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Sunday, March 22, 2009

"SPICE WHO" the almost spice review


“Any body playing Island people?” “Anybody playing in TRIIIIIIBE”? “Who playing in Legends”?......

Every fete I went to we heard the same mas camp role call and waited for our new mas camp to be called so that we can represent. The call didn’t come. Even in my mother’s home, my baby cousins were taught to hold up two fingers in each hand to mimic quotation marks and sing the word “spiiiiiiiice”. My own family, residents of Trinida d mocked me and my mas camp- they’ve never heard of it. It wasn’t until the Eyes wide Shut fete that we heard what was music to our ears. “Who playing in SPICE????” My cousin and I looked at each other in disbelief. We went mad, I threw my drink chits in the air and made it ‘rain’ up in there! We squeezed to the front to find out who could this person be, this person who knew of the mystical ‘Spice’. We waved our digicel light chains around in the air to get his attention. We screamed in unison “are you ‘Spice’?” (we were drunk.) He said yes. Awesome.

Costume pickup morning, I made my hour-long drive from Princestown to San Fernando only to receive a call stating an email was sent to my job saying that the headpieces were not ready yet- they where sent back to be made bigger because the prototype was too small. I cannot place into words the feeling that came over me after hearing that I spend all morning walking around in the hot sun from 10 to 1pm burning time for my costume pickup only to find that I have to arrange yet another trip to come get the rest of my costume. I decided to at least ‘visit’ my costume and gaze upon its beauty in person, perhaps it will be the balm for my now ‘sun-charred’ shoulders. Alas, it was not to be. The display was not available and I was shown a bra that looked absolutely nothing like the prototype. (it was brought to my attention that they changed the bra since the concept.

HOWEVER, I was charged an additional SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS for my costume because I was told that my registration was late and Nicholas has already ordered the bras from CHINA and was going to pick them up the weekend after I made my payment. The additional fee was to have my bra made as a separate order so that it was completed in time for pickup) Due to these particular circumstances and additional fees that was paid since September 2008, I feel that I should not have20to succumb to any change of plan. At least, give me something that is worth the extra money- but I digress. I told them that this bra looks like it was dipped in glue and rolled over everything white that happened to be swept in a corner and I asked if this bra was made shortly before my arrival.

They assured me that nothing was created on site. I looked at the manicure on the woman and those others who happened to be working behind the costume collection counters and believed it to be true. They did not have the Louis Vuitton luggage bags under the eyes from near sleepless nights of making mas. They had no random flecks of sequins, feathers or rhinestones on their skin, hair and clothing. And most of all they were courteous and understanding. Two of them looked like models from the site. I left calmly and began to dial Nicholas’ phone number.

Readers, I have to tell you that Nicholas Pena is a great DJ and a courteous business man, he understood my plight and although he did not agree that the bra was different from the photo online, he was willing to work with me and even offered to bring my headpiece to Princestown where I was staying on CARNIVAL Saturday. I really wanted my sea salt, I wanted my frontline and I wanted my showgirl-esque headpiece and despite that, I had to go with my gut and decline. I couldn’t risk the headpiece being as much of a disappointment and me not having a costume so close to the deadline. I requested a full refund and he gave it without any issues. What other options were there? Legends costumes looked too ‘new york’ish for me and tribe was booked solid. I had no other option but to tackle Island People’s ‘leftover costume pickups Sunday 12-4pm….’ As I waited for the dreaded day to arrive, I sat in disbelief as I watched all day long commercials of spice mas camp on television on Saturday.
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