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Friday, August 01, 2008

TRIBE Mas Camp Viewing

*click on any photo for a large view

So the opening of the mas camp yesterday was a quiet affair, there was no email announcing this fact but those of us who need to find out what is happening make it our business to be in the know. I went down to the mas camp on Rosalino Street after 4, and there were only a handful of people on hand viewing costumes. None of the frontlines were on display and you should note that the mas camp opens from 1 to 5 during the period August 1st until August 4th. After that they are supposed to start getting ready for registration at Cascadia but no word on if the costumes will be moved from Rosalino Street to Cascadia.. I guess we have to wait on an official email for clarification.

Carnival Jumbie gave an in depth review on the mechanics of the costumes therefore I will not repeat what she already said. For me, seeing the costumes up close, Spangled Cotinga stood out as the most beautiful one on show; 5 stars for the colour, the gems used in the design and that the headpiece, which is bigger than the others in a similar style. For the big headpiece lovers please note the sections that will give you plumage: Pheasant, Hummingbird, Spangled Cotinga, Flight of the Ibis, Ruby Topaz, Kiskadee,Golden Dove and Owl. Note the following in terms of African Love Bird and Green Honeycreeper:

* African Love Bird does not have a frontline - all component of the costumes are available as add ons, such as the collar, larger headpiece, larger collar and skirt. Therefore a masquerader can choose various options, of course each option has a cost attached. The small headpiece which was on display, was smaller than I expected, but you can always upgrade to the bigger one!

*Green Honeycreeper - The basic headpiece is a Venetian Looking bird mask with some feathers to the top. The option of the larger headpiece which was shown at the launch is also available for an additional cost. The larger headpiece is not a frontline, just an alternate option. Also, the O ring bra that is on display is recommended for A and B cups, a regular bra is available for anyone who is not comfortable with the O ring bra including those with the A and B cups.

I believe Bird of Paradise also has the option of collar or no collar. The headpiece on display was a small one, I forgot to ask if you can get a bigger headpiece as an option.

Other stand out costumes for me were Bird of Paradise, which is gorgeous but I have to agree with Carnival Jumbie that the colour of the bra is a hard one to match on all skin tones. The bra looks like the shade is warm nude if you are using the Victoria Secrets colour chart for the Secret Embrace bra. I also liked Blue Tanger, the colour is beautiful in person and the shoulder wings has a very nice effect. Green Honeycreeper is also very well decorated and an awesome shade of green I just wish the other headpiece was on show.

Ruby Topaz
is also an outstanding costume and I see the comparison's to Mystique a lot more now, however the colours on the body of the costume are different to Mystique which was more purple, the headpiece , albeit, uses the same colour feathers. African Love Bird is another costume that is just gorgeous, the only caveat is the beads do not shimmer, they are more of a muted, matte bronze and turquoise.You do get some bronze sequins on the collar and headpiece.

Caged Canary
's colours really stand out, your eyes are drawn to this one when you walk into the room. The belt has two pieces like a regular belt which attaches on the sides so you do not have to unclip the chains or anything like that. Note the width of the belt is about the size of the gems used to decorate it and there is NO coverage to the front, I think a wax may be in order when wearing this number! One of the bloggers suggested coating the chains in clear nail polish before wearing to prevent tarnishing from sweat.

The surprise costume that did not look so bad upon closer inspection was Flight of the Ibis, on the mannequin it looked good. The bigger headpiece really makes up for whatever else is lacking on Ibis somewhat. I also like Brazilian Macaw's backline, even though the headpiece is incredibly skimpy on the feathers! I am just thinking the costume is supposed to be skimpy so the few beads on the belt are appropriate I guess. Standing next to the frontline however I fear Macaw's backline will be overshadowed.

The costumes that looked just as they did at the launch and are good choices would be Pheasant however I have no clue what the three "poufy" things are on the belt and Kiskadee which still has to grow on me more. I am not to sure I am bowled over by Kiskadee'sthe belt though this colour will stand out under the blazing sun. Humming Bird is gorgeous but a bit too dark, this has to work on the right complexion. Parrot is pretty, like the headpiece that looks like a Parrot's face, very safe costume as the style gives nice coverage with the beads all around. Golden Dove, the lights did nothing for this costume which I am sure will sparkle in natural sunlight. It is pretty, lots of diamante.

Flamingo looked a bit cute in person, the colour is still odd though and Owl's bra and belt are just too busy and overdecorated. I think with all the feathers on some of these bras ladies should invest time in some waterproofing methods as sweat is sure to dampen those feathers easily.

Oh, the sections that look as if the use an actual bra are Bird of Paradise,Kiskadee, Flamingo, African Love Bird, Caged Canary and Ruby Topaz. Information useful to those of you looking for ample support for the breasts.

Prices are supposed to be released today but a little birdie mentioned to me that the ballpark figure for price range is between $3199.00 to $3500.00. Not bad considering I have been hearing the STARTING price is from $3500.00. I don't know if I should say what I heard about the possible cost of frontlines, however even those are not as bad as I expected, but note I was expecting frontlines to max out at $6000.00, if what I heard is true they are maxing out an considerably less than that.

Now I know the wait for the website is frustrating to those who cannot see the costumes in person, especially since TRIBE announced at the launch that it would have been up on Wednesday. What I find is even worse is the silence on the issue from the camp. When I called earlier in the week I was told an email with all the details on the website, costume viewing and registration would be sent out "soon"; we are all still waiting!! A little communication would go a long way, also can they please change the Myths and Magic and put a temporary holder with some birds! At least we would see some progress!!

I am happy to say that after the costume viewing I have made my choice. At the launch I knew immediately which section I was playing in as one costume just "spoke to me". Then, I started having second thoughts and it was a toss up between one or the other and I finally chose yesterday!

So here is hoping the website goes up today with prices and that we get an email "soon"!


carnivalbaby said...

Saucy girl hugs are in order, thanks for all this information because it has been extremely beneficial to me and I am sure all of the overseas masqueraders. You're a doll ;)

Tiffany Yelitza said...

I echo those sentiments. I'm saving little snipits of what you say to remember everytime I open up my tribe 2009 folder to narrow down my choices.

Soca Tee said...

Hey Saucy,

Thanks for the info...

Question about Africian Love Bird...all the costumes kind of look skimmy in the back. Since you saw Africian Love Bird up close, is there enough coverage in the back for the big bottom gyals. Thx

Atltrini said...

Hey Sauce, thanks a million for all the info everyday. You have caught my attention with the whole tribe launch. A couple of us ATL chick want to play with Tribe and I noted all your comments on the sections however, if you can tell me a little more about the kiskidee section and your thouhts that would be great. we were considering the canary sec, but something about those chains not clicking. Thanks I'll be checking.

Socaholic said...

Costume Prices - Ladies

African Love Bird - $3,100, large collar add $250, large headpiece add $500, skirt add $250

Bird of Paradise - $3,399, Collar add $400

Blue Tanager - $3,399, Wings add $250

Brazilian Macaw - $3,295

Caged Canary - $3,399

Flamingo - $3,250

Flight of the Ibis - $3,299

Golden Dove - $3,395

Green Honeycreeper $3,299, Large Headpiece Add $300

Humming Bird - $3,299, Option w/ Small Wings Add $300

Kiskadee - $3,475

Night Owl - $3,299

Pheasant - $3,480

Ruby Topaz - $3,299

Spangled Cotinga - $3,599

Wild Parrot - $3,299

Hayden said...

Saucy ... thats me standing talking to Rhiannon in your first pic ...

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