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Friday, August 15, 2008

News from Island People Mas

Carnival aficionados,

We invite masqueraders and supporters of all Carnival Bands to experience a launch like no other in Trinidad & Tobago. No matter where your loyalty lies (LMAO) we welcome you to enjoy our 'ground-breaking' presentation this Sunday, August 17, where we take the level of Carnival Launches to 'new heights'.

We’ve given you an enchanted forest, a desert of beauty, and brought out the animal instinct in you. Sunday, look towards the sky for a view of the Earth.... Heaven on Earth – It’s what you make it.

A Special THANK YOU to all of our loyal supporters!

“The Fun Has Really Just Begun”

Oh! By the way... Although you may have seen the unofficial leak of our 2009 Carnival Calendar on the internet, we invite you to collect the printed version of it this Sunday at the Launch. We’re flattered to know our annual calendar is such a hot and awaited item that someone felt the desire to share it.

And since they are not upset about the "leak" *cough *yeah right* cough* of their photographs HERE THEY ARE!!

I took the liberty to remove the calender details from off the pics so you can have a better look at the costumes:

Click on all the photos for a super sized view

Rays of Light

Ocean Whispers

Angel Falls




Heavenly Sky

Natural Mystic

Chocolate and Caramel


Midnight Bloom


More pics from Island People's launch will be coming to you on Sunday night/Monday morning. Pity I will not be able to go LIVE as I did for TRIBE as I will be attending the launch as a regular patron with no media access to set up the equipment.

I am afraid there is simply no way to run a laptop for hours plugged into thin air!! So, make note of that for all those who will be wondering why there is no "LIVE FROM ISLAND PEOPLE LAUNCH" as I did last year.



Carnival Diva said...

i tell yuh chills when i see that dark chocolate man yes lol

Carnival Diva said...

Ocean Whispers reminds me of 'jump up and kiss me' back in poison days...

Trinibears said...

Yuh See That IS Costume!!! Island people Doh Dissapoint when it come tuh Costume , But service ah hear need a lil help.

But oh Gorm! look At Dem Costume...Lawd a TRIBE gettin a Run Fuh dey Munney!

afro chic said...


De Darkie said...

These costumes are boring, i expected more from IP. They always come good, what happen this year????

Sasha W said...

beautiful! another band where there are alot to choose from.

Kerryann said...

Very nice!!!! Creative. Loving just about all of them. Good job IP. Just hope you get it together with the customer service. Very important part of the experience.

babydoll said...

You always on top of your game Sauce! Very nice it will definitely be a difficult decision. (and especially since there is nothing good left in tribe.)

dajewel1982 said...

fabolous!!!!! i just hope how the costumes translate from picture translates in real life form...i am wishing island people the best!!!!!

babydoll said...

I look forward to seeing your personal pics come Monday morning.


Nice headpieces.

Tr|n|gYa| said...

No matter where your loyalty lies we welcome you to enjoy our 'ground-breaking' presentation this Sunday, August 17, where we take the level of Carnival Launches to 'new heights'.

STEUPS..IP love de bacchanal eh! lol, I hope they wow and impress on Sunday, because ALL I want to see is pics of the FRONTLINE costumes!

Salsaman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Salsaman said...

Saucy, how come Wyatt did not hook you up ? I sure IP can arrange something.... was hopeing to see streaming live video this time :-} anyway I'm looking forward to your pics and review

Alphamale86 said...

Ladies and Gentlemen Island people knows how to make a male costume look damn good and masculine at the same time. I feel as if tribe and IP should join forces letting tribe do the women and IP the men that would be a killer combination.

cause from what i saw from tribe only African Lovebird could get my money but i only seeing half of this male costume and i ready to sell my house for it. I really looking forward to seeing the rest of the male ideas.

DeeDeeB said...

Heavenly... they made it!

trinbajan in toronto said...

LOL at alphamale86. Your too much!! I must admit that those costumes look damn good. The section I wanted in Tribe is sold out, so onto the next band.

joe said...

To darkie... what more u expected, they came damn good this yr. Doh worry Elements got a costume for u!

Carnival Diva said...

ooh gosh joe lol i am LOVING these costumes!! I can't stop looking at them

Carnival Jumbie said...

ooooo ahhhhhhh. I made that rays of light my desktop lolol

carnivalbaby said...

IP really did a fantastic job, the costumes are tres sexie!!!!

dougla_1 said...

And God opened the Heavens and said let there be light. And I was sent a beautiful Ray of Light, my personal angel in a bejeweled panty and bra. Tomorrow I'll rest. Tonight is wuk! ;)

These costumes are spectacular! Well done Island People Mas.

fruity said...

As said many times before good job ip can't waid to register but in d meanwhile am being ah good GIRL cause i have to go to heaven and when i reach there i want d BIGGEST chocolate to eat. AMEN!

innerouterdivaPON said...

Just passed by the Oval and they are setting up the tents and scaffolds. Excitement is in the air. With all this talk of people flying around I hope the harnesses are strong. I plan to be up front taking pics and can't afford to have anyone fall on my head :)

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