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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Greetings from Harts Carnival!!

The Band Launch is a Month away! You Ready?


Question and Answer With The Band Leader

Are there any camps/lessons/retreats offered for those that are interested in learning the art of mas-making?

Not any that I've heard of. But if anyone is interested in learning about making mass it would be best to approach a mas camp in Sept. Oct. and simply ask if you could be included in the preparations. Even if they have contracted the work out to different people, ask if they could direct you to any of these manufactures. Of course you must have at least a good hand at using a glue gun and basic craft skills. The reason to go earlier rather than later, because there is less stress at that time, and more patience with new comers. At or closer to carnival all bets are off, you better be up to speed.

Could Band Leader address the fact that they seem to only cater to the smaller figured woman. The Trini woman's body comes in many sizes and it is hard for someone to fit a size 12 body into a size 0 costume. In addition when making bras for the fuller busted women why are the bras so flimsy. Do the designers take into consideration that the fuller busted woman (i.e. D+) would need some added support?

I agree. But each band leader should know his clients and be familiar with their issues. most people that play mas for instance in my band, are small to medium so (guilty as charged) I tend to concentrate on the majority . What I recommend for the person who may have issues with the fit off the bra, especially for the larger cup sizes, is go into the mas camp and ask to try on their bra samples. We carry them and I presume most bands do the same. It's hard to get the larger cups right over an Internet registration.

And why when they "make" a bra for the fuller busted woman we get half of the decorations on the bra? We paying the same money why would the bra look plain (for want of a better word)?

This happens sometimes because the makers try to use the same amount of material or beads per person. So it stands to reason that for a bigger bra there would be a lot more bra surface to cover than a smaller one. So it's not that they are cheating you by using less. It's just they need to use more for you, than maybe the average person, and so cost more.

Don't know if this has been asked and or addressed already.Why is it that at times what is presented at a launch and pay down on, is NOT what the masquerader gets?

For the life of me I don't know why this is done. Sometimes it may be hard for what ever reason to acquire the components used on the prototype displayed. But if and when this happens and replacements have to be used, everyone who is registered must be notified and given a chance to either agree to the change, book in another section or given full refunds.

And any band that does less than that, is outright dishonest.
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