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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trolling Much??

Someone sent me a link to a must read blog and though it is not Carnival related I think it is an excellent read ! LOL, made my morning. The blog topic is "Social Media Frustrations: Trolls, Psychos and Haters". I love these definitions:

Trolls typically encompass all the psychos and haters online. However, it is possible to troll and not be a psycho or a hater. Trolls usually disagree with everyone no matter how illogical their argument is. They will do everything in their power to try to make everyone upset and fighting with each other

Psychos are the ones who do the following: stalk people online, dig up personal information on their opponents and post it for others to see, take all the online drama so seriously they literally drive to other people’s houses to take pictures and veil the photos with a threat. Additionally, they usually rifle through numerous accounts to continue their conquest of making another person look bad. These people walk the thin line as it pertains to criminal activity since they are empowered by the anonymity of the Internet.

Haters post derogatory remarks on any topic usually targeting race, sexual orientation or religion. The only value they provide is the debate within a normally-acceptable discussion. These people wouldn’t dare say their remarks said online due to their insecurities, but again, the cloak of anonymity on the Internet only encourages this negative behavior.

Another good read is The Value of Internet Trolls.

And this article from Rave News, here is a sample below:
Who Told The Message Board Trolls About Blogs?
December 7th, 2005 by Jim Kukral

There’s a scary thing happening these days in the professional blogging world. It seems that the message board trolls, you know, the ones who have spent years yelling like jerks on message boards all over the Internet, have figured out that they can bring their toxic behavior over to blogs.

Who told them? Wasn’t me, I swear! Those web trolls are sneaky trolls!

I stopped reading message boards about 3-years ago to get away from message board trolls. Now they’ve infiltrated the blogging world and I’m once again forced to be a part of their incessant name-calling, screaming, tantrums, outrageous claims, stubbornness, lies, more lies, even more lies, did I mention lies, and general genetic acumen for always being right, no matter what.

I think the biggest characteristic of a message board troll was their ability to create chaos and noise about very small issues, causing them to inflate to bigger than life. Skillful to say the least.

You know who you are. You’re now blog-trolls. I’ve outed you.
For the rest of the article click here.


TRIBE Individuals...

Upon further investigation as to why the Green Honey Creeper frontline has disappeared off TRIBE's website I was told that the photo pictured below for BOTH costumes are Individuals.

Scarlet Ibis

Green Honey Creeper

Though I was told that there was never a front line for Green Honey Creeper I know I saw it listed on the website as well as a price for it at $4995.00.. .maybe they changed their mind and made it an Individual after the fact. Suffice to say that Green Honey Creeper Individual is GONE as in no longer available and you can add Bird of Paradise and Brazilian Macaw individual to that list as well.

Both of the Scarlet Ibis Individuals are still available for interested parties as well Fire bird, Snowy Owl and Parisian Frilled Canary. If you want further information on availability and prices of the individual costumes call Vanessa in production at TRIBE 625-6800.
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