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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Island People Section Lineup

1. Black Widow Spider

2. Cheetah

3. King Fisher

4. Polar/ Brown Bear

5. Red Tiger

6. Silver Fox

7. Crocodile

8. Great Egret

9. Lion /Lioness

10. Zebra

11. Dragon Lizard

12. Man O War

Island People Costume Distribution.

Blogger ~cb~ went to Island People for costume collection yesterday and the following is her account of the process, which by several reports so far has been a smooth operation:

Okay, so after rushing the fellas I was going with, because they were taking FOREVER, we reach to the Jean Pierre Complex around 12:15. As soon as we walked in, we were approached by this young fella who showed us which way to go and offered me further help by explaining what was what. I followed the guys to the cashier as one of them had to pay a balance and saw two other people waiting there in line while three others were being served (there was a cash only station available, so maybe to move faster you might wanna walk with cash instead of LINX).

As I walked into the cashier's room, I bounced up a friend of a friend who was upset because she was told that Frontline Kingfisher would not be distributed until Wednesday. So, one time I start to breathe hard , but I could not help but notice that everyone was extremely apologetic when they realized that I had just heard the news that my costume was not ready. That's a massive improvement from last year, so I did not make any noise. I handed my refund form to one of the Island People employees and continued with the guys to their collection.

Anyways, I went to the next side and again, lots of smiles and offers to direct us.

Like I said, Fastrak was empty, so the guys were sent to the Fastrak side, and since I was standing with a folder in my hand more offers to provide me with assistance. I said that I would have been Fastrak, but was only just told that I wouldn't collect until Wednesday. "Didn't you get a call?? We made calls to everyone. Are you an overseas masquerader?" I was then told that overseas masqueraders were omitted from this mass calling. BUT, to IP's credit, the young lady said it was her fault because she had delegated the responsibility to someone else, and didn't follow up. She then assured me that she would be there to hand me my costume on Wednesday, and continued apologizing for the duration of the guys' collection.

Bmobile Booth

Shortly afterwards, the fellas were done, they signed their checklists and made their way to the "extras" stand and were about to leave me, when I told them that I was still waiting for my refund.

Checklist for Ladies

I went back to the Cashier's area and signed off that I'd collected my refund and all was good to go. Again, the smiles and apologies for my having to return. The entire process was really quick. I think my costume was the only one with a delay. I saw some Lions being collected. And, well the King Fisher males got the "okay" from the guys I was with. I left there within the half hour, but that's because I had to get the refund, but was moving back and forth between the Cashier's area and the Collection area. Even with having to pay a balance, for the guys it was no longer than 20 minutes total. I'm very impressed that IP made such a vast improvement. Cheers to them. Now, that was for lunch time. I guess the true test is when you try to collect at 5:00pm...

Male Gooody Bag

Contents Inside of the Bmobile Knapsack
Animal print satchel
Notepad/calendar/address book
Mouse pad
Bmobile Lanyard/Lariat
KY Warming Gel

Sample of female Goodies

Thanks to ~cb~ for her lovely photographs and great review!! I cannot wait to see photographs of the King Fisher Frontline cosutme!

Ronnie and Caro Costume Distribution

click for large view

Harts Costume Collection

The hubby went to collect his costume at Harts yesterday and I of course tagged along to survey the proceedings. Much to surprise we showed up at Harts mas camp and there were NO LINES!! There was a separate window for “fast track” (persons paid in full) and windows for the two sections being distributed that day.

The line up for collection

It took all of five minutes for him to pay via linx, collect his costume box and goody bags, then go around back to have an employee check that all the costume pieces were there. The only delay we had was the stop for free lucozade and pop corn that was being distributed. The whole vibe at the mas camp was uber casual, no stop points for signing off anything. And of course no booklet with lots of details, just a simple flyer telling masqueraders where to meet the band.

Complimentary Gatorade and Popcorn

Spoils from the mas camp

I have to say the goody bag left much to be desired, but I guess it is a great improvement over the years I played with Harts and all I ever got was a key chain and cup! The contents of the small plastic handle bag are as follows:

4 caplets of Panadol Multi Symptom
Mini Colgate Total Toothpaste
Holiday Cashew Nuts
Dixie Crackers
Raisin Nut Crisp Crackers
Exotica Trail Mix
Irish Spring Body Wash
1 pack of Andrews
*Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn

(Not given in the Goody Bag but distributed at the free popcorn table)

Alas, no KY Warming Gel as was given in TRIBE’s and Island People's male Goody Bags!!! Keep in mind this is the masculine version of the bag, I will see what loot the females get on Friday.

"Goody Bag"

costume - Geronimo

Over all the hubby is pleased with his costume, except he says the headpiece is somewhat “flimsy”, not as sturdy as the one he had last year. So I am guessing we shall be in Samaroos looking for items to embellish it some more. The costume distribution process at Harts left me with a bit of nostalgia for the good old days when things were so simple; just show up at the mas camp, collect your costume and go, no procedures to follow. But I guess as with anything in life, things do change one day!
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