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Saturday, July 26, 2008

MORE PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caged Canary
and Spangled Cotinga

Hummingbird, Pheasant
and Caged Canary

Live from TRIBE!!!!

First of all I apologise for the delay but I was having immense difficulties uploading pics!!

Anyway, the media launch showcased 9 of the 16 sections... I will let the photos do the talking:

Brazilian Macaw -
Sandra Hordatt

Green Honeycreeper-
Richard &Anthony

Monique Nobrega

Testing 1.. 2... 3...

I am blogging mobile!!

Thanks to Mystique who hooked me up with wireless access, is going mobile at TRIBE's band launch .

So tune in early for an update from the media presentation which takes place at 8:30pm.....!!!!!!!

Spice Mas Camp Visit

Spice opened their mas camp yesterday for viewing and registration, of course I went to check it out as they made a lime out of the event. I was a bit too early for the lime but did get a chance to observe the costumes in detail before more and more people came later on. Ok, so the showroom is all new and nice looking, a tad small so only one costume from each section was displayed and just two frontlines; Scotch Bonnet and Golden Basil. Photographs of the male costumes were on show. I inspected the costumes from top to bottom, checking out the construction, materials used, wear and tear after photo shoots/modeling and overall aesthetic to the eye of a potential masquerader.

But before I get to the costumes, let’s talk about the prices which are hot!! To tell you the truth once I saw prices I started to worry, worry about what is in store for TRIBE ( and Island People) if we are to use Spice as a measuring stick. I know for a fact that the design team responsible for 8 of Spice's sections, Richard & Anthony Productions, have also done backline and frontline costumes, some section headpieces, backpacks and 14 out of the 16 male sections for TRIBE! So, we can expect to see even more detailed costumes, bigger headpieces and some show stoppers from this design team AND the stalwarts of TRIBE. I shudder to think of what THEIR prices are going to be!

Spice's backline costumes range from $2695.00 (Garden of Sage) to $3495.00 (Peppercorns) and frontline costumes from $3795.00 (Cardamom) to $4800.00 (Peppercorns), the latter is more than I paid for my frontline costume this year. Males $2500.00 (Brown Sugar & Garden of Sage) to $2900.00 (Peppercorns), I was expecting prices to be more competitive but looks like Spice has priced themselves in the same bracket as the two big guns; humph! Are people forgetting that a recession is affecting the whole wide world? Kaotic has priced all their backline female costumes between $2895.00 to $2995.00 and all their males are $2395.00. I am hoping their frontlines are all under $4000.00 seeing as for the most part they are just a backpack option, and while the prices are by no means cheap half of their backline costumes do not cross $3000.00 like Spice and the males prices are fair.

And though, even after saying that, I might still personally justify a similar price for a costume I absolutely love in another band (best believe I am NOT going over my budget no matter how much I am in love) at least part of my justification will be based on some history with the band. Spice has nothing to stand up on, as yet, except for some attractive costumes. Hence the reason I thought as a new band, they might have worked their way up the pricing scale based on post Carnival reviews of their debut. Well, I hope that the level of organization we have seen from them to date will extend itself above and beyond when it comes to costume distribution, costume quality and the whole road experience; big money means BIG expectations!

As for the costumes, I took close up photos so you can see them in much better detail, click on ALL photos for a super sized close up view.

Mediterranean Borage
Backline- 3495
Male -2700

Scotch Bonnet
Frontline- 3795
Backline- 2795
Male -2650

Golden Basil
Backline- 3295
Male -2600

Frontline- 4195
Male -2600

Sea Salt
Male -2600

Garden of Sage
Backline - 2,695.00
Male - 2,500.00

Frontline-3 795
Backline- 2995
Male -2600

Brown Sugar
Frontline -3995
Backline- 2895
Male -2500

Melilot Blue
Backline- 3395
Male -2700

Male -2900

I am liking Melilot Blue backline, but Sea Salt and Golden Basil has my vote for the best overall costume in terms of pricing and product. I really, really like Sea Salt and Golden Basil frontline. On closer observation I am not feeling Peppercorns backline that much and I think it might be the headpiece, I wish the frontline was there so I could have observed the backpack as I still love it. Budget frontline H.O.s will love Scotch Bonnet, the frontline has a lot of impact (and A LOT of red) for $3795.00, compare that to Cardamom frontline which, coupled with Paprika frontline, has got to be the most overpriced frontlines on offer!

Cardamon's "frontline" is actually just a slightly bigger headpiece, not even as big as Sea Salt's massive headgear while Paprika's frontline is a WIRE bar and eight strands of beads (I counted) on a minuscule belt; this costume looks "inexpensive" and I cannot believe the pricing! Garden of Sage is going to be a seller, yes, wait and see, just based on price alone and the fact that you get that big feathery headpiece on the cheap; hey, some people might actually take to the neon green. Mediterranean Borage did attract a good bit of attention from what I observed maybe that is why it was one of the first to sell out; it is still pretty and a nice colour combination but pretty pricey. As for Brown Sugar, it is a sexy nude looking costume, but I still do not like the backline headpiece! Most of the costumes seemed to have held up well with the wear and tear of several photo shoots and modeling, however I did see some gems come undone here and there, most obviously on the bra strap for Cardamom (see close up photo); if I were the Spice team I would do some repairs ASAP.

There was a pretty good turnout at the mas camp with a few people registering while we were there. I like that they are not doing the S, M, L,XL bras and have a space for you to write your actual BRA SIZE on the registration form. In spite of the high prices Spice seems to have tickled the fancy of the young and young at heart who made up a contingent of potential masqueraders admiring the skimpy, bejeweled costumes! To check them out your self, the mas camp is located opposite Bat and Ball restaurant and bar at the Oval, next to Invaders panyard, right where the big Caribbean Airlines sign is located... hopefully by the time you get there they would have erected a big SPICE sign to point you in the right direction!

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