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Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Trini Carnival ULTIMATE Packing List

You should already have an idea of how to dress to fete and the type of clothing to shop for when it comes to parties from my previous posts and also the kind of footwear that will be needed for comfortable feteing.

So, we shall leave out clothing from this ULTIMATE packing list which comes as a compilation from the contribution of all the overseas bloggers who so graciously shared with me all that is going into their suitcases to Trinidad. If anything is left out please let me know by leaving a comment!

Good luck in meeting the weight limit!

Airline Tickets
Copies of passport and Identification cards
Drivers Permit
Copies of Hotel Confirmation/Bookings
Copies of Emails pertaining to accommodation/car reservations
Copies of all receipts for fete tickets purchased online
Costume Receipt
Letter of costume transfer (if buying a resold costume) as well as copies of seller's ID card
A list of all items packed
Photo evidence of your luggage and contents in case it is lost by the airline

Travel pillow
Flip flops (practical, fancy)
I Pod
Duct tape (for when they buss yuh overstuffed suitcase)
Ziploc Bags
Ear Plugs

Sun block with high SPF
Aloe Vera Gel (cools sunburns)
SPF Chap Stick/ lip-gloss
Sun glasses
At least 1 hat
Foot cream (something that tingles)

Shaving Cream
Hair Remover/Depilatory
Eye drops
Contact lenses
Contact lens solution
Contact lens case
Re- wetting Drops
Dental Floss
Feminine wipes
Wet Wipes
Breath mints!
Chewing Gum
Double Sided Tape
Bra Inserts
Stick on Bra
Nipple Covers
Tide to Go Stain Remover Pen

Pepto bismol
Imodium AD
Prescription Medication
Birth Control
Mini First Aid Kit
Blister Lotion
Chafing Powder
Gel Insoles
Insect repellent
Milk of Magnesia
Hand Sanitizer


Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Spray Paint
Bling Cup
Waterproof Powder for Feathers
Travel sized sewing kit
Extra pins and Velcro tape for outfit and costume adjustment.
Comfortable Shoes, Sneakers or Boots for the playing mas
Gel Insoles
Mas Tights

Spirit Gum
Face Jewels
False Eyelashes
Glitter Lotion
Makeup Remover
Blotting Sheets
Q tips

Pumice stone
Exfoliating body gloves
Nail polish /remover
Curling iron
Blow dryer
Flat iron
Hair clips/bows
Hair Pieces/Extensions
Braid and Weave Spray
Hair Scarf
Shower cap
Anti Frizz Hair Serum
Shampoo and Conditioner
Inflatable Foot Spa (the Epsom salts you can get in Trinidad!)

Camera/camera bag
Waterproof Camera
Disposable Camera
USB cables
USB Drives
Video Camera
Portable DVD Player
Cell phone for conversion if applicable
Chargers and/or batteries for all your electronics
Voltage Converter
Power Cords for all electrical implements
List of all friends’ contact info
A small telephone book with a copy of all the numbers from your cell phone.

J’ouvert shoes and outfit
Monday Wear
Money Pouch
Watch (waterproof)
Costume Jewelry
Extra backs for earrings
Water shoes, if you plan to be walking/swimming where there is coral or sharp rocks.
Bathing suits
Towels for the beach
LOTS of Underwear
A Bottle of Johnnie Walker - black, blue, red, green doh matter, come one come all
Rum Flask
Key Chain Bottle Opener
Goodies for friends and family

Island People Open Sections

Contrary to the email sent out on Facebook there are still open sections in Island People, albeit only in limited sizes and only at the mas camp; online registration is sold out. The following are sections which are open for those females still looking for costumes :

Dragon Lizard
Man O War
Red Tiger

Bishops Fete is still on ....

But the venue has moved:

Hi everyone
Rumours have been flying fast and furious.

Here's the real info.

No - we are not cancelling, we have not cancelled, tickets are selling well as usual, and we have a really great fete planned for you.

The fete has been moved to QRC grounds. The National Stadium had booked multiple events on the same night, one was us and the other was Gyal Farm. The two large events cannot co-exist in the same venue at the same time.
So we decided to move the fete.

This venue is larger and easier to layout, and we will be making provision to mitigate any mud on the field.

Parking - we are finalising parking areas, and will let you know as soon as we have that info.

Looking forward to seeing you on Jan 12th at QRC grounds!

Are you ready for a laugh?

The most honest advertisement on Carnival Junction to date; so honest it is pretty damn hilarious:

Tribe: Mystique (Male, 30 waist, Non-Veg meal)

Don't want to waste anybody's time, so:

* Selling for a profit...non-negotiable
Original Price: TT$ 2,400
Selling Price : TT$ 3,000

*I've only paid the downpayment of TT$900 which means you'll pay me TT$1,500 (Orig downpayment + Profit) and then the balance (TT$ 1,500) will be paid by you on collection day at Tribe

* Will write up a letter to present to Tribe so you can collect the costume, but will not be transferring costume to your name (I'm keeping the TLC)
Price: $ 3,000

Want to bet he gets it sold AND keeps his TLC too? P
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