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Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday Question Time!!

It's Monday and you know the drill!

Leave your questions for our band leader in the comments below. Oh, and to avoid repeating what was asked , feel free to check out the Answer segment each Wednesday from the archives to double check if your question was not asked and answered before.


SLK said...

Why do bands never have their website ready and the same time they launch? They have known for months when their launch date is ready, why not get the website ready for the same night? And why take so long to release prices? Surely thorough costing is done during the design process so prices should already be known?

innerouterdivaPON said...

Hi, my first question is what is the strategy (if any) behind early launches (and the ensuing early registrations)? Launch dates have moved up significantly in the past few years and I was wondering if there is a strategy behind this. I think that early launches sometimes put masqueraders at a disadvantage because we feel pressured to register with a band long before we've seen even the majority of the options. Early launches are great for people who know that regardless of costume design/price, they are gonna play in a particular band, but for those who are band hunting or people who like to explore their options before committing to pay a $900+ down payment, these early launches can cause some stress. Thanks

innerouterdivaPON said...

Question # 2: Are designers contractually obligated to provide costumes that are unique to a particular band and if so, what are the repercussions of sharing a costume look with another band? To clarify I am referring to the fact that Melilot Bleu (Spice) and Spangled Cotinga (Tribe) are very similar and were designed (I was told) by the same designer(s).

Are designers usually allowed to work for more than one band, and can they use the same ideas for different bands within the same year without consequence?

Thanks :)

afro chic said...

Allyuh doh forget that the band leader cyar answer no TRIBE specific questions eh. :S

nytrini said...

Why are Tribe's back line costumes so expensive in comparison to Spice's

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

NY TRINI please see the ABOVE response from Afro Chic *sigh*

DeRedting said...

BL one of the biggest debates on this blog occurs when prices of "mas" is discussed. In that vein. . .

1. Generally what percentage of the expenses incurred by mas bands are offset by sponsorship? For example sponsors may provide food, pay for a truck etc. The benefits are obvious i.e. the mas band's expenses are cut AND the sponsor is able to have its name &/or products for an international audience. Which leads to the second part of this question-what percentage (if any) of those savings are passed on to mas players?

2. The pricing/packaging of mas seems to be geared more towards the overseas market than the local market. What effect if any does this have on the pricing for a mas band? In other words, overseas players may tend to pay the higher prices since "its a vacation" and the exchange rate may allow them to afford the prices. So are costumes being priced for the overseas player moreso than the local mas players?

Thank You

nytrini said...

LOL, thanks!!!

trinicandy said...

my question today is

How can full figured masqueradas choose an appropriate costume, enhance the costume as well as why do band discriminate against full figured masqueradas and or don't cater sizes for these full figured masqueradas

Trinijam said...

trinicandy, I think that question was asked and answered before. Check the archives.

nytrini said...

Hi trinicandy,
Check out the link below. While I do not agree with everything she has to say, she has some pointers.


What do judges look for when determining the winners for band of the year? Is it costumes, organization within the band, themes etc?

Richard said...

Well i was scrolling through the blog and came across the comment on the "designer(s)" for SC and MB, well truth be told there is no one band that has offered an exclusive contract that has enticed designers, it is far more profitable for a designer to freelance than to design for one band and this year that was the signature cut of these said designers, so until a band can make a good enough offer to designers so they do not have to work for any other band and while some might say there is no principle employed in this decision to freelance, remember the cost of living keeps rising and princilpe doesn't pay bills.

Trinibears said...

I would Like to knoW.

Why Do Bands tend to Produce and Display In their Launch "individual" Costumes that they do not intend on mas Producing?...I'm sorry this is an ridiculous trend I'm seeing Being Practiced By Certain Bands.....Hint hint They Rhyme with "Skribe"

And For that matter What Is the Options available for a person wanting to Play an Individual?


masvirgin said...

1. What can be done to encourage more men to play mas?

2. What is the future of mas? With costumes becoming more skimp won't we soon have naked "masqueraders"?

3. Is the bubble going to burst for costume prices? Do you worry that one day people will rebel against the high prices? Even overseas masqueraders might one day be unable to afford to play. Look at the US dollar value these days, not to mention food costs, gas prices, etc.

TRUTRINI said...

If band leaders are aware that certain costumes are only for their "friends" why put them in a magazine for the public to feel that they are available for purchase..!!
How fair is private registration before the actual date ...and then to be told on the morning of the registration that the costumes "sold out".
It seems that I have to have some "connections" to get costumes in particular bands just now!!!!!

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