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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Refund for Missing Island People Headpieces

This appeared in the Trinidad Express Action Line today:

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While I commend the refund and 15% future discount given to the two masqueraders by Penny Gomez (Island People Mas PRO) why wasn't the refund automatic if the headpieces were never delivered?

Especially since the same Ms Gomez said this in an article from the Trinidad Guardian's preview of Heaven on Earth:

Quality matters

Gomez said assuring all masqueraders get quality for money is always high on the band’s agenda. “When you think of IPM mas, you don’t only think of jumping up. We offer a quality mas experience.

Lewis asserted: “The masquerader playing with us can expect an all inclusive band, exceptionally good catering services, high security, among other amenities. We want our masqueraders to have a true heavenly experience.

You can read the full article below:

Kudos to Action Line for following through on the story and publishing it as well. I suggest that all of you Island People masqueraders who did not receive you headpieces and did not get a refund for the item to write to Action Line as well or to Ms Penny Gomez of Island People mas.

It is a shame that a reputable organization would cheat customers for what they already PAID for and should have been given with no recourse or accountability until the media gets on their case!

Post Carnival DJ Private Ryan Mix

This is for all of you guys still suffering Carnival Tabanca and withdrawal! A new mix from DJ Private Ryan:

Hey Saucy the Post carnival 2009 Megamix is now available. Only includes the biggest songs and riddims from Carnival 2009 with all the road mixes and remixes. Hope you all had a lot of fun if you came to Carnival. Thanks to all who rolled with Tribe and supported the Red 96.7 truck on the road.

Remember you can join the facebook group at: to get any other mixes.


Go to

Then left click to stream the mix

For Safari Users Right click the link and selct download linked file

For Internet Explorer users Right Click and select save target/ link as

There are also other mixes available on the site. More will be uploaded soon.

Enjoy and leave feedback

This is the last soca mix for a while as i will now be featuring other genres of music so feel free to leave suggestions on what you want to hear next!!!!!

1. Wont Stop – Machel Montano
2. Floor on Fire – Machel Montano
3. Floor on Fire Precision Rd mix – Machel Montano
4. Ole – Ricky T
5. Get on Bad - Skinny Fabulous
6. Head Bad – Skinny Fabulous
7. Haed Bad Scratch Master Rd Mix – Skinny Fabulous
8. Ready SMJ Rd Mix – Iwer George
9. Living Water – KMC
10. Clear the Road – Bunji Garlin
11. Traffic – Berbice
12. Stabby Guard – Stabby
13. Ravin – Machel Montano
14. Sway in the Mas – Patrice Roberts
15. Meet Super Scratch Master – Rd Mix – Fay Ann Lyons
16. Meet Super – Fay Ann lyons
17. Bacchanal – Destra
18. Bacchanal Razorsharp Rd Mix – Destra
19. Wild Antz – Machel Monano
20. Wild Antz Precision Rd Mix – Machel Montano
21. Tusty – Blaxx
22. Tusty Hit Lab Rd Mix – Blaxx
23. Radica - Kenneth Salick
24. Break up to make up – Ziggy Ranks
25. Fly Away – Machel & Collie Budz
26. Make it yours – Shurwayne Wincehester
27. Slip Away – Zan
28. Hold you Down – Zan
29. Rum and Roti Rd Mix – Patch & Mastamind
30. Tight – Peter Ram
31. Head Bad Remix – Skinny Fabulous
32. Bashment Winers – Lil Rick
33. Drop It – Alison Hinds
34. We Like It -Iwer George & Ziggy Ranks
35. Jep Sting Rd Mix – Hunter & Kes
36. 2 Days Remix – Kerwin Dubois & Baba Shanta
37. Bumpers – Devon & Ziggy Ranks
38. Bumpers Rd Mix – Devon & Ziggy
39. Push Bumper Remix– Machel Montano & Busy Signal
40. Look Hot – Patrice Roberts
41. Bum Bum Ville Rd mix – Shal marshall
42. Wuk Me Rd Mix – Tizzy feat Richard Trumpet
43. Block to Block – Umi Marcano feat Machel Montano
44. Sweetness – Shayne Bailey
45. This Sweetness – Kes the Band
46. Thunder Illusion Mix – Kes the Band
47. Drunk Again – Benjai
48. Tante Say – Benjai
49. We Done Dey – Bunji Garlin
50. Give it up – 3 Suns
51. Bum Bum – JW & Blaze
52. Wine Faster – Fay Ann & Bunji Garlin
53. Heavy T – Fay Ann Lyons
54. Banana – Buni Garlin
55. Yeast Refix – KMC
56. Bumpers Rule Refix – Nadia Batson
57. Plenty Gal Refix – Bunji & Beenie Man
58. Obsessive Winers – Destra feat. Alison Hinds & Denise Belfon
59. Minis Pumps – Kerwin Dubois
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