offered.

All costumes were on display with the exception of “Romance” (the pink one) and look pretty good as this was my first time seeing them in real. The standouts for me are Hot Oil, Viva La Vida, Deja Vu and Heavenly Passion; I think I like Hot Oil the most.

Beau Jolais I liked from photos and it looked good in person but has a lot going on, personally a bit too busy for me. What I liked about all the costumes is that the actual bras, with the exception of Heavenly Passion, are not just plain spandex, but are made from a self sequined material unto which the appliqués and other decorations are added. Several of the bras are triangle bras, I don’t know how many women with larger breasts will find this comfortable; however I was told if you wish to have your own bra decorated they are willing to do so. You can also request the costume belt to be thicker for added coverage; this option is offered on the registration form.

While chatting with creative director Ricardo Gomez, he explained that the use of appliqués on Kaotic's costumes were to keep costs down as materials are very pricey and a commitment was made to potential masqueraders that costumes were to be under $3000.00. He also intimated that the detail on Spice's costumes is admirable but costly and was honest enough to inform me that Spice has no choice to price the costumes as they did owing to the fact that the materials used in particular are expensive. The same sentiment on Spice's costumes were expressed to me by members from other bands as well. I was quite surprised that Ricardo pointed out the reasons for the appliqués, since I wrote about my aversion to that particular style of appliqué in my review of their costumes after the launch.

For the most part the costumes look good and I can foresee that Kaotic will get a favorable response, especially from people who do not want to be in a rush to decide on a costume or band, just yet. Their main competition will be their neighbors down the street, Pulse 8, as I get a decidedly “Poison” vibe from the team as well as the costumes. What works in Kaotic’s favor is that the prices are attractive for anyone wanting to play mas in a costume under $3000.00 and that the team, to me, presents a younger more dynamic face than Ms Cheekes and company with sexier costumes and a good "vibe".

Kaotic’s mas camp is opened from 11AM to 7PM daily, Monday to Saturday; check them out at 55 Gallus Street Woodbrook or online at

For much more photos of Kaotic's costumes check out my album on photobucket:

Kaotic Close Up Pics


Carnival Diva said...

I am really looking forward to seeing their costumes on the road! All the best to them!


I loved hot oil the most out of the bunch, I'm not crazy about yellow, but I really liked it. I like the V shaped drop. Nice. The prices are great. I liked that too abut Kaotic. I was pleasantly surprised at the prices.

M said...

Im impressed with the male presentations....I think Hot oil is where the action is female wise so as a guy, I would be partial to hot oil as well.LOL

afro chic said...

Saucy, ah hear ah playing in Kaotic for 2009:|

WHO SAY HOT OIL?!?!?!?!? :P

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

Good choice Hot Oil is the best...

afro chic said...

I still not overly impressed with it. And somebody want to play in yellow BAD. So if they playing in yellow, I go be rocking a next section. :)

Lady said...

I too considering Kaotic...hurry up IP give us a I need to make my decision! l

Supz said...

on the website hot oil is 2895...on the costume its 2995....discrepancies

Silky said...

anyone have any idea about what sort of "package/experience" they are offering?

Karabana said...

How was the cake???

Curlylocz said...

The swirlies on the white costume remind me of Tribe's Snow Owl backpack.

QueenBea's sushi chronicles said...

hey saucy is it ok if I post the link to your pics on caribplanet?

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

Sure you can post the links and cite the source p'se.

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