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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Say What????

So, from the band launching calender thus far several of the bands, including two of the new ones for 2009, are all poised to launch before TRIBE on July 26th. It is really a sign of the times when Harts, who were the leaders in launching first years ago, are now slated to launch FIFTH. Seems like everyone wants to launch BEFORE TRIBE this year, well "everyone" meaning those "new" bands. I guess they also want to start registration before TRIBE as well.

Anyway I was MOST surprised to learn that one of the newbies is planning on launching on the SAME DATE as TRIBE and in the same area as well!! Sources have informed me that the new band is building a huge set to replicate a Vegas Casino! Hmmmm, I personally do not know what said band is thinking, if this is true, but hopefully they would see that launching on the same date as a big band is going to be band suicide!! I mean, really, apart from the massive traffic jam I can foresee in getting to the West, my bet is on TRIBE for pulling the crowd.

As well, I would love to be able to go to as many band launches as humanly possible this year and having two launches on the same night makes no sense; it is obvious which one I, and many other people, would go to! Is this band even thinking of the fact that there would be very little press coverage given to them launching in the wake of the expectation and anticipation of a hugely popular band??

I guess the "war" is still brewing from newbie's side and I wish them all the luck in thinking that this tactic is positioning them as the HOTT band to watch. They should know by now that riding a former band's coat tails (name dropping much) is not going to set you apart from all the other new bands, who by the way are going about their business actually SHOWING costumes instead of showing a bunch of drunk girls on a bus. I mean if using the name of the band you parted ways with does not get you a discount from costume suppliers (cheeky move I must say!) who says it is going to draw potential masqueraders over???

Listen new band, and you know exactly who you are, it is time to forge an identification unique to what your band stands for and forget the petty competition. This is your first year, and there are other new bands who are impressing potential masqueraders with their costume designs and apparent organization at this stage. Take my silly advice and change your band launching date if all the rumours are true that you plan on launching on July 26th as well! I would go as far as saying think about launching the day before or after as many people are flying in from overseas for TRIBE's launch and you can take advantage of the fact that these persons will also be possibly interested in checking out another band launch as well.. kill two birds with one stone! And that is my good deed of the day, I wish you luck!

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