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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bakkanal in the news....

When Afro Chic reviewed Ronnie and Caro's 2009 Carnival presentation "Bakkanal" trinigal102 left a comment stating that both she and I were "the most negative and supercilious voices out there" and that "these blogs have cause more distress as people like yourself take the creativity and hard-work that designers mould(sic) into presentations for the new year and destroy it with the stroke of a pen and the punching of keys".

Well today Sean Nero has written about Ronnie & Caro's Bakkanal in the Trinidad Guardian and I wonder if trinigal102 is going to write him a letter about his negativity as well, since Sean Nero minced no words in expressing the fact that the theme lacked imagination and that the ideas were not coherent:

You can read the article in the Trinidad Guardian here.
By Sean Nero

Ronnie & Caro—The Mas Band, wants to create mayhem during next year’s Carnival, in an effort to retain the National Carnival Commission’s (NCC) medium Band of the Year title.

Bakkanal is the title given to its portrayal as the band pays tribute to many Carnival-styled competitions that are almost never void of controversy—before, during and even after they are staged.

But are the ideas that went into the creation of the band enough to keep it in the premium spot?

Led by former entertainer Ronnie McIntosh and wife Caroline, Ronnie & Caro—The Mas Band, with the portrayal Bakkanal, would also feature fetes and characters synonymous with the national festival.

This was witnessed in its nine-section pretty mas showcase on August 29, at Club Ambassador, on Long Circular Road, St James.

The exhibition sought to get patrons thinking about the festival, which is four-and-a-half months away.

Not enough imagination

Drawing on competition titles that evoked passion and a sense of nostalgia was cute, but in the end something was still missing.

For instance, the costume titled Panorama was not styled to depict the national musical instrument and the contest for which it is widely associated—even though the models were armed with pan sticks.

Aren’t masqueraders known for getting rid of their standards which measure at least eight feet and are obviously more noticeable by design; with the intent of adding to the pageantry?

So you can well imagine the fate of those seven-inch pan sticks?

Searching for clues

Perusing the band’s official magazine, which contains images of the costumes and matching them with those captured on the night of the presentation, it’s clear that the ideas for the band weren’t coherent.

While the costume called Blue Devils was indicative of its name and fell in line with the band’s theme, same could not be said about the section christened Wasa Fete.

Save the rich Caribbean blues used for this costume and the eye-catching models who wore it, nothing really illustrated the normal frenzy and hysteria associated with that trademark Wasa Fete.

A similar question begged with the portrayal Dimanche Gras.

From the beginning

The diversity of T&T Carnival, from the early 18th century to present time, is no doubt vast and served as inspiration for the portrayal by the band.

Ronnie and Caro—The Mas Band explored as many key elements over the decades to complete its Carnival 2009 presentation, according to the foreword in the magazine.

Whatever they did, the band’s primary desire was to create a “very practical insight” into the fun and excitement presented in the greatest show on earth.

When it came to choosing a theme, the band looked no further than Greek mythology and learnt(sic) that the word Bacchanal was derived from the Feasts for Bacchus—the Greek God of Wine.

The bandleaders were then inspired to effect their creative licence(sic), tweaking the word Bacchanal to Bakkanal in the spirit of Carnival.


Carnival Diva said...

LOL...when I saw that this morning, I laughed, laughed and LAUGHED! "nothing really illustrated the normal frenzy and hysteria associated with that trademark Wasa Fete."

I can't disagree with what any of you have said at all.

dougla_1 said...

"De Gulf" was an inspired presentation of creativity and imagination (well, the men's costumes were the same nonsense for men in bikini mas bands), which did get me excited that this band could be at the threshold of bikini mas INNOVATIONS in years to come. But "Bakkanal" is a huge disappointment. It is a giant leap backward to mediocrity and irrelevance. Ronnie & Caro, producing a descent mas band back to back not easy, ENT? Designs do matter ;)

Tr|n|gYa| said...

Well...yeah! as I said in my response to the last post..sitting duck theory disproven!!! lolol

mimi said...

I swear I just finished reading that article and laughed thinking AC is not alone! lol.

afro chic said...

Ummm...I eh read the article yet, but isn't this the same dude who reviewed the band that will not be named and gave them a great review for the launch AND the costumes?

Or was that just a cut and paste job he did straight from their press release?

I'm just asking.

babydoll said...

Who cares what "trinigal 102" thinks. She obviously thought enough about you to logon to your blog just to read what you have to say.

But if she don't like your opinion she can read another blog.

Carnival Diva said...

I never understood WHY individuals get their panties in ah bunch whenever another gives THEIR OWN PERSONAL REVIEW of anything?'s very easily solved, just DO NOT READ THE PERSONS BLOG and or take your vulgarian squawking elsewhere, like THEIR OWN BLOG!

CandyWash said...

i couldn't say it any better "Carnival Diva"
Well said!!!

Anonymous said...

i think d male costumes are monotonous....same costumes diff colors....
jacket/westcoat or watever u call rodeo hat...
come on...i think dat dey can do better for real....
plus i tink dat d female costumes LACK suprisngly i heard two females on d streets sayin dat they thought dat d costumes ARE GOOD...well dats their opinion an i have mines....
i think dey SUCK...
no offence intended

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