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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Who went Pulse 8?

Monday morning bright and early there I was scouring the net looking for photos of Pulse 8's launch to no avail. Unfortunately I could not attend "Hot,Hot,Hot" the band launch as I was out of the country, but I was expecting to see some other Carnival blogger reporting live!

Anyway, I did get some photos of the launch emailed to me from blogger Rene:

Sexy Samba

Hot Ice

Hot Tamale


Bush Fire


Explosive Ember

Flamin Sambuca



Caliente's backpack reminds me of the section I loved to much for Carnival 2007, Fireman!! Hopefully their website goes up so we can get a better look at the costumes! I reserve my judgment on how HOT is "Hot, Hot, Hot" until then, but you are free to comment! Are Pulse 8's costumes smoking?


mimi said...

that bra from hot ice reminds me of one of kaotic's beau jolais... other than that the costumes look nice, male costumes a little pop down though

mimi said...

Oh and the cloth on sexy samba reminds me of IP's carnival. but it looks nice still

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't quite say they were 'HOT', more like luke warm. They're not a COMPLETE disaster though, and I do see some creativity in the designs. (some a little misguided, but still an attempt) The string in 'Sexy samba' needs to go, its either a monokini or its not. Like the bra in 'hot and ice', the hat is... different. Can't really see them all properly, but they look decent.
p.s. the boas in 'explosive ember' are too reminiscent of that boa-happy band.. u guys know which one. :-)

HQ said...

I am so glad you posted this! LOL. I have been looking for their launch pics too....

Tr|n|gYa| said...

Generally the costumes didn't blow my mind, but I find "Flaming Sambuca" to be very cute! :)

Carnival Jumbie said...

well my bad , i did not know i was on the roster to work lololol


I think they look nice.

S said...

I am liking Flaming Sambuca so far too. It just MIGHT be the most creative of the bunch. I am looking forward to the website to get a better look.
This is an improvement for Pulse 8 though... Go Pulse 8!

beautiful said...

Well the first costume Sexy Samba had me biased cause that purple thing is oooooooooggggggggglyyyyy but as I progressed my opinion changed and I LOVE Flaming Sambuca now that's HOT....I do see the creativity in the designs and I won't say they lukewarm...that may be too tough a rating...but I WOULD say they are pretty good.

fruity said...

i fine they looked good especially flamin sambuca i love d colour combo

fruity said...

oh yes i love d head piece on hot ice

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