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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Men and Mas....

Does it not seem like the focus of all these band launches and costume previews is showcasing the female costume? There is usually so much hype over the beads and sequins of the hot female sections, yet very little chatter over the male costumes. It has gotten to the point where many bands only showed female costumes at the launch last year, not to mention that male costumes never even made it unto some websites!

Last year several of the readers of this blog were upset that the male costumes of popular bands seemed to be an afterthought, paling in comparison to the females. They went so far as to start a petition for one band to change their male costumes:
Many men (including significant others to some females) are displeased with the costumes and either don't want to play with Tribe or worse, at all.
So, I would like to get some feedback to find out if men really care about getting a fabulous costume and do women like to see men in sexy costumes? Submit your vote below and feel free to leave a comment:

When it comes to male costumes...
A pair of board shorts and a T shirt is all that is needed.

Men should have just as nice costumes as females.

Nothing too elaborate: no feathers or embellishments is perfect.

Real men do not wear costumes!
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Douglas John Addresses the rumours...

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to chat with band leader of Elements Douglas John, by request, as Douglas wanted to “clear the air” on information that has been circulating where Elements is concerned. My first question to Douglas was why did he feel it necessary to address the rumours at this time? Douglas intimated that he has been following the blog, just to know what is out there as well as he appreciates my style and frankness, however he was curious to know where I was getting my sources as some of the facts that were written about were changed. So, let’s get to the real story behind the “ole talk”:

On leaving TRIBE…
Douglas left TRIBE voluntarily, not involuntarily or with any friction as was stated in the Scorch magazine article. Reason being that it was a personal decision, wanting to pursue something that he thinks is better for him and needing to step up and show people what he can do as a person, not as a band. Douglas saw the chance for development as a designer and more freedom to express himself. For three years Douglas worked behind the scenes with TRIBE, he worked on Jab Molassie, Dragon and Jab Jab Frontlines, as well as Jamette, Dragon, Midnight Robber and Pierrot Grenade individual costumes. In 2008 Monique and Dean felt it was time to bring him into the spotlight and he was featured as being part of the TRIBE team, in spite of leaving he wants everyone to know that he is still friends with TRIBE.

On Elements being a breakaway from TRIBE….
Elements is just another fun band, as a designer Douglas takes costumes seriously however their vision is different from TRIBE’s and he would like to state emphatically that Elements is NOT a breakaway from TRIBE, though he wishes them the best.

On Elements head hunting from TRIBE’s committee….
When Elements came together as a group of friends they had their own concept on how they should market the band and how to get people aware of Elements, it just so happened that a lot of them were already part of TRIBE. A lot of key people have been involved in TRIBE in one way or another. Having discussions with them Elements presented their concept and asked if they would support them and they said yes they would, severing ties with any other committee to come to a new band. The competition also did the same thing, coming after the same people that Element came after.

On who is Element’s competition……….
Elements is competing against all bands, since they are the only band that offers so many options of all inclusive and non all inclusive.

On Elements having no costumes……
The costumes are being made here with supplies from New York and China like the appliqu├ęs that Douglas designed; all 12 sections are complete. The idea of showing costumes before the media launch is a new thing, nothing is wrong with this, however Elements chose to wait until the media launch to show their costumes.

On planning to launch the same date as TRIBE…..
In conceptualizing the launch Elements was looking at venues and available dates, with no knowledge of what TRIBE was doing and the launch was tentatively planned for the end of July. However competing with TRIBE on the same day in same area is madness!Since Elements cannot launch before TRIBE they have decided to launch after. The launch is going to be a bit more upscale with the venue transformed, and due to the size of the area limited tickets will be available.

On the blacklist……..
The introduction party was a private affair for the main core people of Elements and their close supporters, no bands were invited as if it were another band having a private party they would not expect to be invited either. Dane Lewis from Island People was there because he is involved with 51 Degrees, people got the wrong impression. TRIBE did put up their billboard opposite 51 Degrees at 3 am the morning of the introduction party yet rumours are only spreading about what Elements is doing.

On the paleness of the committee………
At the introduction party the key people were presented, those being Charlene, Douglas and Colin and in retrospect the committee did appear to be “pale” even though it was not true. At that time everyone was not signed on as yet so the entire committee was not presented, however steps have been taken to rectify this and show the diversity of Element’s committee.

And there you have it, straight from the horse's mouth!!

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